Luna Winters

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"They say she went crazy when her mate tried to kill her." After nearly being murdered by the one person that was supposed to love her no matter what Azzura flees from her duties as Luna of The Winters Peak Pack. Nearly all alone, Azzura is captured by the would-be king and held prisoner for something she cannot control. With the goddess of the moon by her side, will she be able to survive another madman after her? Or will her peaceful nature be pushed to the edge?

Fantasy / Adventure
Anne Marshall
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The Real Story

“They say the blue wolf hunts alone and lives alone. She doesn’t belong to a pack anymore because she was banished.” I could hear the young boy whispering the story I’ve heard three or four different versions of. I kept to the shadows wanting to know how they would end this version of the story.

“Why was she banished? It’s really hard to get banished from your birth pack.” Another voice asked the boy a question as my ears tingled for more.

“They say she didn’t want to become Luna when her mate tried to kill her. There are some that say after he attempted to kill her the night they mated, she went crazy and tried to kill him in his sleep by slashing his throat. Which we all know wouldn’t kill a wolf, but she had wanted his heart. She wanted to tear his heart out of his chest for breaking hers. She tried to stay with him after he nearly killed her the night they met and mated. But she told her father she wouldn’t be the luna and he banished her.” The first boy continued with the story and I let a slight chuckle out for their efforts.

“Why would they banish her just for not wanting to stay attached to that monster. What person wants to kill their mate? Are you sure they were even mates?!” A third person, female voice this time, spoke up and I like what she had to say.

“It’s just a story, it may not even be true. I’ve never visited Winters Peak Pack, have you?” The second boy answered and I tried to think of who’s pack land I was currently on...I’ve gone through Thorne Pack, Holly Road a few weeks ago, I may have even recently scrapped by Ivy Vine Pack without being caught. I was technically a lone wolf and no one liked those.

Maybe I should let these kids know the real story...

“Maybe it’s just a story but - ”

“Actually, there is a bit of truth to your story. Not much, but some.” I spoke up as I came from the shadows of the trees around the three of them and their campfire. I ignored the looks of shock on their faces when they looked upon my naked form, my ginger hair covered most of my front but rested gently on my hips. I didn’t care about modesty, not in the least.

“Before I start on the story, what lands have I come across?” I asked just as I took a seat on the log the only other female was using. It took a moment for one of them to find their speaking voice.

“We’re on Summer Horizon Pack-land. Who are you?” The first boy got the guts and asked, but I wasn’t going to answer him just yet.

“Hmm, haven’t been here before and I won’t be here for much longer. Now, here’s the real story.” I started.

“About...Let’s say five years ago, there was this lovely little she-wolf dreamt of being the greatest Luna her pack had ever seen. You see, the war had taken her mother from the family and she was left with her father, the Alpha. Alpha Winters loved his daughter and when her mate came from someone in the pack he was even happier. He had always wanted to keep the alpha line in the pack. His daughter, Azzura, had always been a bit different from the other wolves. She hated violence and instead took on a peaceful stance.”

I looked around and noticed they couldn’t stop staring at my naked form. Children.

“The night of her ceremony the man and her mated and became one, but the moment he became Alpha he turned against her. He beat her into a subdued state until she could barely walk. This went on for weeks. The moment she told him that she held a child in her womb, he beat her nearly to death, however, he had killed their child. That was the night she swore to herself that she wouldn’t allow his violence to continue.” They hung on my every word. It would have been easy enough to just run away right at this moment, but I stayed instead.

“She left her pack, father, and abusive mate behind that night. Her body barely let her move let alone try and steal his heart. She ran and ran until her beaten legs carried her out of her pack’s land. Since then she’s been wandering around trying to find something she doesn’t know she’s looking for.” I ended the story and watched their interested faces turn into that of disappointment.

“My story was better than that one! It didn’t even tell how crazy she was!” The first boy commented. I hated the term crazy.

“Well, I think that rumor was started because her family and pack knew she could speak directly to the moon goddess. She would walk with her during her dreams and it was something her mate didn’t like. He was jealous of her relationship with the goddess. He thought she would leave him for her one day. He wasn’t entirely wrong, she did leave him and she still speaks and walks with her. Somedays it is the only person she speaks to.” I finished off the story and waited for the rebuttals.

“That’s a little more interesting. There aren’t any wolves that can speak directly with the goddess herself. Why doesn’t any other pack know about her gifts?” The female asked me directly.

“Her mother was scared that people would use her for the wrong reasons. She loved her mother, father too, but the bond she shared with her mother was very special. Her passing took its toll on Azzura. She spent many years alone within her pack, only speaking with the goddess to work through her sorrow.” A small pain in my chest formed but I pushed it away as I did with anything else.

“You know so much about the blue wolf, do you know where she gets her name?” The second much quieter boy spoke up. Did I want to tell them the truth? I think if they told anyone they wouldn’t be believed.

“I grew up very close to her and the Winters family. The name blue wolf comes from the meaning of her name. Azzura is Italian for ‘sky blue’ her mother was fluent in the language and loved teaching her daughter what she knew. There is another reason for the name, it’s a rare blood disorder that makes the wolf’s blood stay blue even when it’s spilled.” I brought my hand up to the fire to warm it. I didn’t get cold easily but that didn’t mean I disliked fires.

I stood up to leave and noticed they had stopped staring at my nudity and instead focused on my movements.

“Are you going to tell us your name?” The first boy asked again. Smiling and turning back for a second and smiled at the three of them.

“I have many names; The blue wolf, the wandering soul, banished Luna, Luna of the Winters Peak Pack. But my name will always be, Azzura Winters.” Ending the conversation and noting the surprised look on each of their faces. I made my way out of the Summer Horizon pack-lands before I was caught and brought to their alpha. I would never let a man hold me down again especially not an alpha.

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