Stone Cold

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A few hours after Eris arrived the rest started to show up and as per usual Alice and I stood on the stairs greeting everyone as my parents waited in the dining room for them and then there was Micah hiding in the shadows, most likely from Eris. We sit together like we always do on the first night, telling stories of the years away as we drink at the large wooden table. To my right sits Eris like every time and to my left Micah his eyes locked on Eris.

“Where is Liam? He’s usually here, is everything alright?” I see my mother smile at Melissa who takes a sip of her wine her eyes meeting mine. I slowly nod, I don’t care if they know about Liam and Gwen. It’s better if they know, mates are a big thing in our community. Not many Vampire find their mates. Most of them die of old age before we even find them, it is rare to find a mate.

“He found his mate recently and he’s with her.” I see everyone’s eyes widen meeting my mothers gaze. I look over at Micah whose eyes are locked with mine a smirk on his face. My eyes narrow, what is he going to do? That look, I don’t trust him.

“Yeah Nick who else is with them?” I close my eyes cursing softly, I open my eyes looking over at my friends and family seeing confusion on their faces. Screw you Micah, I swear I will kill you after this dinner.

“Nick?” My eyes meet Eris’s and I give her an apologetic look before taking a sip of the alcohol meeting my mother’s gaze seeing her anger. If I don’t kill Micah I know for sure she might do it for me. My mother has taken a liking to Adele, she seems interested in her and honestly it makes me scared for her. My mother doesn’t like many people and even when she does she’s usually faking it. My mother is a very good actress.

“I met my mate a couple of weeks ago. She is a human and she is no longer here, end of story.” I see everyone’s eyes widen looking at me in shock, I know they never thought I would ever find my mate. And I know that they wanted my mate to be a vampire, they wouldn’t accept her if she wasn’t.

“Why didn’t you turn her?” I look over at Eris who is the first to speak, I can see hurt in her eyes but she hides it very well. If I hadn’t known her for so long I would have been convinced that she didn’t care. Eris is my best friend, the first person I turned. She has stood by my side since the beginning. Our romantic relationship happened over time, we aren’t together we are just friends. Friends that love each other and have been together for a long time. We got lonely over the years and that’s how it all began.

“She didn’t want to become one of us and now she’s gone. I rejected her as my mate.” I lie looking around the room seeing my mother nod slowly going along with my lie. My eyes meet Micah seeing his eyes widen looking down at his hands. I look over at Eris whose eyes are wide, I slowly stand up placing my cup down walking away from the silent table. I walk out of the room running my hands through my hair. I want to see her, I need to see her, I don’t know how I am going to last the net few days without her. She’s only been gone for a couple of hours and I can’t stand being away from her. Curse this stupid mate bond, I just want some peace. It was so peaceful when she wasn’t here. I was also very lonely without her here, I was suffocating in a room full of air.

“Nick.” I turn around looking at Eris who stands there her hands clasped together as she looks down at the ground. “Why didn’t you tell me? I know how it feels to reject a mate, you must be in so much pain. It’s been a hundred years and I still look at Micah and see my mate and not the man who rejected me. When did this happen?” I look back at her seeing her eyes lifted and her eyes locked to mine. I hate lying to her but I know even she wouldn’t want me to have a human mate. She just wants me to be happy and she knows how painful it is to have a human mate. They will never feel the same amount of need for their mate than we do. As long as their human they will never feel the true connection. They will still feel it and it will be painful to be away from their mate. They will feel the need to be near each other but they will never feel the extent of the bond.

“Earlier today right before you came.” Her eyes widen and she takes a step towards me and I take a step back. I know she wants to comfort me but honestly I don’t want her to touch me, I just want Adele and I hate that I want her so bad.

“Oh god Nick, that why you looked so guilty earlier. Why didn’t you tell me, why did you have sex with me so soon after?” I close my eyes cursing under my breath, I don’t want to hurt her but I also can’t lie to her anymore. Not after lying to her so much in the past few minutes.

“I had to distract myself from her. I am so sorry I used you as my way of escaping.” She sighs sunning her hands through her hair, she looks up at me a smile on her face. What? I thought she would be angry with me, hate me for using her.

“So you finally found your mate huh?” I nod slowly looking over at her as a smile spreads across her face. “So I am guessing Micah tried to kill her so you sent her away?” My eyes widen as she completely destroys my lie a smile on her face. She could tell instantly that I was lying.

“I trust you Eris but the rest of the family I don’t. They hate humans, they’ve been Vampires for so long that they forget they were once humans. She’s my mate Eris but every time I look at her all I can see is Adeline. I see the woman who broke my heart.”

“But Nick, she’s not Adeline.” I close my eyes, I forget that she doesn’t know what Adele looks like. She doesn’t know that they look exactly alike, that if I didn’t know that Adeline was dead I would think they are the same person. They are more similar than even twins.

“She looks just like her Eris. She has the same voice, the same eyes, the same face. I can’t look at her without seeing Adeline. Adele haunts my every move, I feel like I am looking at a ghost every time I see her. ” Her eyes widen and she sighs taking another step towards me testing the waters. When I don’t step away she takes my hands looking into my eyes.

“Nick, Adeline is dead. She has been dead for a long time now, I know you loved her and I know how hard it is to lose the person you love but Nick you have a mate. Adele is a completely different person than Adeline. She is her own person and doesn’t deserve you comparing her to the woman who you once loved. A woman who is dead now. You should go see her, I know it has been only a couple of hours but you need to see her. Even if she doesn’t see you it will be better once you see her.” I nod quickly wrapping my arms around her pulling her into my chest. I have never seen Eris so understanding and caring about a human. Maybe because Adele is my mate and she is my best friend.

“Thank you. Please tell the rest of them I will be back later tonight. I love you Eris.” She smiles pulling away as I turn on my heels running the opposite direction. I push through the large wooden doors running off into the autumn night. Rain hits my skin soaking my clothing hitting my skin. I am grateful I cannot get cold, Werewolves lack that ability which continues my argument that Vampires are always going to be better than Werewolves.

I run through the dark forest dodging and jumping over trees making my way to the cabin, Liam and I came here a lot over the past couple of years. Every summer we would come to cabin and just live our lives in peace. There was no responsibilities, no family members to bother us. Liam and I have always been closer than the other siblings. Honestly I don’t know much about my other siblings, Liam and I never separated from the day we turned to this very day. Even after Adeline we never once left each other’s side. We’ve been together forever, I know that even in death Liam and I will find each other. Nothing lasts forever, the members of my family are not indestructible. We will die one day, it’s the natural order, everything lives and dies.

I stop in the middle of the woods my eyes locking with the blue one’s. She sits outside a blanket wrapped around her body as she looks up at the night sky. Her hair is pulled up in a loose bun and in her hands she holds a coffee mug. She doesn’t notice me just continues to look up at the sky, I look behind her to see Liam and Gwen sitting inside hands clasped together as they sit on the couch. Gwen’s head rests on his shoulder and a smile spreads across my lips. I am glad to see him happy after all these years. And to have a mate like Gwen, God she is so powerful. Being a Werewolf and a Vampire she has the power of both species.

I take a step towards her hearing the leaves crunch under my feet and her eyes shift to me widening slightly when she sees me standing there. Suddenly a smile spreads across her lips making my heart stop for a second. She doesn’t move as I walk towards her seeing her move over so there is room for me to sit. I slowly sit down next to her seeing her looking up at the stars.

“What are you doing?” She smiles looking over at me, her eyes sparkle in excitement and I swear my heart stops for a second. She looks back up the stars pointing at one. I follow her finger seeing the bright star at the end of it.

“I named a star.” Oh my God, is she serious? Naming the stars, she’s back at this again. “It’s name is Bob” I chuckle looking over at her seeing her eyes watching me with a smile on her face. She giggles before closing her eyes placing her head on my shoulder, I instantly stiffen looking down at her. She continues to look up at the stars her eyes watching them like her life depends on it. “I missed you.” My eyes widen as she whispers closing her eyes, I don’t think i was supposed to hear that. Is the mate bond really affecting her that much? I didn’t think it would happen so fast. This is the first time since we met that we were separated by a large distance. We’ve never even tested the mate bond, she doesn’t even know she’s my mate. I know I have to tell her but at the same time part of me is scared that she will reject it. That it will kill me, it might even kill her.

I feel her hand slide into mine holding onto it tightly, I look down at our intertwined hands smiling softly. Her smalls hands are so warm against my cold one’s, her legs lay draped over mine her head on my shoulder. I don’t understand how quickly things have changed between us. I never thought that the bond would affect her so much, is it the Werewolf blood in her? I don’t want to leave her again but I know I have too. I can’t take her back with me and I can’t stay here. I have responsibilities back home, things to do.

I hear her breathing slow and I smile looking down at her sleeping form, she must have been pretty tired. I sigh slowly picking her up carrying her bridal style feeling her subconsciously move closer to me. I sigh standing up moving towards the door. I push through the wooden door Liam and Gwen’s eyes meeting mine. I smile at them carrying Adele through the house to her bedroom, I push through the door revealing the dark room. I sigh placing her on the bed wrapping the blankets around her. I sigh standing up leaving her alone in the room. I look over at Liam and Gwen who still sit on the couch but now they look at me smiles on their faces.

“She really missed you.” I smile at Gwen nodding looking over at Liam who seems like he can’t keep his hands off of her.

“I’ll see you in a couple of days.” I smile leaving the house looking back at it once before disappearing into the darkened forest. I needed to see her, and it seemed she needed to see me. I don’t know if it was because she was so tired or that she actually missed me. I smile as I run through the woods back to that lonely castle at the water’s edge filled with the monsters of the night.

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