Stone Cold

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I groan in pain trying to sit up only to feel hands on my shoulders pushing me back down. I gasp opening my eyes seeing Nick sitting above me worry on his face. I groan pushing him away, he sits down on the bed sighing as he watches me sit up looking around the room.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I am in pain.” He chuckles leaning over me checking my wounds, he pulls away the bandage sighing as he runs his fingers against the healing wound. I wish I could see it from my view but it is kind of impossible. He grabs a new bandage placing it over the wound.

“Did you know Gwen was Liam’s mate? ” I sigh nodding my head hearing him swear under his breath running his hands through his hair. I sigh sitting up straight feeling my body shift and pop from not moving for so long. “Liam took her out of her cell last night. They are talking right now. I am giving her one chance and if she ruins that chance I will not hesitate so kill her even if it makes my brother hate me in the process.” I sigh feeling my lips curl up in a smile as I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug. I feel him stiffen a little before relaxing a little allowing me to hug him.

“Thank you.” I feel something leave my chest like a weight was stuck in my chest and its gone. I’m glad Liam is going to talk to Gwen get to know her, she is a good person. A person who has been in a lot of pain and deserves a break after all these years. Liam is good for her, I think they could get a long. I think that if they talk it out and build something maybe Gwen can have a chance at a normal life, whatever normal is in their world.

“Do you want to take a walk? Stretch your legs. Maybe meet my mother, she wants to talk to you.” My eyes widen and I look at him, his mother? I heard how good she was through Liam, a good mother, a good person.

“Liam told me about your mother, I would love to meet her.” Nick smiles standing up holding his hand out for me, I slowly sit up groaning in pain seeing his eyes flash with concern before I push away the pain swinging my legs to the side of the bed. My toes hit the stone cold floors and instantly I want to go back into the bed. I sigh placing my feet fully on the ground pushing myself to stand up. I grab onto Nick’s hand as I stumble forwards my body not used to be standing.

“You okay?” I nod hooking my arm with his, I honestly don’t think I can stand right now by my own. I lean against him for support feeling my bones pop and my muscles bend. I look over at Nick who holds me against him as I take my first steps feeling how weak my body is. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I groan nodding as I push open the door coming eye to eye with Liam who has a large smile plastered on his face. Instantly my eyes brighten and I let go of Nick puling Liam into a hug. I know that Nick is probably going to kill me for even touching him but the fact is Liam is my friend and I should be allowed to touch my friend.

“I had to come and say goodbye to you before I left. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?” My eyes widen and I pull away meeting his eyes, he has a pained look in his eyes. How long is he going to be gone? Why is he leaving? My smile falters and I look at him feeling Nick’s hand on the small of my back.

“Where are you going?”

“Gwen and I are going to leave the country for a couple of months. She spent hundreds of years in my cell at least I can do is take her far away from this place so we can get to know each other better. She is my mate and I have been a terrible mate. I think she deserves something more from me than hostility.” My lips curve up in a smile as I see Gwen standing behind him her head low and her fingers intertwined. I push past Liam standing in front of Gwen. Her head slowly rises to meet my gaze. I see a smile spread across her lips and tears cloud her eyes. I pull her into my arms holding her tightly as her arms wrap around me returning the hug.

“You be safe Gwen. Don’t cause too much trouble for Liam. He’s a good guy really. You are lucky to have him as a mate. Now I will see you after you come back and you will have a lot to tell me. I will most likely still be here and breathing but if I am I give you permission to kill Nick.” She laughs and I hear her sniffle against my shoulder. We were quick friends. She was a light in the darkness that I lived in. She protected me and saved my life. If she didn’t care I would be dead right now.

“I’m going to miss you Adele Charlotte. Do not forget about me. Also be careful with this family. Liam and Nick may have shown you some kindness but do not trust the rest of them.” I nod as she whispers into my ear so Nick and Liam can’t hear. I pull away from her nodding seeing her smile softly looking over at Liam who watches both of us like he’s trapped in a memory.

“Let’s go.” I watch as Liam grabs onto Gwen’s hand leading her down the hallway. I turn back to Nick who has been watching me the entire time. He gives a cold smile before walking past me making me follow closely behind. He was acting so nice earlier now he is back to his normal ways. He’s acting like an ass again. I wish he wasn’t so bipolar. Maybe he would be more liked by people.

“You know last time you touched Liam I put you in a cell which almost killed you. You really never learn Adele Charlotte.” My eyes widen and I slow down to a stop as he turns around facing me. He has no expression on his face. He looks down at me giving me a toothy grin purposely showing me his fangs to scare me.

“I’m sorry.” I lower my head keeping my eyes tightly closed waiting for him to yell at me, to take me back to that damn prison cell. I flinch when I feel his cold fingers against my chin making me look up at him.

“You can touch him Adele. He is your friend. You can hug him if you want. He has a mate so I don’t have to worry about him anymore.” My eyes widen a little and I chuckle shaking my head. He’s so bipolar.

“Scared he was going to steal me and we’d fall in love?” I giggle seeing his faces go white and his eyes narrow a little instantly my smile falters and I close my eyes swearing under my breath. Why do I say shit like this? I honestly think my mouth is out to kill me.

“That’s not funny Adele really. My brother has a pattern of doing that to me.” I roll my eyes as he turns around walking down the hallway. I slowly follow him rolling my eyes the entire time, I am not Adeline. Liam isn’t going to do the same thing to me that he did with Adeline.

“Theres no chance in hell I will ever fall for your brother. I respect Gwen and he is her mate.” He chuckles but doesn’t look back at me, he just keeps walking down the hallway. He turns down another hallway and I see the familiar face of the one and only Mrs. King. I see a smile spread across her lips, I look over at Nick who steps to the side so all I am doing is looking at her awkwardly.

“Nicholas hasn’t told me much about you.” Her voice is so kind, she seems like a nice person. I look over at Nick who is slowly backing up. My eyes widen and I take a step towards him seeing him shake his head holding his hands up. I feel safer when I am with Nick, Liam has told me about this woman how nice she was but the fact is she is a monster just like Nick and Liam. I’ve learned not to trust their kind.

“Nick didn’t tell me anything about you, Liam did. When we first met he took me to that cliff you used to paint on the one with the tree swing.” I smile softly remembering the wind pulling at my hair as we stood hundreds of feet up in the air. I miss being outside, I miss that feeling.

“Well that’s a shame, let’s talk for a minute Nick can go do some things and he will be right back.” My eyes shift to Nick who nods at his mother before turning around walking slowly away. I want him to come back, I don’t want to be left alone with her no matter what people say about her. I look back at Nick’s mother who was watching my every move like a predator. I gulp meeting her silver eyes. “You’re nervous.” I almost laugh at this statement. Of course I am nervous. One thing I’ve learned is that Vampires are very ask very obvious questions. ” Come with me, I have some things to talk about with you.” My breath stops as she turns around opening a door. My eyes widen when I see the light from outside and my feet instantly move after her wanting to smell the salt water, to see the sky. I’ve seen grey walls for so long. I grew up outside with my father, with Liza. God I miss Liza so much. I haven’t spoken to her in so long, she lost her husband and her step daughter in a matter of a week. And now the daughter doesn’t even talk to her. She must think I don’t care. That I just forgot about her. I love that woman so much, I could never forget about her.

I walk through the door a smile spreading on my face when I smell the salt water and the wind hit my face. I look over at Nick’s mother seeing her smiling at me as she stands out in the sun letting it soak into her pale skin. I thought vampires burn in the sun so like how is she standing there letting the sun just hit her skin.

“So vampires don’t burn in the sun?” She laughs throwing her head back her eyes sparkling against the sunlight. She meets my eyes a bright smile on her face, she’s young you can see it, her skin hasn’t started to age yet, there are only a few age marks.

" We do, when we first turned we were unable to leave the house during the day for twenty years. It took us a while to figure out how to live, it was right under our noses too.” I nod closing my eyes as the sun blinds me. I turn to look at her seeing her turn around walking down the deck. I slowly follow her looking down at my feet. I don’t know what she wants to ask me, why she wants to talk to me.” Do you have a family Adele?” I stop as she turns around her eyebrow raised slightly in question, I nod slowly which makes her face drop.

“It’s very complicated.” I hear her laugh as she sits down on a small outdoor couch motioning me to sit on the other couch. I sigh sitting down watching her as she fixes her long dress meting my gaze.

“I am very old Adele and I am a mother with three children and I have been married to the same cold man for hundreds of years. My eldest is probably the coldest man in the world. My middle child fell in love with a girl then killed her and put her head on the foot of my eldest son’s bed. And my youngest is a psycho killer who recently killed an entire village in Sweden. My daughter was once a queen of England who single-handedly overthrew an entire nation. I can deal with complicated.” My eyes are wide as she speaks, what the hell am I doing here with these people. They are going to kill me, I should be locked up again. Kept safe away from all these vampires. I might be better off with my Werewolf family.

“I moved to England recently, my father died a month ago and my stepmother had no rights over me so I was sent over here. My mother left my father when I was young because she was pregnant with my younger brother Gregory. My stepfather owns from the mountain to the ocean. I didn’t realize that he shared it you guys.”

“Your stepfather is Sebastian Knight?” I nod quickly seeing her eyes widen as she meets my eyes. I don’t know the situation between my stepfather and Nick’s family but if things were okay between them they definitely on bad terms right now. “And Nick took you from them?” I nod, she sighs running her hands through her hair looking over at Nick who stands in the shadows watching us. “Nicholas I think you should leave now.” I look over at Nick who nods walking away, I meet her gaze watching her as she seems to be lost in thought for a moment.

“Honestly I didn’t know them that well, my mother left when I was young. I only saw them during some summers and maybe holidays. I didn’t even know they were Werewolves till Laurence attacked Nick when Nick first took me. They haven’t come to take me back yet so I’ve just accepted they either think I am dead or they don’t care. Whatever one I’ve accepted that. Nick hasn’t been a nice host but I guess I have to deal with that till Nick decides what he wants to do with me. Kill me or let me live I guess I have to accept that. ” She sighs nodding slowly agreeing with my statement. The fact is everything I said is one hundred percent true.

“I knew I sensed something weird about you. Your mother is a Werewolf which means you’re a half-breed.” I nod, that’s exactly what Nick said. I really don’t know much about half breeds other than what Nick said that I was one and that I am not a Werewolf but I have Werewolf blood in me. “Why do you think Nick took you?”

“Maybe he was lonely, maybe he was bored. Sometimes when people are lonely they do things that are reckless and stupid. I do reckless and stupid shit all the time because I am lonely. Everyone wants attention once in a while, people need attention to function. The feeling of complete loneliness can drive even the strongest man insane.” Her eyes show shock in them but it quickly disappears and she claps her hands together slowly standing up. I quickly stand up watching as she walks to the edge of the balcony placing her hands on the railing looking out at the ocean.

“You’re very smart for your age Adele. I would expect some angry answer from a girl your age. When Nicholas was your age he was this absolute brat arguing with everyone he could find. That boy I swear never knew what was best for him. He out of all my kids was the one that I had to be always worried about. My other children were angels compared to Nicholas.” I almost laugh at the thought of a young Nick running around causing trouble everywhere. Nick seems to be someone who you don’t want to get into a fight with or even get in an argument with.

“From my experience with Nick, he is not someone to mess with. He has been an ass to me but he has also saved me multiple times. Only last night did he save my life, that boy was going to kill me and Nick’s blood saved me. And it’s not the first time he has saved me. Liam attacked me the first night I was here and he saved me.”

“Nick sharing his blood with you is special for us. We don’t share our blood with just anyone. He does care about you Adele, he does care for your life. Our blood bonds us to people. It’s what turns humans into vampires. Our blood is powerful Adele do not take it as nothing that he is giving it to you like it’s nothing.” My eyes widen as she stands up slowly walking away leaving me sitting there alone looking down at my paper white hands. I was a honey tan when I first moved here, I guess from all the blood loss I instantly lost my tan skin. Nick cares about me? He has a pretty funny way of showing me that. He knows nothing about me. He can’t care about someone he doesn’t even knows. He thinks he cares for me but I think the reality is he isn’t capable of caring. I think he was lonely and I was an easy prey, he is a predator an amazingly crafted predator. He was made to kill humans. I stand up looking around the room finding myself in a part of the castle I have never seen before. I sigh walking over to the edge of the railing placing both my hands along it closing my eyes as I let the warm sun soak into my skin.

“I swear to God if you jump I will kill you.” I open my eyes looking over at Nick who stalks behind me in the shadows his arms crossed. I sigh turning around leaning my back against the railing looking at him. I feel the heat against the back of my neck knowing that even from this amount of sun I will be burnt in the next five minutes. I tan fast but I burn even faster.

“I’m only suicidal on the weekends.” He rolls his eyes taking a step into the sunlight and instantly I see him cover his eyes groaning taking a step back into the shadows.

“It’s Sunday Adele.” I look over at him rolling my eyes watching as he moves around but makes sure to stay in the shadows. Something must be wrong, he’s never had that happen to him before. Not in my knowledge of him. He doesn’t usually seem fazed by the sun but now he’s avoiding it at all times.

“Stop saving me.” His eyes widen and I look away from him and back at the ocean in front of me. He has to stop saving me every time I go and try to kill myself or someone tries to kill me. I should have died a long time ago but he keeps saving me. He always says he wants to kill me but then he saves me every chance he gets. It’s insane.

“Stop being suicidal and maybe I will stop saving you.” I sigh staying in the sun watching him as he doesn’t even try to get closer to me. He just stays in the shadows watching me closely, he’s never had a problem with the sun and his mother said that they are able to go in the sun so what is his problem now.

“What’s wrong with you Nicholas? The sun seems to hurt you now. From my knowledge you do not usually have an issue with the sun.” He sighs a smirk on his face as he crosses his arms meeting my gaze. I was right, there is something wrong with him.

“You’ve made me weak Adele. You keep drinking my blood. It makes me weak.” There it is again, the blood. I know it has healing properties as it has healed my wounds times before. I don’t know much mother about it other than that and the fact that everyone says it bonds me to him. I don’t feel anything towards him other than a feeling of hatred.

“So you’re saying if I jumped right now you wouldn’t catch me?” I look down at the water keeping my hands along the side of the railing not looking back at him. Suddenly I am pulled from my position and my back is slammed against a wall knocking the air out of me. My eyes widen as I look up at Nick who holds no emotion in his face.

“As long as I am alive I will keep you from killing yourself. So don’t even think about it because I will stop you every time.” With that he let’s go of me only to grab my upper arm dragging me away from that room. I catch a figure in the corner of the room as we exit. My eyes lock with the honey gold ones seeing Alice smirk before turning around and disappearing into the room. I look back in front of me allowing Nick to drag me back to my prison cell of a room. I’m pushed forwards into the room hearing the door slam behind me leaving me completely alone.

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