S: A Hybrid's Tale

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Chapter 8

After her transformation into the Vampire-Lycan hybrid that she is, her body took its time to recover. Her body and soul were pushed to their limit; they had to adapt significantly and promptly, the exhaustion was the longest and hardest part, so she needed to spend the first day, after simply sleeping, resting all day. Over the course of the week she was feeling more life herself; stronger, faster, filled with more energy, it was electrifying to her and made her feel more complete. The pack were still awfully cautious around her, but many of the warriors and higher ranked wolves were now more comfortable with her and even welcomed her openly to their families. Alpha John’s Beta, Claud, was one particular wolf that had completely changed his behaviour, from his cold stoic expression and negative opinion of her, into beginning to ease his behaviour towards her and even opened up to her a little. They became closer as the days went by, they fought and trained together when she had more energy and strength, and then he even took her on tours of the territory when she needed a break and to gradually become more familiar with her surroundings.

I understand that you are leaving tomorrow Slasher?” Claud questions S after today’s training session, appearing nonchalant but with a hidden emotion that she couldn’t decipher before it quickly left his eyes.

Yes, that is correct Claud. Your warriors and the rest of the pack have improved better than I could have predicted and will not need my assistance any longer.” S replies matter of factly.

He looks at her with longing and a hint of sadness, although she feels a heated attraction and is drawn towards him, but she cannot have anything permanent or serious with him as her life does not permit such luxuries.

Would you like to train together further, as it will be your last with me?” He asks mischievously as he crouches into an attacking stance.

Serena’s POV

Our training has gotten more intense over the time I have been here with the pack, Claud was a good fighter to start with but now, after listening to my advice, he has become very impressive. He has even made sparring more fun and challenging than I thought would occur here, and he has even shown me unique and unexpected fighting techniques that would be useful in my own fighting patterns and would throw my opponents off balance.

Our fighting speed is incredible, we blur before the eyes of any onlookers, our fight is fluid and presents itself as a war dance that we appear to be experts in. As he pushes forward and attempts to land a hit with one arm, I block and parry with a different arm. We both keep our stances balanced and firm without letting the other observe an opening or weakness for attack. As I leap and twist over him to attack him from behind, he holds my wrists and spins around whilst pulling me to him with my arms crossed over me. I fake going limp and pull my arms free while sliding to the ground and gliding through his legs, then spinning on my behind with one leg up and used it to kick him in his back to push him away from me. I spring to my feet in a defensive stance waiting for him to correct himself. He pushed off firmly with his legs and launched at me head on, tackling me to the ground using my waist and keeping me pinned to the ground with his body. I wrapped one leg around him and pulled my arms out to wrap around his shoulders, I pushed him and flipped us over so that we were in opposite positions, him held underneath me with my body, then I leaned forward aiming for his jugular with my fangs extended in a posed killing strike, winning and ending the sparring match. We were both sweating and breathing heavy; I could hear his heart beat dramatically increase as my body sat on his and my fangs neared his throat, I could feel the heat emanating from his exposed skin and I could feel the strong pulsing of adrenaline filled blood flowing through his jugular near my extended fangs, separated only by a thin layer of air. I retracted my fangs and leaned away from his neck, placing my hands on his chest to steady myself. As I looked down at his face and into his eyes, I was surprised to see a little shock and desire present there as his eyes darkened and his lips rose into a hungry smirk.

We gazed at each other for a while as I had difficulty understanding my own emotions at this point. I started to feel vulnerable and confused so I removed my hands from his chest, diverted my eyes away from his and stood up without a word. I started walking away, leaving him to gather himself from the ground. As I made my way back to my guest room, “I believe that is all for today, I am going to retire and wash,” I threw over my shoulder towards him as I glanced back once.

I cannot believe something intimate almost happened between us, and more importantly, I cannot believe I almost let myself feel something like that. I will not allow that to happen again. Men cannot be trusted with my heart like that. I must remember that love is a weakness, and weaknesses will get me, and those I care for, killed. I build the hardened material, that encases my heart and soul, back up again and will not allow it to soften again, for anyone. Furthermore, everyone is aware of the fact that wolves wait for their mates, whether they are their true mates or their chosen ones, but that is not something I wish for. And it is not something that I will every have anyway, I am a monster, an abomination, a mistake the universe did not want to take place, so there will be no such blessing or gift for myself, now or in the future.


Ever since Serena discovered her other side, that of a Lycan, she has wanted to experience as much of it as possible, before returning to the society. Therefore, she awoke at dawn and sprinted around the territory in her Lycan form and when she returned she packed all her belongings and weapons away as quickly as possible and left them beside her horse and the guards that arrived to collect her and escort her back. She bid farewell to the pack, especially the warriors and wolves that she had worked so closely with.

Thank you Miss S for all that you have done for my pack. It had been an honour. You will always be welcome among us, for as long as we are living. Do not hesitate to visit or contact us if you ever need anything.

The honour has been mine Alpha John. I hope the need never arises to request your assistance, but I appreciate the offer. I will be within reach should you need our services again.” Slasher replied and she bowed respectfully to the Alpha and Luna, and in turn the entire pack bowed towards her. I will never get used to this, she thought to herself, rather bewildered.

Very little time had passed by the time Slasher and her escorts were on their journey back to the stronghold of the society. But this time she was not riding her horse, she was running free with the wind combing her magnificent fur, as she enjoyed her new form winding through trees and fields, whilst her escort took her belongings instead.

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