S: A Hybrid's Tale

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Chapter 7

As Slasher gingerly made her way to the pack clinic, she was met with overwhelming smells of old and fresh blood, rotting wooden floorboards, musty atmosphere and chemicals. As she entered through the main door many of the patients, leaving after being patched up and checked over, stopped their movements and ceased their conversations whilst looking over her with awe, respect and caution.

How can we be of service Miss S?” The physician asked with concern and professionalism.

She explained her situation to the best of her ability before she started to sway on her feet where she stood and grabbed the bed rest for support.

Allow me to help you to a vacant bed, I believe you need to rest. I will check you over once you are settled.

She agreed with very little fight left in her and struggling to concentrate on anything more than the pain, nausea and disorientation.

She has a fever. Someone please leave and collect me a bottle of donated blood from the store cupboard and a bowl of cold water.” She could no longer keep her eyes open and could only concentrate on attempting to keep her breathing level and working through the pain. He used a clean cloth and tried to remove the perspiration leaving trails from her forehead and down her neck. He examined her thoroughly and tried taking tests before loud creaks and cracks were heard from somewhere inside the room.

Gasp…She is shifting! How is this possible? Quickly someone assist me and take her outside into the clearing and alert the Alpha immediately.

Serena’s POV

I felt weightless and comforted, a pair of warm large arms were wrapped securely around me as they carried me somewhere with a cold nightly breeze and the smell of pine, wood and ash. As they placed me on the cool dewy grass, the pain and heat came in waves until my body was involuntarily bending, cracking and rearranging itself whilst my mind was faraway, and my eyes refused to open.

I felt a deep growl form in my chest and make its way out of my mouth and then the transformation intensified, and all actions become one surge of searing hot pain.

Step back, keep clear of her and stay quiet.” I heard Alpha John order those close by, it confused me as to why he would demand such a thing but was too preoccupied to concern myself with it right now.

Soon my head felt clearer and the buzzing had disappeared. The heat and pain subsided to a dull ache within my bones, and no sound was uttered by those close by, it was so quiet that not an insect could be heard. My body started to obey simple commends and I could start moving again. I successfully opened my eyes and was astonished with what I could see. Everything was in more defined detail, colours were more vibrant and clearer, and I could see at a greater distance than I even could previously with my vampire hunting sight, which was already remarkable. I looked towards those gathered nearby and was met with various differing gazes of confusion, concern, caution and surprise. I got to my feet and stood tall, then looked down at my boots to see why my feet were wet and saw before me very large furry paws where my boots should be. I looked to my side and saw a large canine flank and long bushy tail instead of my human body, and dark fur instead of my assassin hunter attire. Although I was stood on four legs instead of two and appeared to be a type of canine, I was not much shorter than when I was stood in my human form.

I inhaled deeply through my newly acquired snout and noticed the scent of a river nearby, I felt a pressing need to be there and so I moved my large body in that direction. In no time at all I was running on four paws and arrived at the bank of the river in record time, a little faster than even using my vampire speed. I moved my large head to look down into the glistening reflection of the slow flowing river. What gazed back at me was not just a canine, but a very large wolf. A wolf with bright eyes that appear to have the stars themselves residing within them, with a pale moonlight coloured glistening coat, finished with an ethereal blue hue painting the edges that seems to glow from within and trailing behind me in faded light trails as I move. I feel overcome with a new sense of responsibility, a bigger purpose and more power that I have ever felt before.

I make my way back to the group of pack wolves that were waiting in the clearing after I left, hoping that perhaps Alpha John will have answers to the many questions swirling around in my mind right now. As I break through the trees and into the clearing the warrior wolves that were shifted growled threateningly towards me. But this did not scare me in any way, instead an uncontrollable instinct to assert my authority and demand respect swept over me, and so I let it out in my own growl that seemed to hold more power and sound deeper and louder than theirs. In a matter of seconds all pack wolves in the area, including Alpha John, lowered their heads to the ground avoiding eye contact and took a knee. They all stayed in this position, silent and hoping not to anger me, until I relaxed and sat down in front of them.

“Miss S is that you?” Alpha John asked cautiously but respectfully, he was the first to move and talk.

I nodded my large head once in response to his question. I tried to speak as I only knew how but I was only successful in creating grunts, whines and growls. I huffed in exasperation and thought how ridiculous this was, how do wolves even talk? None of this is normal. She thought this angrily to herself, but she received a response from the closest pack wolf to her, in way of a thought in her head but with his voice, well just like anyone else of course.

How did you hear me? I thought towards the wolf that replied to my thoughts. But he only looked terrified and perplexed at me. So instead I focussed my thoughts towards Alpha John instead. Can you hear me John?

Are you mind linking me? How is that possible?” Alpha John asked me out loud in reply to my question.

Well I do not know how, but I wanted to speak to you so thought about it instead. It is obviously because I am a werewolf now too, correct?

Miss S, I do not believe that is true. I believe you are, in fact, a Lycan.” States Alpha John with his brow furrowed.

What?! How is that possible?!

“Perhaps the answer can be found in your parentage?”

My gods I am not getting involved in that conversation here with this pack she thought to herself. How did this happen?

“I do not know what your age is, and I will not be disrespectful towards you and ask, but other werewolves have their first shift at 18 years old.”

I became 18 years old a month ago, why did I not transform then?

“I would assume that this other side of you laid dormant until triggered.”

Perhaps after my dealing with that rogue so savagely…. after I fed on it perhaps?

John sees my reluctance to discuss those events any further and takes my silence as his queue to change the direction of the conversation.

“Well on a different note, it would appear that you are not just a Lycan, but a Vampire-Lycan hybrid. And as you are one of the very few Lycans left in this world, that would make you one of the Alphas of Alphas.”

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