Stone Cold

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In the shadows hides the monsters of the night The monsters of nightmares A creature so evil Even Demons would be afraid He is the monster of your nightmares She is the beauty of your dreams He is the creature of the night She is the light of the day He is the predator She is the prey ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Adele Charolett a young teen from sunny California in the wake of her father's death is forced to move to England, the sun ridden island. Forced to live with a family, a parent, she only sees Summers and Christmas. Adele was taught to live her life in the light but things haunt in the shadows of the woods. Creatures so evil that even Adele's light can't save them. Then she meets them. Two brothers in a castle on the hill, trapped in a curse, to be a creature of the night. Creatures so evil even the laws of nature are afraid to touch them.

Fantasy / Romance
Eve Cole
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I grew up fearing the darkness. I never went to bed without some kind of light being on. That led me to live a life in the light. I always did the right thing. I tried to make everyone happy all the time. I was happy. I never let the cold hand of darkness touch me. Nor the people who surrounded me. That’s till the cold hands of death reached out and tore the one person I loved from my grips.

When my father died a part of that light that lived in me died along with him. I was still the same girl. I still tried to make others happy but I couldn’t find it in me to make myself happy. After that I was sent to live with my mother and stepfather in England. My stepmother had to deal with my fathers death alone while the only child she’s ever had is sent out of the country to live with a family she only sees summers and Christmas. I never saw my stepmother as a stepmother she was my mother in my eyes. She’s everything I remember. My parents got divorced when I was five. I barely remember the time before that when they were together. I remember that they were happy until one day my mother was packing up her bags with a plane ticket in her hand. It was six years later till I found out that she was cheating on my father with my stepfather. She was pregnant. When my father found out it broke him. He loved her with all his heart and she shattered it.

My hand twists around the silver bracelet around my wrist feeling the panic as the ground comes closer and closer. I hear the loud beep as the seatbelt sign comes up. I frantically grab onto the side of the arm wrests my knuckles popping from the pressure. I hold back a scream in my throat as the large death trap comes in contact with the ground. I close my eyes trying not to panic as the plane comes to a quick halt. I feel a hand on my shoulder and my eyes snap open to see the flight attendant crouching next to me.

“Are you okay miss?” I look around the plane to see people starting to leave and then my eyes land on the worried woman crouching by my side. I gulp nodding quickly as I unbuckle my seatbelt grabbing my backpack from in front of me quickly following the line of people. I must look like a crazed person. My hair sticks out in random places. My clothing looks like I slept in it. Which I did. I just spent thirteen hours on a plane. Los Angeles to Birmingham. I run my hands through my hair as I exit the metal death trap clutching my backpack strap.

I follow the signs to baggage claim waiting for my bag to come around. After a minute or two of waiting I see the dark blue suitcase come into view. I quickly run up to it grabbing the large bag placing it on the ground. The rest of my stuff has already been shipped out to the manor. My mother texted me before I got on the plane saying that everything had arrived. I pull the dark suitcase behind me looking around for my family. I sigh when I see my mother and stepfather with my two brothers. They see me first smiling and waving. I look down moving towards them. Instantly arms are wrapped around me and I feel the warmth from my step brothers large body. My arms wrap around him returning the hug.

“Hey short stuff you’ve grown since last summer.” I pull away from Laurence’s large form looking up at him. He is right I did grow a little but he still towers over me. Laurence is a year older than me and in that sense we bonded over homework and grades and stuff like that. I look over at the little boy who stands right behind us a smile on his face. I scoop up my little brother hugging him.

“Adele. You must be tired we should head out soon.” I look over at my mother who hasn’t even said hello to me. I almost roll my eyes at her for being so rude but I just let my brother down grabbing onto my suitcase nodding. My mother doesn’t go to hug me she just grabs onto my stepfathers hand leading the way to car.

“It’s okay. They have a lot of work right now. I’m surprised they even came to pick you up.” I nod slowly as I feel small hands slip into mine looking down at Gregory who smiles up at me. He is small for his age and doesn’t say much. I know that angers my mother but it’s not like she can do anything about that.

“I just want to go home and go to bed.” I keep my head low and try to keep the tears from flowing. I miss my father. I miss my stepmother. I miss my friends and my school. I miss my home. This place isn’t my home. This is the place where I’ll spend the next two years before I go off to college. Nothing else. This isn’t my home. This is more like a personal hell for me.

We walk through the sliding doors and instantly I feel cold. The dark clouds cover the entire sun and drops of water hit my forehead. I sigh continuing to follow my family as we walk across the cross walk. My eyes land on a guy in a black suit walking towards us. My eyes land on his bright blue eyes instantly feeling drawn to them. He brushes past me and I gasp when our bodies touch. I turn to apologize but when I look behind me nobody is there. My eyes widen and I shake my head. I must be seeing things. Thirteen hours on a plane can make you see things. I turn back to my family quickly catching up with them. I see the black limousines in front of us and I sigh. Gregory runs up to the car instantly climbing in. I grab my suitcase carrying it to the back placing it in the trunk. Laurence waits for me keeping the door open for me as I climb in. Sit next to Gregory and my mother seeing her stiffen when I sit. I sigh plugging my headphones in turning my music up to half leaning back closing my eyes. It’s going to be nice to sleep on this hour drive. Maybe catch up on the lack of sleep I’ve had for the past twenty-four hours.

“How was the funeral?” My eyes snap open when I hear my mothers cold voice. My eyes narrow and I feel my throat closing. The funeral was a week ago and now she’s talking about it? I feel tears prick my eyes and I wish I could slap her. She acts like she doesn’t care for him at all. They were together for years. High school sweethearts, but then she cheated on him with this rich English man who was married with a kid.

“Well you could have come you were invited but I guess your invitation was lost in the mail or something.” I see my mothers eyes narrow and I see Laurence shake his head a smile on his face. He finds this hilarious the way I hate my mother.

“Adele you know your mother wanted to come. It’s not our fault something came up at work.” I sigh nodding not trying to argue with the mighty Sebastian Knight. He’s a force to be reckon with. I plug my headphones back in my ears sighing as I close my eyes.

An hour later I am staring at the mansion that I will call my home for the next two years. Laurence grabs my suitcase handing it to one of the servants who will take it up to my room. The sun is barely setting and the clouds have cleared. It must have been a beautiful day today. I let a small groan out as I look at my mother and Sebastian lips locked as they go retire in their room. I wish they would at least try to hide the fact they’re about to go fuck.

“Are you coming?” My eyes snap to Laurence who is waiting by the door Gregory’s hand tightly in his own. “You must be tired.” I smile looking up at the sky as the blue turns to a deep pink color.

“I don’t know how I’m going to do this with out you dad. I don’t know how I’m going to be the same person I was before. You completed me. You were my knight in shining armor. My hero. Lisa and I miss you so much. I’m sorry.” I feel tears leave my eyes and fall down my cheek. I turn to face Laurence who still stands in the doorway waiting for me. He clearly sees my state but smiles anyways acting like I’m fine as he motions me to come back inside. I smile fixing the bag on my shoulder before walking up the marble staircase.

“I know it’s not my place to say anything but I cared for him too. He may have not been my father but he was always so kind to Gregory and I even after everything that happened.” I smile sniffling as I run my hands through my blonde locks. I’ve always admired Laurence. The way he acted so call all the time. I feel like a loose cannon around him. I try so hard to be the perfect person but he seems to always be ten times better than me.

“Goodnight Laurence.” I drag my exhausted body up the stairs the effects from the lack of sleep finally catch up with me. My head pounds and my eye lids fight to stay open. I push open the white door moving over to the bed. I collapse onto it the soft covers dragging me deeper and deeper into a much-needed slumber.

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