Stone Cold

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“Are you going to be okay?” I turn away from my mother walking the other direction, there is a pain in my chest ever since she left the building. It makes me want to chase after that car and bring her back here. She isn’t safe here though, not with my brother and Laurance. I can’t have him taking her from me, if I keep her farther away from the house the less likely Laurance will show up and take her.

I walk up towards my office my eyes meeting Micah’s seeing him quickly duck his head disappearing into the hall. I hear my mother behind me but I don’t look back at her, I don’t acknowledge her presence. I just keep my eyes in front of me my feet moving on their own knowing exactly where they are taking me. I’ve walked these halls for years now. I have killed in these halls, fallen in and out of love in these halls, I have cried in these halls. I took my first life in these halls. I know these halls like I know the back of my hand.

“Nicholas.” My body becomes cold when I hear my name from her lips, I don’t know why. She always calls me this but this time it makes me angry. I don’t want to hear my name at least not from her lips. My mind aches to hear her voice again, she just left and I just want to hear her voice again. If I wasn’t convinced she was my mate before now I would be. I know she doesn’t feel it like I do, and she won’t for another few months but I saw how she looked back at me. She can feel it too, I don’t want to get close to her. I don’t want to get hurt again, Adeline wasn’t my mate but I loved her like mates should. And for a while I think she loved me that way too, until she didn’t.

“Please go away mother.” I don’t turn around but just stay there still my hand on the door handle, I hear her sigh softly placing her hand on my shoulder causing me to stiffen.

“It was better for her to leave Nicholas. The rest are coming soon and you know as well as I do they are not as welcome of humans as our family is. She would have been killed off, she is your mate and she is a human. She would have either been killed or turned.” I close my eyes, deep down I know this. I know keeping her here would kill her or turn her into something she doesn’t want to be. I don’t want to accept that though. I want here back here, I feel like she’ll never be safe without me next to her. And maybe it’s because she is my mate or maybe because deep down I might care for her safety.

“Go away!” I close my eyes feeling the anger radiating off my body, I know all this. I know how dangerous it would and is for her to be here. I don’t care though, a part of me, which I wish disappeared when Adeline died, wants her to be by my side. I hear my mother gasp softly before I hear her footsteps moving away from me and I sigh pulling the door open shutting it quickly behind me. My eyes land on the un-open bottle of whiskey grabbing a cup sitting down at my desk. I lean back in the rolling chair pouring myself a glass looking at my line of books. I would have loved to show her this before she left, these are my prized possessions, I have spent my entire life so far collecting my favorite novels from the past hundreds of years. There are one of a kind pieces of art here. I don’t know if she would like it but I still would have loved to show her. Now to think of it I do not know Adele that much, I have no clue what makes her the way she is. Her actions confuse me, I’ve never experienced something like her in all my years of living. She fears me but then will smile at me. It makes me want to get to know her, I want to see into her mind take apart it and figure out her darkest secrets.

I take a sip of the alcohol feeling the smooth liquid slide down my throat, I do wish I could still get drunk. My body heals to quickly, it doesn’t give my body time to even recognize the substance. It is instantly gone from my body, that doesn’t stop me though. I still get the burning sensation for a moment and honestly that is all I need to be satisfied. I run my hands through my hair looking down at the papers on my desk. The other families will be here soon, every couple of years around this time a bunch of vampire families like our own come and live with us. Family friends, people we consider family. We are a community here, we make decisions about the world, we hunt together, we fight together, we have gone to war together. It has been a few years since they last came here, long overdue visit. It always varies on how long they stay. They can stay up so a couple of weeks to a year. Some come and go, our doors are always welcome to them.

I take another sip of my drink standing up slowly moving over to my window leaning against the wall, it was a pretty normal day for England. From my view you couldn’t see the bottoms of the trees. I only suspect that from looking up from the ground you couldn’t see the window I look out of. The fog wrapped around the tree branches almost like a scarf. Soon it will be replaced and conquered by rain. The ground will be seen and the window I look out from will be revealed.

I run my hands through my hair turning away from the window my eyes meeting the soft brown ones. Her long legs hang off the side of my desk as she holds a similar glass as mine taking a sip of alcohol. My eyes travel up her bare legs to her tight short skirt. My eyes continue to travel up meeting her eyes once again. She smiles at me moving her black hair to one side batting her long lashes.

“I wanted to show up before the others did. It’s been a while since I last saw you Nicholas.” I smirk placing my cup next to her moving in between her legs. Her arms wrap around my neck pulling me closer. I place my hands on her hips looking into her eyes. I really shouldn’t do this but honestly I don’t have much control when it comes to her.

“I’ve missed you too Eris.” She smiles softly pressing her soft lips against my own. Instantly I feel guilty but I push it away using my free hand to swipe the contents off my desk pushing her down on top of it. She smirks grabbing the base of my neck pulling me down on top of her. I know I shouldn’t but honestly I don’t want to stop. Anything to get my mind off of Adele. I close my eyes deepening the kiss sliding my hand up her up her small body.

“You’re stalling Nick. What’s wrong?” I open my eyes seeing her sit up meeting mine. I know she can see the guilt in my eyes and she sighs standing up walking towards the door. “If you didn’t want to you could have just told me.” I stand up cursing under my breath quickly moving over to her pushing her against the wall. I see a smirk form on her face as she wraps her arms around my neck.

“I want to.” I see her eyes light up slightly and I press my lips against her all thoughts of Adele and guilt leaving my mind as I pick Eris up carrying her back to my desk.

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