Stone Cold

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I hum as I walk down the hallway the moon illuminating the hallway, I don’t know what day it is anymore. I don’t know where I even am anymore. I’ve been just wandering for what seems like hours now. I’ve passed what seems like the same hallway dozens of times. Maybe I have been just walking in circles this entire time. I hold a blanket draped over my shoulders keeping the cold winds from hitting my bare skin. I’m surprised that no one has come up to me, I know they must be hiding in the shadows, I heard them. I know it’s not Nick or his mother because I know by now they would be talking to me. Which only scares me more, the other siblings I have no clue who they are and what they are capable. The real thing I am terrified about is that it could be Nick’s father. That man I could see the darkness in him. I don’t want to be caught in an empty hallway with him.

I sigh bunching up the ends of the blanket making my way over to an open balcony. I slowly sit down on the stone bench looking at the moon reflecting off the ocean waves. I always found the night to be so calming so peaceful. I love the night where I am left to my own thoughts. Where I go back and look at all the things I have done, all the good decisions and all the wrong ones. I rest my head against the stone pillar my eyes looking up at the millions of stars, seeing those stars all your life you think you would have a connection with them. That you’d look at a star and see a friend. But you don’t, you don’t recognize that star. After a while you think you would know them. Maybe I’ll ask Nick if he’s named them he seems like the kind of weirdo who would name the stars. He seems to have a lot of time on his hand. Like he kidnaped a girl in his free time I would think he would have time to name all the stars.

“Why are you up so late?” I look over at Nick who sits next to me his eyes looking up at the sky, I clutch the blankets tighter feeling the cold breeze against my skin. I pull my knees to my chest looking back up at the sky. I really do love the night sky.

“Sleep seems to be out of the question tonight.” I sigh seeing him look over at me watching as I try not to meet his gaze. I don’t understand him, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. What mental issues does this man have that he can be so bipolar constantly. Only a couple of days ago he was threatening my life and now we sit here like nothing happened. Maybe I am the one with the mental issues. How can I be okay with him sitting next to me? To have a normal conversation with the man who kidnaped me. I should not be okay with this. I should hate him more than I already do.

“You shouldn’t be wandering the halls with my family here. I don’t trust my younger siblings they’ve never lived with a human before, you shouldn’t be left alone.”

“Well you’re the one who left me alone to wander the halls.” He sighs looking over at me, through the moonlight you can see his bright green eyes. The outline of his sharp jaw line and slightly pointed nose.

“You were never alone throughout this entire night. I would never let you wander these halls alone when the rest of my family lurks in the shadows.” I look behind me seeing the vast darkness where I was once walking. It wasn’t smart to walk these halls alone even if Nick just said he was watching me. I had no clue that he was beforehand, I just wandered around throwing my life into harm’s way.

“Why do you care? When are you going to kill me? Are you going to kill me? Are you just going to keep me here till I die of old age? I can’t run, I can’t go anywhere. Am I going to be locked in this place my entire life? Please Nick.” I look over at him seeing his eyes darken and he refuses to look at me just at the crashing waves against the shore break. I tighten my grip on the blanket shivering a little when I feel the wind pick up.

“You ask to many questions Adele. You’re annoying, I don’t know why I keep you alive. Anyone else i would have killed by now.” I feel my breath stop and my eyes snap to meet his. I don’t know why every time I hear him say something like that it makes my blood run cold. I should know by now that anything human about him is gone. He doesn’t feel remorse, happiness, love, his heart doesn’t beat and his blood is no longer circulating. “You forget that you are my prisoner here, you don’t have the right to question me on my decisions. You continuously forget that . You’ve become to comfortable here. I will not send you back to the cells but do not look for generosity from me anymore.” I close my eyes nodding hearing him shift next to me. I have gotten comfortable, I have laid down in the lion’s den and have taken a nap. I forgot that I was a prisoner, I made friends with the enemy. Let my guard down.

“Have you named the stars?”

“Are you crazy? Why would you say that?” I look over at him then up at the stars.

“We see them everyday as these little balls of light in our night sky. They are always there just watching us. They just float there without names, alone forever till they burn out and die. They live and die alone, without names and without anyone mourning their deaths. I think they’re lonely and I think they hate being lonely so sometimes they crash into other stars taking them down with them.” I see Nick’s fist clenched and his eyes are up at the sky. “You are lonely Nick, and in your search not to be you’ve taken me down with you. You are pathetic and lonely. You are killing people to make yourself feel better. You are heartless and cruel. No wonder Adeline left you for Liam. He is so warm and full of life and you are just stone cold!” I gasp as I feel his fingers wrap around my neck and my back is slammed against the bench. I can only see half of his face from the moonlight, his eyes are bright red and he holds an anger in his face that makes my body wants to just disappear. My breath is cut off by my his fingers and I gasp my own fingers reaching up trying to pry his from my neck. I gasp out for air my legs trying to kick him away as my vision fades.

“I told you not to mention her anymore. You always have to open your damn mouth. It’s going to get you killed!” I gasp tears flooding to my eyes as he pulls me to my feet only to throw me against the opposite wall. I gasp for air as my body falls crumpled on the ground my hand holding my bruised throat. My tear filled eyes meet his and for a second I see guilt in his eyes before the cold gaze returns.

“Kill me then because I will never stop defying your wishes. I will fight you on everything you try to take away from me. You can lock me up, drain me dry, torture me, do anything your heart desires but I will never stop fighting you.” I gasp for air my back resting against the wall. I see a smirk on his lips. He walks up to me kneeling down taking my chin into his hand forcing me to look at him. I see something evil in those red eyes something that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I narrow my eyes back trying to act strong but I know my shaking body says otherwise.

“What if I turned you Adele? Forced you to become the thing you hate. I could do it in an instant and then you would be as immortal as me.” My eyes widen as i see his long fang poke out and his tongue trail across the, my body shakes at the thought of those fangs back in my neck sucking me dry. Killing me.

“Then I would kill you.” I hear him laugh before pushing me backwards my back hitting the wall. I slowly stand up on shaky legs watching as he steps away from.

“When do you turn eighteen Adele?” I look at him confusion on my face. I don’t know why that matters and why does he even care? Why does he change the conversation so quickly. How can i stay angry at him when he constantly baffles my mind with these stupid questions.

“Six months.” He nods crossing his arms leaning against a pillar. My hand still holds onto my neck feeling it throb underneath my fingertips.

“In six months I will let you leave. That is if you want to leave by then or I haven’t killed you by then. Six months Adele then you are free to go.” My eyes widen and I see him sigh turning around walking the other way.

“What’s the catch Nick?” He can’t just be doing this out of the kindness of his non-existing heart. There has to be a catch . I can’t just accept that i will just be able to leave just like that. He turns around to look at me a smirk on his face.

“There is no catch Adele. I give you six months. Six months to live with me as a guest, not a prisoner. And when you turn eighteen you can leave.” My eyes widen, no freaking way this is real. He’s going to kill me before I even turn eighteen and why would he let me leave when I am eighteen?

“What are you some kind of pedophile? That you’ll be disgusted by me if I am no longer a minor?” I see his eyes widen and he shakes his head frantically. I want to laugh at his reaction but I am like fifty percent sure that he may actually be a pedophile.

“God no Adele. I am not a pedophile.” I cross my arms looking into his frantic eyes. I am not sure that I should believe him. The facts are weighing down on his side.

“I want to go to bed.” I see his eyes soften as he takes a step towards me but I flinch stepping back keeping my hands against my chest and neck.

“Okay follow me.” I nod slowly watching him turn around leading me down the dark hallway. I hear footstep behind me but when I look back all I see is darkness. I feel something cold against my back of my neck and I jump turning around feeling Nick’s hand on my shoulder. “What’s wrong?” I shake my head turning back to face him shaking my head. I must be seeing things, hearing things. The night makes sounds to scare you.

“Let’s go.” I sigh following him down the hallway, I start to remember my surroundings. I sigh smiling as I see my bedroom door just praying to be asleep in my bed. My body is sore and beaten. My throat aches and I feel like I am going to break down crying any second now.

“Thank you.” I push the door open quickly shutting it behind me. Instantly I crumble to the ground my injuries from being thrown against the stone wall finally hitting me. I want to leave this place, I want to go home. I can’t be here, I am dying here. He has no care for human life and he will kill me.

“Adele?” I hear a voice from my bed and my eyes widen looking at the black form across from me. I gasp standing up pressing my back against the door my hand on the door handle. “Calm down Adele it’s me.” A light turns on and I quickly cover my eyes before pulling my hands away meeting the dark brown eyes.

“Laurance?” My meet move on their own as I wrap my arms around him tears flooding to my eyes. I feel his warm arms wrap around me holding my body steady as I sob into his shirt. I pull away meeting his eyes. Instantly I see his eyes trail down my body his eyes landing on my red neck with clear handprints on them and then the torn skin from the bite. I see anger flash through his eyes as he meets my tear filled eyes.

“God Adele I am so sorry I took so long.” I smile looking over at him then at the door. I don’t want Nick to hear us. He will kill Laurance if he finds us here. He threw Liam from a window when he gave me a hug what will happen if he find Laurance in here.

“You have to leave Laurance.” His eyes widen and he shakes his head taking my hands into his. I look up at him seeing tears in his eyes. I know he just wants to take me home and I wish I could. I can’t though, he will come after me.

“No, I came to take you home.”

“You can’t take me Laurance. Nick will never let me go. We made a deal Laurance, he’s giving me six months. In six months I will be able to leave. He won’t let me go till then, please Laurance I don’t want him to kill you. Please leave before he hears us.” Laurance looks at me with this pleading gaze. He wants me to go with him. I want to too, I know that Nick will never let me go. We made a deal, I shouldn’t break it five minutes after we made it.

“You’ll be eighteen in six months right?” I nod and instantly his face drops and he curses under his breath. I tilt my head to the side as he turns away from me running his hands through his honey brown curly hair.

“You will meet me the night of your eighteenth birthday right here. Do not talk to Nick the entire day, just stay in your room Do not leave no matter what. Please promise me this Adele.” I nod seeing the seriousness in his eyes. I don’t question it, I just nod seeing him nod back slowly walking to my open window. He swings his legs over the ledge meeting my eyes. I feel tears pool up in my eyes as he jumps from the window leaving me alone in the room. I slowly sit at my bed covering my face with my hands sobbing. Suddenly the door swings open slamming against the wall. I gasp as Nick runs into the room his eyes bright red.

“Where the hell is that mutt? I can smell him so don’t even try to act stupid Adele. Where the hell is he?” I am pushed against the wall my head hitting it and I groan pushing back seeing him stumble back a little seeing the tears in my eyes.

“He’s gone Nick. I made him leave. We made a deal Nick. Six months. If I wanted to leave I would be gone just like Laurance is. I wouldn’t be here so be grateful that I stayed asshole.” I push him back tears flooding down my cheeks. His eyes are wide and he nods stepping back running his hands through his hair.

“You stayed?” I nod as I see him stumble back looking at me to my open window. “Why did you stay? You could have left with him. You could have been free.” I sigh sitting down on the bed wiping my tears away. I meet his gaze seeing confusion in them. Is he really that dumb? You would think for a man who’s lived a couple live times he would be some genius.

“For how long though? I would have left with him and in a matter of a week I would be back here and someone would be dead. Most likely Laurance and I am not about to sacrifice my family because of you. I refuse to, and anyways we made a deal. Six months Nick. You said I would be a guest and not a prisoner which means I think you’re supposed to be nice to your guest.” He rolls his eyes leaning against the wall. Damn he is sassy today. Honestly it is very annoying and i do wish he would stop for a minute. At least he’s showing something other than coldness gives me hope that maybe there is something human in there. Somewhere deep inside of that empty brain of his.

“I never said I would be a good host Adele. You should know that by now after living with me for a minute.” I sigh nodding knowing that everything he is saying is one hundred percent true. He is one horrible host. I close my eyes laying down in the bed feeling the exhaustion of of not sleeping all night finally hit me. I just want to close my eyes and sleep forever if even possible.

“Please leave Nick. I just want to sleep.” He nods turning around turning the light off as he closes the door leaving me alone. I lay down on the bed feeling my sore body relax against the soft blankets. I am so tired, so ready to just lay down and disappear forever. I sigh wrapping the blanket around me pulling the pillow underneath my head. My eyes instantly shift to the open window wanting to just walk up and jump out of it. I don’t know how far the fall is. I don’t know if Laurance even is there anymore. Even if he is I made a deal and I don’t go back on my deals. No matter how stupid they are. I sigh turning around closing my eyes trying to forget that my escape is only feet away from me and just let exhaustion take over.

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