Something Found

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Alanis must follow the northern prince, to the frigid kingdom of Ati Harei, to guide him. But instead of taming him, she captures his heart... Alanis thought letting go of her first love would be the most painful thing she would ever endure, but little did she know, the path the light goddess set before her, would be paved in heartaches beyond compare. With her past and Berthold behind her, Alanis must follow the northern prince, known as the Crimson Cloak, to the frigid, Forgotten Lands of Ati Harei. In those lands, she must avoid hidden dangers, and tame the rebellious prince who wants nothing to do with his crown. As her powers grow, Alanis learns the dire consequences she must pay to wield them. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only hurdles she will face as hidden agendas, and betrayals arise, faltering her resolve to complete the light goddesses task. Will Alanis have the courage, and strength to follow her destiny, or will she turn her back on the gods, and followers, to pave a path of her own? 'From ashes we shall rise' •Book 2• Something Found is a Drama, Romantic Fantasy Tale of Courage, and Redemption.

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Warning: Something Found is book 2 of 3 part series. I am currently working on changing the tense of the first story, Something Lost, to 3rd person. If you don't want to read the first book you can read the forward below to catch up. Enjoy.

Over half a year has gone by since Alanis found herself outside of the settlement she called home. At the time, she was frightened, having never been outside the walls that protected her people.

But as time passed outside her home, she learned the horrible truths she had been blind to while there.

That her life there was governed by a lie meant to control her, and others like her. They were all manipulated into believing they had a genetic disease that would kill them. When in actuality, they were secretly being murdered by the very people who declared to save them.

Those living outside, in the many kingdoms and territories, claimed the settlements were merely trying to force extinction on those touched by the gods because they were afraid of their gift to wield nature. And there were also claims that the settlement scientists were performing experimentations on the ones they happened to let live.

Regardless of what was going on, it was wrong, leaving many innocent dead for no reason.

Learning the world was fuller than she once thought, Alanis found purpose with her new life, and soon let go of the old one. In time, the Bright Kingdom of Berthold began to feel like the place she was always meant to be, her true home.

While there, she realized how special her new abilities were, discovering she was the prophesied Warrior of Light, Oraur Lahre. That she had been blessed by the Mother Goddess herself, Letando'Na to perform a task set by the gods.

Despite carrying the burden of her new title, she managed to create lasting friendships, and even fall in love...

Thought the silver-haired king, Alexander, stole her heart quite easily, as she stole his, their love was not meant to be. He was betrothed to another, bound to a contract that would bring war to to his kingdom should he forsake it.

And there was another threat that loomed, one that called for her to depart the Bright Kingdom, to follow the brother of Alexander’s betrothed, to the frigid northern kingdom, Ati Harei.

Will Alanis have the courage and strength to follow her destiny, or will she turn her back on the gods, and followers, to pave a path of her own?

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