Stone Cold

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I look over at Adele asleep sighing as I lean against the door frame, I don’t trust my family. They will probably drink her blood. Kill her if they aren’t too careful. The only one I trust is Liam. He cares for her, he will protect her if need be. It angers me how much he actually cares for her, she looks like Adeline. Almost exactly like her, she is missing some scars that Adeline had but other than that they are exact copies of each other. Adeline was cold and scary, she was a warrior. Adele is loving and caring, she is a warrior in her own sense. She can survive so much mental trauma, she can get up after being knocked down. I can drink her almost dry and she will get up and make a joke afterwards. They are the same but opposites. Adeline came to us lost and scared, her family was killed in the war and she was seeking shelter. We took her in, I was instantly attracted to her. The wildness in her eyes. She was untamed and I wanted to tame her. To have her as mine. We were attracted to each other but we weren’t mates. She knew what we were after a month of living with us, she accepted us for who we were. She let me drink her blood got me attached to her. I think maybe that was her plan all along. I found her one night in Liam’s bed, I almost killed her. I wanted to. I didn’t, Liam killed her the next night. Left her head at the foot of my bed. And I hate him for it. I loved her with everything I had and he killed her.

“Nicholas?” My eyes snap to my mother seeing her standing next to me looking into the room her eyes softening when they land on Adele sleeping soundly. “She looks so much like Adeline, you look at her like she is Adeline. You know she isn’t the girl you fell in love for?” I sigh looking over at Adele. I think subconsciously I know she isn’t Adeline but every time I look at her I see the woman I fell in love with and then I see the girl who tried to kill me and then I see the bloodied head of the woman I loved at the bottom of my bed.

“I know that.”

“Then what are you doing here with her? Who is this girl? Where is her family? Did you kidnap her?” I sigh running my hands through my hair looking over at Adele. I don’t know what I am doing with her. I kidnaped her, I hurt her, I locked her up. And what for? Is there any reason for my doings? I have no freaking clue.

“I have no clue. I don’t know who she is, I saw her one day on the cliff that you used to paint on and I thought I was seeing a ghost. I saw her fighting with her stepbrother one day and she ran away, I followed her. I chased her. I hurt her and I locked her up. I don’t have a reason other than I want her. I want her close.” She sighs reaching past me shutting the door. I sigh softly rubbing my temples as I walk away from the room leaning against the wall. I should have never returned to this house. After Adeline died here I should have never came back, this house is cursed.

“What are you going to do with her?” I sigh shaking my head, I have no clue. I could return her to her family but I know that I can’t do that. I don’t want her to leave, I can’t have her leave. She is my prisoner. I can’t just return her to that hell of a family. Those monsters will rip her apart. We will drain her dry and then build her back up but they will rip her to pieces. We are both monsters but they don’t have the ability to bring her back to life when they eventually kill her. I do, if she dies somehow I have the ability to bring her back.

“I am going to keep her here.” My mother sighs placing her hand on my shoulder squeezing gently before turning in the opposite direction walking down the dark hallway. I sigh sliding down the wall bringing my knees to my chest leaning my head against the wall. I don’t want her to die. I said it many times that I wanted her dead, I convinced myself that I want her dead. I can’t kill her and I can’t let anyone kill her. I tried to let her die, I thought locking her up she would die someone would kill her. Gwen hopefully so I would have a reason to hate her again. Many people have tried to kill me over the years, many have tried, none have succeeded. Gwenevere has always been the most interesting person ever. I killed her family, her pack. She waited hundreds of year to attack me. She almost got away with it to but she hesitated when she saw my brother. Her eyes shifted and she stopped. She hesitated. And that’s when her plan failed. Liam took her down and she was locked up ever since. Adele told me to give her a second chance. To let her speak to talk. She knows something about Gwen that she thinks will change my view on her. I don’t know what she will say that change my view.

“Nick.” I look up at Liam who steps out of the darkness the moonlight illuminating his face and upper half. “How is Adele?” I sigh looking towards the door. She’s lucky to be alive, Tom usually kills the people he curses. She is very lucky.

“She will be fine. She will scar and need a lot of rest for the next couple of days, but she will be fine.” He sighs looking over in the direction of Adele’s room, he slides down the wall next to me. I may hate my brother for killing Adeline but he is my brother. I sigh meeting my brothers gaze.

“I put Tom in the cage. He will never hurt another person again.” I nod, I wish I could kill him. I wish I could rip his head off and burn his body like every witch I have in the past, but this boy is different. He is so powerful, he has the body of an eleven year old but I have no clue his actual age. He could even pass me in age. You never know with witches. They are tricky sons of bitches.

“And Gwen?” I feel his body stiffen and something flash through his eyes. Could this be what Adele was talking about? I sit up straight looking over at Liam who covers his face with his hands. He looks like he is in physical pain. He looks up at me and I see sadness in his eyes.

“I think she’s my mate Nick.” My eyes widen and our eyes lock, I swear under my breath. How long has she known? Was it the moment her eyes locked with Liam? Why did she tell Adele? Is it because Adele looks like Adeline and Adeline was Gwen’s best friend? We locked her up for so long just to find out that she is Liam’s mate. She has suffered for so long, I locked up my brothers mate. We both did. God this is a mess.

“Are you sure Liam?”

“Yeah I think. I touched her and it felt like my world just stopped. She felt it too, I could see it in her eyes. She knows and I think she knew for a while too. She probably knew when she first met us, she is half Werewolf they can know just by smell. She knew the moment we met her and she didn’t tell me. She knew for all these years. She could have told me and I would have let her out. I would’ve tried a relationship with her. I would have gotten to know her. I wouldn’t have hated her for all these years. Now I can’t hate her, I want to hate her but every time I try I can’t. How does that happen so quickly? How can life change so quickly?” I curse looking over at my brother who is having a very large mid-life crisis in his life, everything is changing now. Gwen has been an enemy for many years now. He had locked her up, starved her, beaten her. We have been horrible to her for so many years. A mate is something that changes everything especially when it comes down to vampires. They get consumed by it.

“I think Adele is my mate.” Liam’s eyes widen and he sits up looking at me. I close my eyes cursing slightly as I hit my head against the wall. I think I understand now. Why I am so attached to her. Why whenever I touch her I feel tingles down my spine. She is my mate, I do not like it. I don’t want her to be my mate. I don’t want to feel weak. I wish I would’ve just killed her and gotten on with my life, I know I could never do that anymore. I don’t want t feel weak. I can’t have her know I am her mate. I can’t let it make me weak, I have to get her away from me. I cannot have her know about it. I don’t want to be weak.

“Seriously you must be the worst mate ever. You almost let me kill her. You lock her up and you almost let her die.” I laugh nodding keeping my head in my hands, I really am, I would never want to be my own mate. I would hate it so much, but Adele she is my mate. She has to deal with me, she has to deal with me. She has to deal with the man who can kill a person in the blink of an eye. She won’t even feel the effects of the mate bond till she turns eighteen.

“You can’t say anything Liam, you kept your mate locked up for three hundred years.” I hear him laugh instantly my eyes snapping open listening to my brothers laugh. I haven’t heard him laugh like this in years. So many. Probably not since the twenties in New Orléans. We were at our best then. The King brothers ruled the city at night. I turned so many people. Drank more than I ever thought was possible. Almost died a couple of times too when the Werewolves tried to take over. Witches too. But it was the best years of my life.

“You’re right we both are horrible mates.” I laugh feeling a pain in my chest as I acknowledge how horrible of people we are. Liam is better than me in the fact he still cares about human life. I don’t, they die every day and there’s no stopping it. I can’t do anything about it and neither can he but he hasn’t given up on them yet. They die like everything living they die. I was once living I died at twenty-four and now I am no longer human. I gave up on them in my first four hundred years of life. All they do is fight and there is never change. Just a never-ending cycle. Humans in the end will just destroy themselves. I don’t care for any human, well I didn’t for a while. Yes I had my flings, then I met Adeline and I loved her. She broke my heart and I closed off all those feelings once again. Now everything that makes me human is coming back. The emotions to care about something living are coming back. And it’s all Adele Charlotte’s fault.

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