Stone Cold

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I sit up in my bed looking around the room my eyes landing on the white curtains my eyes widening when I notice that I am no longer in the familiar room. The walls are wooden and the room is warm unlike the castle. I am wrapped in two layers of blankets, I don’t even remember coming back to the room. All I remember was sitting on the deck trying to name the stars. I remember seeing Nick, he sat down next to me and I told him I named a star. I think part of me knew right then how much I actually missed him. And instantly I feel guilty for that, like I shouldn’t feel guilty but I am. I shouldn’t miss him, I should hate him but the moment I left him I just wanted to be by his side again. Why does it hurt to be away from him?

I slowly swing my legs to the side of the bed placing them in the soft surface, I sigh slowly standing up keeping the blanket from last night wrapped around my body as I walk out of the room making my way through the small log cabin hoping to see Nick standing in the kitchen waiting for me. I feel my heart drop when I notice I am alone, I sigh moving into the kitchen placing my hand around the fridge door handle. I really hope there is no blood bags in here. I sigh pulling on the door stepping back slightly as it opens revealing a shit ton of food. Instantly my stomach growls and I grab a couple of eggs moving over to the stove. I look for a pan, placing it on the stove. I turn around to see Gwen standing there her hair and attire a complete mess. I see red marks along the base of her neck a smirk coming to my lips.

“Have a nice night Gwen?” Her eyes travel down to where I was looking her eyes widening before a sleepy smile spreads across her lips. She moves into the kitchen jumping up on the counter. I turn around cracking the eggs against the side of the pan, I grab a spatula mashing the eggs moving them around the pan.

“What are you doing to the eggs?” My eyes widen as I hear Gwen talk right besides me, I jump slightly looking over at her seeing her look down at the eggs confusion on my face. “Please explain, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” My eyes widen as it dawns on me that Gwen doesn’t know this world at all. She’s lived in a cell for hundreds of years. She lost all this information, all this growth of the world. I bet this is the first time she’s even seen a stove and all of these objects.

“Well the heat of the stove cooks the egg so it’s not raw, then I mash it up to mix the yolk and white of the egg. It’s called scrambled eggs, it’s a very common breakfast food.” She watches me with confusion her eyebrows pressing together as she tries to wrap her head around it. I almost laugh at her and I would have if I wasn’t interrupted by a frantic Liam who comes tumbling into the room. Both Gwen and I jump back shocked looking at Liam, my eyes widen as I see the deep scratch marks along his chest and back. I look over at Gwen a smirk on my face seeing her face turn bright red looking down. “I see you two have gotten close.” I look at Liam who has a slight blush on his face as he rubs the back of his neck as looks down as Gwen walks up to him wrapping her arms around him kissing his cheek.

“You two want any?” I pick up a couple of plates looking over at them seeing Gwen nod and Liam shake his head. I smile placing the two plates on the table pouring some of the eggs onto the plates. Gwen slides into a seat next to me grabbing her fork quickly stuffing the food into her mouth. I giggle slowly sitting down next to her fixing my blanket so it wraps around my entire body. I pick up my fork stabbing the eggs bring it to my mouth. Liam sits down next to Gwen scooting his chair closer to her so he can wrap his arms around me. I hear so much about mates, and I see how much it affects someone. Nobody talks about mates around me though, they avoid the topic at all costs.

“How does a mate effect you? I see how quickly you two have gotten close, how you act when you are apart.” Liam’s eyes widen and he lets go of Gwen stiffening, I sigh here it comes. The stupid excuse. The horrible answer that just tells me something I already know.

“Well when you are away from them it feels like your body is crushing itself and all you want to do is be next to them again.” I curse under my breath looking down at my hands. That’s what I was fearing, the truth that I didn’t want to accept. I look over at Liam who is looking down at his hands a blank expression on his face. He knows doesn’t he?

“Nick is my mate isn’t he?” I see Gwen’s eyes widen and she looks up at me, my eyes just lock with Liam’s. I see guilt in them,my hands come up and cover my mouth feeling tears form in my eyes. This can’t be happening, I never would have imagined this would be possible.

“I’m so sorry Adele. I wish I could have told you. It wasn’t my place.” I close my eyes standing up quickly, I drop the blanket walking towards the door. “Where are you going?”

“For a walk. I will be back. Don’t tell Nick I know.” He nods as I stumble out of the house tears flowing down my face. I don’t want it to be true, This shouldn’t be happening to me. How can this happen to me? My feet hit the wet ground gasping softly, I walk through the woods running my hands through my hair gasping. I feel like my throat is closing up on me, I know little about mates. I know that they only have one and that person is there’s forever. I know that for vampires it’s worse for them. Vampires live forever and I am a human. I look at Gwen and Liam and I don’t understand how they got there. I look at Nick and I don’t feel the same way about him that Gwen and Liam feel about each other. I don’t feel that attraction towards Nick. I feel a want to be near him but then I want to be away from him. I don’t think Nick and I will ever be like Liam and Gwen. Not that I want to be like them, and especially with Nick. Why was I cursed with this luck?

I look around my eyes widening when I don’t recognize where I am. Seriously why am I so stupid? I constantly do things that throw my life in the way of danger. I’m lost in the woods barefoot, do I just forget shoes exist? Like why do I never have shoes on? I think I’m subconsciously turning into a cave man. I look down at my scarred feet sighing. I have been destroyed by Nick how can a man like that be my mate? I don’t want to believe it, I can’t believe it.

I sigh sitting down on a fallen tree rubbing my sore feet, honestly sometimes I wish I was a vampire so this pain of just living life would no longer exist. I run my fingertips across the bumpy skin looking at the pink skin. I close my eyes feeling the cold breeze against my face, I love being outside. Today is one of the rare sunny days in England, the sun is the shining bright but it is windy and cold. I lean my head back soaking up the warm sunlight. I should find my way back to the house. I open my eyes looking around the forest sighing, I don’t know where I even came from. I honestly lost in the woods here. I sigh standing up walking in the direction I thought I came from. If I find the road I will be able to find the house.

I make my way through the woods trying to find things that could make me figure out how to get back to the house. It’s no use though I was to lost in thought, I wasn’t looking where I was going. I watch where I am stepping, my feet are already sore I really don’t want to make it worse. As the trees start to thin hope spreads through me that I am about to hit the road or maybe an opening so I can find my way back to the cabin.

I smile as I see the dirt road in front of me running forwards, I stand in the middle of the road looking both ways trying to figure out which way to go. I go one way I end up at the castle and the other at the cabin. I could just stay here till Liam comes and finds me but I don’t know when that will be. When will he even come looking for me? I’m already freezing out here. The sun has disappeared back behind the clouds. I sigh tuning around heading a direction, it was a fifty-fifty chance to go back to the cabin. Each way will lead me to safety, either with Nick or Liam I will be safe.

I hear a car coming from behind me and I quickly turn around hoping that it is Liam looking for me. I back off to the side of the road when I see that it isn’t Liam. Shit, I should just run. The car slows down besides me. The driver’s side window rolls down revealing a man probably around Nick’s age. I back up slightly meeting the dark eyes.

“You lost young lady?” I quickly shake my head backing up slightly, the man looks me over his eyes landing on my neck seeing the torn skin and bite marks. I quickly cover it with my hair meeting the man’s gaze. His eyes narrow and I hear the car door click as it opens. That’s when I turn around quickly dashing the opposite direction. I don’t know who this man is, I don’t know what he is. With my knowledge he could either be one; a Vampire. Two; Werewolf. Three; Witch. Either one I do not want to meet. I look behind me gasping when I see the man running after me, he’s much faster than me fueling my idea that this man is no human. I cry out as I am tackled to the ground dirt and mud covering my skin feeling my skin rip and tear against the hard earth. I am spinned around crying out as I am met face to face with this man. I kick and punch trying to break free feeling him put his full weight on me causing me to groan in pain giving up my fight. I meet his dark eyes tears spilling from me eyes.

“Please. Let me go.” He chuckles and I see fangs my eyes widening tears falling from them. He grabs my hair pulling at my scalp sniffing his hair. I grimace feeling tears slip from my eyes. I don’t want to die, this man is a Vampire and Vampires just kill and hurt.

“Who do you belong to missy? You look like a runaway. How long have you been a slave?” My eyes tilt in question what is he talking about? Slave. I am no slave. I will never be a slave. I spit at the man seeing his eyes narrow and he grabs me throwing me over his shoulder. I scream out kicking and punching his back trying to escape. “You haven’t been one for long I see. That’s fine, it seems like nobody is coming for you. I guess you’re mine now.” My eyes widen and I scream trying to push myself away from him. “Stop fighting me girl, it will only end badly for you.” His grip on me tightens causing me to cry out in pain my body freezing so he would let go. His grip loosens and I whimper as I see the car come into view. Quietly I rip a piece of my shirt letting it fall to the ground as I am thrown into the back seat of the car my head hitting the seat hard causing my head to bounce up and my body lay crumbled on the seat. I don’t know if Liam or Nick will find that piece of my shirt and know that there is something wrong. I just hope they do before it’s too late.

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