S: A Hybrid's Tale

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Chapter 5

Serena’s POV

The journey to the north pack territory was long and tiresome, especially riding on horseback on rough terrain whilst carrying all my belongings and weapons for this trip. As I get closer to the border of the northern pack land the stronger the smell of wild dogs and dense forest presents itself. I am greeted by growls and barks from the men shifted to wolves and glares and grunts by the men waiting at the border, but I pay them no mind and dismount my horse to walk to the border on foot. I just stand there calmly and silently waiting for someone to make the first move.

Unluckily for me, before anyone can start a fight and provide me with some entertainment, a large man with a tanned aged face and dark salt and peppered wavy hair walks through the men and wolves and approaches but stops just a few paces in front of me.

“I am Alpha John of these northern pack lands, what is your business here?”

“You may call me S, I believe you are expecting me, I have been sent by the society at your request.”

“Of course, I am terribly sorry, but we cannot be too careful as rogues have been a problem recently.” He looks at me from head to toe with slight astonishment and confusion as well as a glimpse of disbelief that flashed before his eyes, but with controlled etiquette and showed respect. He gestures past the territory line into his land with a sweep of his arm and walks ahead with most of his men following behind either him or myself, and one taking my horse with my belongings. After a swift initial briefing I am taken to a guest room to rest and retire for the night, good thing I brought a few jars of blood with me or I’d be famished by the end of this trip. That night I had a disturbed sleep, an unknown feeling still wriggling within me ever since we mixed with these wolves the previous evening. Now I am on edge, too warm, itchy and irritated therefore I cannot seem to settle. Perhaps it is the excitement of a new assignment and the caution of being surrounded by other creatures.

The morning after our arrival was greeted with a knock on my room door at sunrise, as I opened it a pack wolf informed me that breakfast would be served shortly in the dining hall and that the alpha requests my presence for introductions to the rest of the pack. I freshen up quickly and dressed in my regular attire but concealed three small silver daggers in my boots and waistband, just in case. Then drank a few mouthfuls of the blood I brought with me, as I doubt they will be providing that for me at breakfast.

I followed the distant sounds of many voices and a group of regular rapid heartbeats, as well as the enticing smells of food to guide me to the dining hall. As I made my way into the room I was met with many fearful, curious, lustful and jealous gazes. I stopped at the end of the table as the alpha rose from his seat next to his Luna and silenced the room to gain the attention of all those present.

“As you are all aware, we have dealt with many a feral problem in the past, but unfortunately our rouge problem has become too difficult to contain without serious casualties or fatalities. Therefore, that is why S is here with us, as an aid sent from the society to help us with our current predicament. She is dangerous but a guest and will be respected as such. Thank you, now you may all carry on and eat.” I nod my head thankfully towards the alpha and his Luna and take a seat between two warrior wolves and eat some breakfast.

“Would you like anything else? You haven’t eaten much.” Warrior number one to my left asks worriedly. Whilst warrior number two looks fearfully towards me while taking many curious subtle sniffs in my direction.

“I am alright thank you, I drank a little before I left my room, and I do not eat much.” He nodded and smiled briefly before carrying on with his food, whilst warrior number two sat to my right just looking up at me perplexed.

After their pack had finished eating their breakfast and started exiting the hall, the Alpha requested a select few members to stay behind; they consisted of his Luna to his left, a large and serious gentleman to his right, a slightly leaner gentleman with a more relaxed expression that sat on the next right, and finally a very scarred and muscular man that sat opposite me across the table.

As you have already met, this is my Luna, as of seven years, Annette.” She glanced my way with wisdom swirling in her eyes and a kind smile, as I lowered my head slightly in a respectful response towards her. The Alpha then motioned to his right, “And this is my Beta and second in command, Claud.” He glanced at me with little movement and interest but with respect and acknowledgement none the less. Alpha John then gestured to the gentleman next to the Beta, “And this is Neil, my Delta and third in command.” He gave a very different response to the others with a causal wave of his hand and light-hearted smile towards me. “And finally, this is our head warrior, Rufus.” He simply gave a grunt in response towards my general direction, seemingly suspicious of me but staying vigilant as his eyes focussed on each entrance and exit close to his pack leaders. “You are all required to work together for the next month, S is to be in charge or our warriors and training whilst she is here and respected as an important guest from the council. With regards to training, Rufus, you and your warriors are to report to S and from there she will report to me directly. And regarding border patrol and territory security I need Claud, Neil and S to work together and alter what needs to be done and then report to me. I need S to be given the freedom and resources she requires whilst she is here.” His commands were met with Yes Alpha’s and Yes Sir from myself.

After introductions and instructions were stipulated, all went about their everyday business and I called the council with an update. Later I took a stroll through the territory and made a mental map of the pack land, where the borders and territory lines reside and then observed the pack’s warrior training so see what I must do or correct. As I walked the pack lands I was met with stares, comments and whispers that were difficult to connect to each individual.

“Who is she?”

“What is she?”

What does a female know?

What does she think she can teach us? We could beat her easily.

“She smells unusual.”

“She needs to learn her place.”

“She is intimidating and gushes power.”

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