S: A Hybrid's Tale

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Chapter 6

Try harder! Now! Push through! Faster on your feet! Any weakness will get you and your pack killed!” S demanded from the warriors she was training, bringing her back to her own time of training with the Society.


Serena was dripping with sweat from every pour, blood trickling from each wound on her body, every muscle screamed in agony and were losing strength. She was so full of thirst and anger that her fangs were present and throbbing, her throat felt scorched and her eyes felt like they were burning from the inside out.

Try harder! Push through this! You are more than your current state, you are more than your base instincts and cravings! If you cannot do this without using your abilities then what sort of hunter assassin are you?!

Hissss….. she hissed lowly as she was severely agitated but knew that they were right and so she tried digging deep, to find her inner strength, to find what makes her, her. She knew she could do this, she just had to push harder. She wanted to make them proud, her parents and her superiors. She did not want anyone else, not deserving, to die.

Who are you?!” He shouted deeply at her.

Slasher!” She responded instantly towards him.

Any weakness will get you and your people killed! So, I ask you again, WHO. ARE. YOU?


~End of flashback~

She arrived back to the present with many salutes and Yes ma’am’s that came from each warrior and wolf present at training, after each of her instructions were given. Many of the wolves at first hated her for what she was but they started to respect her more and more now as they lost to her when they challenged for strength and submission. As a vampire she is naturally loathed by the werewolf community as an enemy to their race, and as a young, quite unassuming woman she gets automatic disrespect from males and from those in power more so.

Pivot Trevor, use your speed and agility to your advantage, do not give them an opening or target. And Steven push through with your hits, you are far stronger than you think you are capable of, use it.” S directed various pointers and hints towards warriors as she walked around the field observing their training practice. Since she arrived and started working with this pack of wolves three weeks ago, she has observed a vast improvement in their skills and dynamics as a pack. Although she would admit it to no one, she has become very proud of the wolves she sees before her.

Warriors halt! You have done well today and have learnt much, you may finish early for today and go and wash up. Enjoy the rest of your day off. Dismissed!” After her announcement, S was met with small cheers, hollers and Yes ma’am’s as they dispersed and left the field. She then proceeded to make her own way back to her guest accommodation to wash up for tonight and pack her belongings, as she is to leave soon as her work here is done. The pack is more than capable of protecting and defending themselves now from further attacks in the future.

This evening, the Northern pack is hosting a gathering; food and mingling is to take place within the packhouse, and the pack bonfire will take place in the back clearing behind the house. They are taking this opportunity to thank Slasher for her assistance, celebrate their successful improvement and providing a chance for the pack to bond further. Serena is not an individual that easily relaxes and therefore is always prepared for anything, not matter the occasion. So, as she washes and prepares for the evening, she dresses in a more casual form of her hunter assassin attire and secreted a few silver blades in various places in her clothing.

As the night went on, many of the pack wolves were acquainted with Slasher and she had warmed to many of the warriors as well as the high-ranking wolves. Children were playing together around the trees and their parents’ legs, many couples were huddled beside the fire lovingly, and S was calmly mingling with the elders of the pack. All was peaceful, carefree and enjoyable amongst the pack, but this atmosphere was soon shattered by a blood curdling scream followed by vicious growls.

Alpha! Rogues are crossing the border!” A young patrol wolf shouted towards the Alpha and his Luna as he stumbled and ran into the clearing where the gathering was being held. Alpha John appeared to mind link his pack with orders as his face became stoic and his eyes became vacant and clouded over, followed by the pack running in two main directions; one being towards the pack house, for safety she assumes, and the other being towards where the patrol wolf came from.

Serena’s POV

I was filled with a smothering rage and deep protective instinct that awoke within me at the patrol wolf’s announcement. I triggered my vampire speed and pushed hard to make it to the border quickly, arriving there just fractionally behind the other wolves that were already there. When we arrived the patrol wolves were already mid fight with the rogues and holding their own marvellously well as they awaited back up to come from the Alpha and warrior wolves. I was able to stand back and observe while the wolves handled this problem alone to see if they were prepared enough. I stood back just barely so that I was close and ready to act if they needed help. As I stood and watched over the fight my thoughts were interrupted by growls and whines from a patrol wolf that had gotten pinned down by three rogues, with one ready to deal the killing blow.

Aaarrrhhhh” I battle cried out into the air as I ran full speed a few paces, before bending my legs and pushing off the hard ground and launching into the air towards the rogues pinning the pack wolf. I punched the first rogue, dealing a damaging blow, landing my fist squarely into its face and knocking it back a hundred yards into a tree. The second rogue, I slashed deeply with my claws across its abdomen, then as it fell back I took a hold of its neck with my bare hands and forcefully twisted it against itself until I heard a satisfying snap and its body became instantly limp. The third rogue was dealt with by the patrol wolf once it had the chance to stand back up and carry on fighting. However, the first rogue wolf became conscious once again and stood back up at the base of the tree I threw it at, it started growling as it stalked towards the back of the Alpha nearby, attempting to ambush him whilst he was fending off other rogues. I leapt into the air and took the rogue down myself, we wrestled on the floor for a few moments before the long-awaited sweet nectar of life ran down my throat, soothing the burn rising there, as I sank my fangs deep into its jugular and ripped open its throat. As the blood stopped flowing freely into my mouth and throat and the wolf stopped fighting and became lifeless, I threw it aside disgusted and disappointed it didn’t last longer.

Soon the Alpha and his pack defeated the rogues; two were kept prisoner for information but all the rest were slaughtered, and their bodies were placed on a mass pyre and set ablaze. The Alpha later told me that his pack only lost one member, but that he was fighting on the side of the rogue’s so therefore presumed this was the traitor he had been searching for. The buzzing that developed in my mind, when I drained and killed that final rogue, had started to get more intense. It was becoming disorientating and even made watching the rogues burn unenjoyable. It was getting worse as time went by and now it had caused nausea, my bones ached, and I was staring to wonder if what I was feeling was due to sickness or infection by something, but I have never been ill before. Maybe there was something wrong with the rogue’s blood. I decided to visit the pack physician to request an examination, and perhaps a bag of fresh blood would help replace the foul blood that I have already ingested.

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