Stone Cold

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I narrow my eyes at the monster of a man in front of me, blood drips from his lips. Blood that is supposed to be in my body and not being wasted on this creature. I was awoken only seconds earlier by this intense pain in my neck. I gasp in pain keeping my hand on my neck holding the blood in that still pours from my neck.

“I am a guest here. Nick is not going to let you do this to me.” he smirks showing his blood stained teeth. I step back feeling my back hit the wall, I am trapped here with this monster.

“My brother won’t be here fast enough to save you human. I don’t know why you aren’t dead by now.” I look at the youngest brother, the look of pure hunger in his eyes. I gulp opening my mouth to scream only to feel hands cover my mouth suffocating me. I gasp out hearing my muffled scream as he bites into my neck. I flail my arms around trying to push him away only to feel his free hand grab my arms pinning them against the wall. “Why the hell does he keep you alive?” I meet his bright blue eyes, my own filling with tears. If I knew the answer to that everything would be a little easier in my life.

“Get the hell away from her!” The booming voice makes him jump turning to look at a fuming Nick. A smile spreads across my lips as I meet his gaze seeing his eyes instantly narrow when he sees my state.


“Get away from her Micah.” I close my eyes gasping when he uncovers my mouth allowing me to breathe again. My eyes move back to meet Nick’s seeing the panic and anger in them.

" I get why you keep her alive. The blood of a half-breed is always so sweet but Adele’s I swear it is so addicting.” With that he takes his index finger wiping up some of my blood sticking it in his mouth. I grimace closing my eyes feeling his grip on me loosen a little only to tighten causing me to gasp out in pain. I see Nick’s head snap my direction once again his eyes narrowing at his brother.

“Let her go.” I feel a breeze against my skin, the room blurs and suddenly I am hanging a hundred feet over the rocky shore a hand wrapped around my neck. My hands instantly grab onto his arm as my throat closes up because of the pressure. I gasp out feeling my throat crush deeping the bruise that is already there. I cry out in pain my eyes locking with Nick’s whose eyes are wide as he stands across from Micah and I feel my eyes getting heavy and my body stops fighting.

“Don’t you dare take another step. I will drop her Nick, you know I will.” I cry out in pain my grip on his arm loosening and my hands falling to my side. I meet Nick’s eyes once again tears falling from my eyes gasping out for air only to find that nothing enters my body.

“Micah please don’t kill her.” My eyes drop and I slow my breathing trying to stay awake as long as possible. If I pass out I will die. He will drop me. I know he will. This man is evil. I don’t want to die.

“Nick.” My voice is a whisper but I know he heard it. My pleading voice begging him to save me. I open my weak eyes slowly to see Nick standing there looking helpless. Please Nick save me. I know you can, you’re strong. Stronger than your brother. You can stop this.

“Why do you keep her alive?”

“It’s none of your business.” I feel myself start to slip and my hands reach out grabbing his am weakly. It’s not enough to stop me from falling from his grip. A cry leaves my mouth as I am dropped. My eyes stay closed waiting for the ground. Waiting for Nick to catch me. He said he’d always catch me. My eyes snap open seeing the ground from underneath me coming closer. Tears fall from my eyes and a silent scream gets lost in my throat. I am going to die. This creature has killed me. If ghosts exist I am coming back to haunt his ass. I hit a hard surface gasping in pain feeling blood trickle from my neck pooling in the dip on my chest. I hear a groan from underneath me, my eyes widening when I feel arms wrapped around my beaten body.

“You caught me?” I hear him chuckle from underneath me, I feel his arms release my body and he rests his head against the rock cliff. I look around me my hands coming in contact with the sandy ground and the ocean water. I look up at the castle seeing Micah’s head poking his head out of the window an evil smirk on his face.

“I thought we agreed no more jumping from windows.” I chuckle laying my sore body next to his feeling the cold surface of the rock on my back. My feet lay straight out the tide soaking all the way to my knees before returning to the ocean.

“Your brother tried to kill me Nick.”

" I know. I’m sorry. That should have never happened.” I keep my eyes closed trying to control my breathing. My throat throbs and aches, twice in not even twenty-four hours I have been strangled. Been abused and attacked. Nobody should live like this. Live in constant fear. With these monsters. To be a prisoner.

“I don’t think I should be in this house anymore. I’m not safe here. I need to leave Nick.” He sighs nodding standing up. I look over at him seeing him reach out for me to take his hand. I sigh grabbing his hand. I struggle to stand even with his help. I look back up at the castle, I’ve never really seen the outside of this castle before. The mist was flowing around the stone castle walls. Beams of light shown through the dark mist landing on the wall. It fit so well next to the ocean. It’s something you would see in the movies. It’s beautiful yet terrifying.

“I will call Liam. He will meet us here in an hour. You can stay with him till my family leaves. I will check on you twice every week. I have responsibilities here that I cannot abandon.” I nod sniffing wiping away the tears that still fall from my eyes. I missed Liam and Gwen. Even if it’s only been a week. It was a lonely ass week without them. I am glad that Nick will only be coming twice a week, it would be nice to have a break from him. To have a break from all the hostility. All the anger. All the hate.

“Get on my back.” I sigh climbing onto his back wrapping my arms and legs around him placing my head on his shoulder. I hear him gasp stiffening his grip on my legs tighten closing his eyes. He looks like he’s actually in physical pain. I close my eyes tightly feeling the rush of air and movement instantly making me sick to my stomach. I gasp as the world stops spinning and I jump from his back leaving against the wall trying to control my breathing.

“Nick.” My eyes snap up to Micah who stands across from us, my eyes widen and I quickly hide behind Nick. I place my hand on my back feeling him jump slightly but doesn’t take his eyes off of Micah who stands there a large smirk on his face.

’Micah I would return to your room if I were you. Because I am ready to rip you into pieces and I’m not sure you would enjoy that very much.” I see Micah’s face drop and he nods backing up quickly before running in the opposite direction of us. I’m scared to know what Nick’s face looks like. It made Micah run for the hills, I bet it would give me a heart attack from the fear. He sighs stepping forwards pulling a phone from his pocket dialing some numbers putting the phone to his ear. I rest my head against the wall putting my hand against my neck pulling it away to see blood covering my hand. I sigh closing my eyes sliding down the wall looking over at Nick who sighs looking over at me.

“Liam I need you to take her. It’s no longer safe here for here. Thank you.” He hangs up the phone sliding down the wall next to me. I close my eyes running my hands through my hair listening to the waves crash against the rocks. “I’ve been a horrible host.” I nod keeping my eyes closed. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you Adele. I’m not going to let you go though. Six months Adele. Remember that deal. You will have the chance to escape and I am sure my brother will let you if you do. We made a deal and if you break that I will come looking for you.” I open my eyes rolling my eyes. He’s really an ass, it was such a nice relaxing moment before he opened his big mouth. Such an idiot.

“You always ruin a good moment Nick. I am here casually bleeding out trying to relax and you have to threaten me. Just let me bleed out in peace. Your brother really tore my neck up.” Nick’s eyes snap to my neck, he gasps when he sees my torn up neck still leaking blood. He sighs biting into his wrist blood instantly pooling at the surface. I sigh grabbing onto his wrist bringing it to my lips. God I am not ready to do this. It’s insane. It’s inhuman. I am drinking his blood which makes me no less than him. “I am really not a fan of this.”

“Just drink up.” I close my eyes nodding wrapping my hands around his wrist bringing it to my lips. I bite into his wrist instantly this fog covering my mind and I grab into his wrist tighter feeling his hand grab a clump of hair groaning. My body has a mind of its own and I find myself swinging my leg over the other side of him straddling him as I suck the blood from his wrist. I hear him groan in pain and I pull away gasping for air tasting the thick metal taste. My eyes meet Nick’s seeing him gasping his hand squeezing my hip as he cradles the other arm. I look down at our position my eyes widening trying to stand up but his hand stays planted on my hip. My eyes meet his seeing how tired he looks, he always looks worse every time he does this for me.

“You can’t keep doing this for me it’s killing you.”

“I thought you wanted me dead.” He chuckles weakly leaning his head back letting me go, I slide off his lap looking at his pale skin and sunken cheeks. He’s actually killing himself by helping me. I don’t want to be the cause of anyone’s death even if it’s this stupid monster.

“Shut up idiot. You are not dying on this dirty ground. No you are way to extra for a anticlimactic death like that. You need to go out in a blaze of fire and explosions. Any less and I will kill you myself. Now stand up and go to your room. I will meet you here in an hour. I will be fine. Nobody will hurt me I promise.” He nods slowly standing up stumbling forwards before regaining his step and walking away from me. I stay seated on the ground unable to move. Barely able to even breathe at this moment. The blood it heals me but at the same time it takes something from me each time. It feels like I am becoming less and less human. It physically and mentally takes something from me. Makes me feel dead inside. I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I don’t know what his blood is doing to me but I don’t like it. I should never have taken it in the first place, I should have let myself die. Not taken the blood that has saved me but also has been slowly killing me.

I run my hands through my hair slowly standing up my eyes instantly locking with the sweet honey eyes causing a smile to spread across my face. I look at Nick’s mother who holds worry in her eyes when she sees my blood soaked clothing.

“Oh honey what happened to you?” I take a step towards her my legs shaking and I grab the side of the wall looking at her with pleading eyes. In a second she is by my side her arm wrapped around my waist holding me in place.

“Micah attacked me, threw me from a window. Nick saved me, I am leaving though. Liam is coming and taking me with him.” She nods leading me in another direction helping me walk. My body is still so weak. His blood only seems to help a little at a time. Never all at once which really sucks because I’d enjoy not feeling like this constantly.

“Let’s get you cleaned up and ready. I bet your uncomfortable.” I close my eyes nodding as she leads me down a long hallway. Pieces of the walls on this side of the castle are broken and are in a pile on the ground. Leaves and rubble lay pushed to the side. The castle looked so clean everywhere else than here. This part of the castle is eerie and terrifying. Why is she taking me here. “This is the original part of the castle. This is where we first lived. This is where our bedrooms are. Where Adeline’s room was. Nick hasn’t fixed it since Adeline’s death he sleeps in the room they once slept. These are our rooms.” My eyes widen looking at the hallway. The entire castle was rebuilt but this area. Her death must have affected him ten times more than I first thought. He really cared for her. I see the pain in her eyes, did she know Adeline. Could she tell me more about her? Things that Nick refuses to tell me.

“How well did you know Adeline.” She’s silent as she opens a set of wooden doors. The doors in this hallway seem to be the only thing that has been untouched by mother nature. They stand tall against these crumbling walls. I look inside to find a large bedroom. The entire room is bland, mostly greys and blacks. Despite the outlook of the castle from beyond these doors this room seems to be kept together. Nothing seems to be broken or harmed. Instantly I feel at peace, I allow my shoulders to relax and I let a sigh out just wanting to fall on the bed. It looks so soft compared to what I have been sleeping on these past couple of weeks.

“Adeline was like a daughter to me. She accepted us as we were lived with us for three years till she died. She was treated like a princess by everyone in the family. Even Micah liked her and he doesn’t like much. She was so tough for a woman at her age in her generation. She never backed down and her spirit never faltered. i trusted her with my life with my son’s life until the day she tried to kill him. After all those years she turned her back on us. She made wrong decisions after wrong decision. She didn’t want to become a Vampire but Nick wouldn’t let her go so she tried to kill him and in return Liam did.” My eyes widen as she leads me through another door to a bathroom. I sit on the toilet as she walks over to the giant bath turning on the water. Instantly steam fills the room fogging up the windows and mirrors.

“He wanted to turn her? To be with her forever?” I feel a pain in my heart from that thought, I don’t know why. It just hurts me to think that he was so committed to this girl and how everything ended for them. It hurts. Her eyes meet mine and I see sadness in her eyes, it’s like she can tell what I am feeling.

“Nick didn’t know what he wanted at that time. He was consumed by the lust, the thought of being with someone forever. I know he wouldn’t have been happy with her, he would have hated it and it would have killed her. She wasn’t one to settle down and commit herself to someone like Nick would commit himself to her. She wasn’t made for a romance like that. She was made for war, for fights, for blood and gore. Nick wanted someone who could do both and she would never be able to do that for him.” She turns off the water moving over to me sticking out her hand for me to grab. I sigh grabbing onto her hand pulling myself off of the toilet. I groan in pain looking down at the water. I don’t remember the last time I had taken a bath or even a shower. I slowly peel off my blood soaked shirt placing it on the ground. I have never been self-conscious with my body especially when it comes to girls. I mean we all have the same parts I think we would be comfortable around each other. I slide down my pants looking back at Nick’s mother before stepping into the warm water. I gasp slowly sinking my body into the warm water closing my eyes slowly.

“Everyone keeps saying I look like her.” I feel her hand on my shoulders pouring water onto my bloody wounds causing me to gasp in pain biting my lip. Damn I wish his blood would hurry up and heal me.

“When I first saw you I thought you were her ghost. You don’t just look like her you are an exact copy of her. Minus some scars you look exactly like her.” My eyes widen and I move my hands in the water watching the water move, feeling the water hit my shoulder again causing me to gasp softly.

“Is that why Nick took me? Because I look like her?” I hear her sigh and I know my question was answered. He took me because I look like the woman he loved. He ruined my life because he misses the woman he loves. He signed my death certificate years early because of the fact I look like her. It makes my body aches with an anger and hatred. I can’t believe him.

“That was maybe the original reason but now there is a new reason. I shouldn’t be the one to tell you though whenever Nick is ready he will tell you.” I sigh closing my eyes again sliding down into the water allowing it to soak my hair and cover my entire head till I am completely submerged. Honestly if Nick’s mother wasn’t here I would never come back up just allow the water to fill my lungs and drown right there, but I can’t I lift my head allowing fresh air to fill my lungs as I rest my back against the side of the tub.

“I wish things were easy.”

“Nick has never known to be an easy man. It’s okay you’ll get to understand him more as he continues to let you in.” I sigh nodding feeling her hands run through my long locks of brown hair. She gives me comfort, she reminds me of Liza. She gives off such a motherly vibe it’s hard not to let her in. “I’ll be waiting for you outside with some clothing. You should relax for a little bit you’ve had a rough couple of weeks.” I nod looking over at her as she slowly stands up placing a couple of towels on the counter top leaving me alone. I look down at the pink stained water. My hand goes up to my neck bringing back seeing that the bleeding has stopped. Thank God. I thought I was going to bleed out. I sigh running my hands through my hair pulling at the knots reaching over grabbing a bar of soap sliding the smooth surface along my rough and dirty skin. It feels nice to be clean after so long, rinse my body off looking at the water. I was disgusting, the water is this pink and brown mixture making it give off this sandy greyish pink color. I sigh slowly standing up feeling the cold air hit my warm body instantly freezing me. I grab the towels wrapping them around my wet body. I step out of the bath tightening my grip on the towel walking towards the door. I open the door my eyes meet Nick’s mother’s smiling softly when she holds up a black dress and some sneakers. Damn I have missed shoes. I smile grabbing the dress sliding it over my wet body the fabric sticking to my wet body. I look down at my destroyed feet sighing.

“Do you think the scars will ever go away? The ones on my feet the ones on my neck. Will I still have to look at these years from now and remember this?” She sighs looking down at my feet seeing the scars inflicted from the glass. She sighs handing me a pair of socks which I instantly put onto my feet sliding the shoes on.

“They will fade over time. The wounds from your neck will go away. Every time a Vampire bites you a healing agent is released in your body to heal the wounds overtime. That’s why Vampires take humans as prisoners, because we can bleed them out for years and the wounds will just heal over time. ” I nod, so the wounds on my feet will never heal but I am glad that these ugly scars on my neck will go away. I sit down next to her looking down at the knee-length dress . I haven’t really worn a dress like this since my father’s funeral.

“Do you think I even will live to the day that I see that happening.” Her face drops and I am given my answer. I feel my throat close up and tears well up in my eyes. I can’t die like this. I should live till I am one hundred and die peacefully some other way. Something other than dying at the hands of Nick or some other Vampire.

“I hope you do Adele. I hope for a very full and long life for you.” I nod feeling tears fall down my cheeks trying to feel better. Trying to make her words feel better. I want that too, I want a full life. I want to travel the world, to learn about all these different types people who inhabit it. I want to learn so much. I want to achieve even more. I don’t want to die now. “Now rest Adele. I will come get you when Liam arrives.” I nod climbing up the bed grabbing a pillow wrapping my arms around it as I slide under the covers. I hear the door shut but I don’t lift my head I just relax into the warmth of the blankets and pillows around me drifting off.

“Why did you let her in here?” The voices awake me but I don’t move or change my breathing just listen to them.

“Nicholas she needed a break and I didn’t think the small room you gave her would be safe anymore.”

“But why my room?” He almost sounds like a little kid who didn’t get something he wanted. Almost brings a smile to my face, their voices are hushed like they are afraid to awake me. So this is his room I get why it’s so bland. This man is the most uninteresting thing I have ever met. He’s always so dark and brooding. He needs to lighten up once and awhile.

“You are really a horrible host Nicholas.” This time I giggle sitting up my eyes meeting Nick’s and his mothers seeing them soften. I see a smile on her face and I swear for even for like a half a second Nick smiles at me too.

“He is.” Nick sighs crossing his arms walking away leaving me with his mother once again. I sigh swinging my legs over the side of the bed meeting her eyes. “When is Liam going to be here?” She smiles opening the door revealing Liam standing there playing with his fingertips. His eyes shift up to meet mine and instantly a smile spreads across his face. I stand up running towards him wrapping my arms around him. He chuckles as he is almost knocked down by my sudden hug.

“I missed you too Adele.” I smile pulling away from the hug to meet his eyes, he looks tired and beaten up. I wonder what he’s been through this past week. Seems like he went through hell and back. Liam’s eyes do a quick check of my body sighing when he doesn’t see anything to bad. “Are you ready to go?” I nod leaning into him feeling his arm wrap around my shoulder pulling me close. I smile up at him my eyes meeting his mother seeing a glare on her face instantly causing Liam’s grip on me loosen.

“Where is Nick?” My eyes search for the man who was just in the room my expression falling when I see he no longer stands where he once was. I see his mother sigh looking through the empty doorway. Why do I wish he was here? Why do I want to see him? I sigh looking down at the ground.

“He has things to do, he will come visit you at the end of the week.” I nod but keep my eyes glued to the ground as Liam leads me out of the room down the broken hallway. I was so happy to leave but now I feel kind of empty. I wanted to see him before I left. I sigh looking up my eyes instantly locking with the green orbs. A smile spreads across my face and I let go of Liam stepping towards Nick who tries to keep his expression straight but I can see a bit of sadness in his eyes. He holds a grey jacket in his hand slowly extending his arm towards me. I slowly grab the jacket pulling it over my shoulders my eyes never leaving his once.

“Be safe Adele. I’ll see you in a couple of days.” I nod a feeling of pressure leaving my chest and a smile spreads across my face. I needed to see him before I left, I couldn’t have just left without saying goodbye. I smile turning around returning to Liam’s side pulling the jacket around me tighter. Nick gives me a small smile before Liam pulls me towards the door. I look back at Nick and his mother once before the large doors of the castle are shut and I am left staring at the foggy woods. I turn back at the castle seeing Nick standing in the window looking at me. I turn back to Liam who is holding open the car door for me. I stand still unable to move, should I go with him? It will be safer with him but at the same time something is telling me to stay. Begging me to stay. My body puts up a fight as I take a step towards Liam sealing my decision. Liam smiles placing his hand in the small of my back helping me into the car. I sink into the leather seats my eyes instantly searching for Nick my eyes lowering when I see that he no longer stands in the window.

I hear the driver’s side door open and close my eyes lifting to meet Liam’s. I pull the seat belt over my shoulder buckling it. The car comes to life and I return my gaze back to the castle. I search for him once again hoping he will be there only to feel crushed when I don’t find the green eyes meeting mine. The car jerks to live and I gasp as he pulls the car into reverse backing out of the driveway. We pull onto a one lane rural pavement road my eyes never leaving the castle.

“You’ll see him again Adele.” I sigh looking down at my hands, I don’t know why it hurts so much that I am leaving. All I’ve wanted to do since I got here was to leave. I even tried killing myself a couple of times to get away from him and this house. All I have wanted to do was leave, but now that I am I just want to go back. It’s not safe for me there anymore though, not with Micah there, not with that boy in the cells. I will be safer with Liam and Gwen I know I will but why do I just want to return to that castle? I look over at Liam whose eyes shift from me to the road as we drive through the foggy forest.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me Liam. I don’t want to leave him.”

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