S: A Hybrid's Tale

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Chapter 9

During the extensive and exhausting journey back to the society’s home base, the new power and strength of Slasher’s was immense, the need for revenge and to protect those that were hers was overwhelming. She did not understand it fully or where it was coming from, but she felt the need to defend her own and right those wrongs that have been carried out, and she actually had the ability to do just that now.

Upon returning to the society stronghold, discussions with the elders took conflicting and opposing directions regarding Slasher’s new-found hybridism. They started the discussions immediately in utter disbelief and demanded for her to shift before them, as evidence to support her claim, before they would proceed any further. Previously if she had been asked to stand in front of the council, exposed and revealing a recently discovered secret and to be scrutinised in detail, then she would have panicked and been terribly stressed throughout the entire ordeal. However, as she removed each item of clothing and shifted into her large Lycan form in the centre of the hall for them all to see, she instead stood tall, confident and proud on her newly found large furry paws. She stood there for some time, patiently waiting for them to recover from their shock and analyse her completely before she shifted back into her human form, redressed and awaited their verdict.

Elder Winter, the king of the elves and as a representative on behalf of the whole elven community, and Elder Raven, a high priestess of all witches and as a representative for each coven of witches around the world, were both in agreement in their decision. They saw this discovery as a wonderful gift that had been chosen to be bestowed upon Serena for a divine purpose, and that they should not question the wisdom of the higher deities.

On the other hand, Elder Night, a grand elder that was chosen to represent the world’s nests of vampires, and Elder Faylinn, the fairy queen that was placed on the society panel to represent the fairy realm, did not agree with the other elders at all, but strongly believed that it was far too much power and immeasurably dangerous for just one being to possess. However, Elder Hunter, one of the only other Lycans still alive at present and the representative chosen for the entire shifter population, was very quiet and sat with a stern expression for the entire debate. He only got involved once, to state that he did not approve of or agree with any of it and then proceeded to look at S with such hate, anger and… was that jealousy in his eyes? Elder Hunter had a very intimidating aura; he was a very tall and largely built man, with very dark brown almost black spiked hair, a natural farmer’s type of tan covered his body where visible, evidencing that he must have spent a great many years outdoors amongst the elements, and he also has a few subtle scars littering his body, mixing with his grey fading alpha mark tattoo that could be seen travelling up the right hand side of his neck.

Eventually the council of elders managed to come to a majority vote and an agreement of sorts, that her situation was a very unique one but that it could work in their favour and that she should be trained as such. Over the span of a year, Serena’s training became more difficult and brutal, she was trained as both of her forms separately, she spent time with some of the strongest packs to develop and learn of her wolf side, and likewise in nests for her vampire side. As civil wars broke out throughout the lands, between opposing species and realms fighting for land and power, were becoming uncontrollable then Slasher was sent in to assist and even end the conflict herself where necessary. In only six further months, she had successfully earned her position of High General, and even became highly respected as well as greatly feared on the battlefield wherever she went.

Serena’s P.O.V

This has continued as of two days now, I relished in the bloodshed and viciousness of the battle in the beginning, but now I am filthy and coloured crimson with the blood of our enemies. Roaring and growling of various beasts and creatures, the gurgling of dying last breaths and clanging of swords can be heard far and wide over the open field and valley. I am becoming exhausted but invigorated with fake peaks of energy due to my consumption of so much enemy blood over such a short period of time. However, this is the longest period of time a battle has gone on to date and all the blood consumed has made the blood lust difficult to control and fighting off the pleasure of it for so long has made me turn more aggressive and irrational, verging on feral.

The closer the end of battle is approaching the more impulsive I am becoming, I have even left my sword somewhere on the battle field, some victims ago, and haven’t even reached for my daggers once. My logical warrior consciousness has faded into the background and only my vampire nature and instincts exist at present. I am transfixed on my next victim and each one after that, all I can think of is the glorious taste that nectar of life upon my lips has. I stop making quick but clean kills and start tearing bodies apart, ripping into their flesh and removing chunks in the process, while turning the battle field into a literal blood bath.

General S, I believe it would be best for you to stop now.

I growl lowly in response to this nuisance tying to distract me. One saving grace of my current situation is that I don’t currently feel the burden of guilt following my recent behaviour and actions. My individual body count has been enough to truly turn the tide of this battle, and those enemies still left to kill are small enough in number for my soldiers to deal with themselves whilst I finish up here.

General Slasher you must stop now, the battle is won.” Another voice enters my blissful feeding frenzied state whilst accompanied with a firm shake to my shoulders. Now I am starting to lose my patience. I remove one hand from my current victim, lean away from the corpse and only flick my eyes in the direction of the shoulder that touched me, only long enough for me to grip him securely around his neck and throw him backwards a hundred yards away from me, to then quickly resume with my current task.

What can we do now?

Nothing more we can do, we will have to leave her be unless we want to become her next victim.

Should we report it?

Their anxious rambling, that is also beginning to ruin my current enjoyment, continues on as I hear new footprints break into the clearing to join the group of shoulders standing not far behind me. “I… (puff) …received the update that… (puff puff) he escaped!

Excuse me?!” I lift my head in the direction of the soldier bearing the news of such failure and greet his terrified expression with a deafening growl. How did this happen? I was so lost in the moment of it all that I did not focus on the bigger picture. And now the battle is won but the leader of this enemy army and instigator for this conflict has gotten away alive. I cannot believe this has happened, everybody is completely inept. I growl out loud in frustration, as I throw the body in my arms to the side on the ground and rise fluidly and with purpose to my feet. Those dark and twisted individuals that cause others so much pain, and manipulate every situation to their advantage, always slither away unscathed. This has been the case since I was young, but justice was never served. They all deserve to pay with their lives, but to suffer excruciatingly beforehand.

I do not understand what has become of me, but now amidst the mental fog of bloodlust and ebbing adrenaline of a three-day battle, I am filling with a deep burning rage and newfound hunger, for revenge, upon hearing this soldier’s update and realising my failure. I need to do better, I cannot fail like this. I feel despair and anger at our failings but also in this beast that I am. My skin starts to prickle with unknown anticipation, my mouth salivates with the desire to taste my enemies’ souls, and my mind focuses on one important task, to avenge those wronged by evil and the cruel beings of this world. My body moves without my control and my subconscious pushes my actions and task, as my consciousness is currently a passenger to the entire event unfolding.


As her bloodlust became more volatile and difficult to control, she had begun turning on her comrades and soldiers and had become a renegade in the fight against injustice, but singlehandedly wiping out groups of criminals in the process. She was no longer the fair and compassionate warrior that had great respect for the society and followed the rules. But now she was turning into a ruthless judge, jury and executioner, as well as even starting to carry out the harshest of punishments on all crimes, no matter how small or the reason behind the crime. The elders decided that it was time for them to take control and intervene, otherwise she would no longer have a future at all, but she was too valuable to them to resort to those lengths just yet if possible. The society had come to the decision that it would be best if Slasher were to spend time away from the society and the rest of civilisation where lines were delicate and communities were fragile, and where she could cause to too much damage. They believed that she needed to let her vampire side out free for a while and learn to control it and to work with it properly. A place where she could still exercise her warrior role and do good work, but that it wouldn’t be quite as detrimental if scenarios did not proceed as planned.

Therefore, the elders sent her away to work with some of the strongest and most dangerous covens and individual vampires; for as long as was necessary, for her to regain balance and re-establish order to those particular communities. The first coven she had been sent to was deep in the mountains, filled with winding tunnels and many hidden caves, that resided at the top of the highest peaks. This specific mountain range was surrounded by a dark and eerie forest that had a thick cold mist snaking along the rough terrain of the land and that clung to your legs just below the knee. No sound at all could be heard in any direction once inside the forest, and the tree canopy was so thick and high that no light could penetrate through it. Any supernaturals present would need to use their heightened eyesight, but humans would need to use torches on fire to see through the murky atmosphere. But this distinct differentiation would provide extra security for those vampires living in the mountains because humans could be seen from at least a mile and could be hunted down easily. Furthermore, any supernaturals in the forest would most likely be vampires from that very coven as they are very territorial creatures and many other creatures would smell not to trespass.

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