Stone Cold

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My vision is foggy and it feels like I am waking up from a deep sleep. There’s a faint ringing in my ear convincing my body for a moment that I am deaf. I feel the world jumping underneath me like I am swaying on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic. My body aches as I sit up, most likely from the way I was slaying. I was crumpled in a ball like I was thrown only to hit something hard. I don’t remember falling asleep, I remember walking through the woods. I was lost. I was looking for something, no someone. My eyes widen and I about stand up only to be haunted by dark brown eyes and fangs. I look at the monster in front of me, most leaky my kidnapper. But what if he’s not? What if he is my savior?

“Where am I?” The brown eyes soften giving me a kind smile before turning back at the long stretch of dirt road.

“Are you feeling well Adeline?” My head tilts to the side in question, Adeline? Is that my name? Why can’t I remember anything? For some reason my body recognizes Adeline as something familiar. It must be my name.

“Why can’t I remember anything? Who are you?”

“You have been held captive for a long time Adeline, it seems your memories along with your aging has been altered.” My eyes widen looking down at my pale hands. My memories are gone? How is that possible?

“Why do I have no memories from the years I was with them?”

He sighs running his free hand through his hair keeping his eyes on the road.

“When I found you, you are lost and confused. You were in pain, you didn’t recognize me. I think your memories were jumbled with a life of a girl that doesn’t exist. I erased those memories so they wouldn’t hurt you.” I nod looking down at the black seats. I don’t know if I should trust this man. I don’t know if he’s lying or not.

“You said I was captive? Who had me?”

" A long time ago, I sent you to kill the King brothers. You never came back.” He has a sadness in his eyes and I can tell he’s not lying. So I was sent to kill someone? Does that make me some sort of assassin?

“Who are you to me?”

He smiles looking up at me.

“You’re my sister Adeline?” My eyes widen, I have a brother? Do I have any other siblings? Family? Is it just us?

“Am I safe from them when I am with you?” If it is true and I ran away from the King brothers they have kept me around for so long they may be after me. It seems like it took my brother so long to find me. I would think that they would want me back. I meant something to them for them to keep me for so long.

“They will never find you again. I promise you Adeline I am never letting you go again.” I smile climbing from the back seat to the front seat. Like instinct my hands wrap around the seat belt pulling it across my chest. I look over at my brother who turns onto a paved road.

“What is your name? I’m sorry I don’t remember it. I wish I did I feel bad asking you this. I should know it because you are my brother.”

“Julian.” I smile at the sound of his name, it doesn’t seem as familiar as the name Adeline did but somewhere in me I convince myself that I recognize it. I look down at my hands trying to recognize anything about myself. My favorite color, my eye color, what I even look like. Why can’t I even remember what I look like? Was that taken from me? My entire identity. Why can’t I remember anything about myself?

“Where are we going?”


Home. I wish I knew what home looked like. I want to know the place I called home.

“Why am I not like you? You have fangs, I don’t have fangs. What are you?” He looks over at me smiling, he seems to not be like me. I am human correct? That is what I am? I don’t know anything about life or myself. I can’t even remember the easiest things. I don’t know how I even know how to speak. I don’t remember learning any of this, things are just coming to me. I feel tears flood to my eyes, I don’t remember anything. I don’t know who I am, I don’t even know what am I am. Am I human?

“I’m a Vampire. I had to become one to live long enough to see you, you are human.” I nod, so I was right I am human. I don’t know exactly what a Vampire is. I don’t want to ask to many questions. I sound idiotic, I know nothing at all and I just keep asking questions. “I know you are confused and I am not sure any of the memories will return to you. But I promise I’ll protect you, the King brothers will never hurt you again.” I nod, I feel like I am missing something or maybe someone. I know I was looking for someone in the woods is that who I am missing? I can’t tell, I close my eyes leaning my head against the seat. I am so tired, it feels like I haven’t slept in days but I know I just woke up.

“Thank you Julian for saving me.” He smiles at me brightly turning his attention back on the road in front of him. Part of me longs to go back, I don’t understand the reason though. I would think I would be happy to leave the people who held me prisoner for so long. I look over at Julian my eyes narrowing as I try to remember him. What if he is lying? What if he’s not my brother? What if he is the kidnapper? I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to believe. I don’t know if he is here to hurt me or to save me. I know nothing about anything or my life, that was taken from me. By Julian? By the King brothers? Julian took the time I was with them and he said that the King brothers took my memories of him and our life together. I don’t know what to believe or who to trust anymore. I just want to be safe, I want to know things. To live. I don’t want to die. I don’t know what the person I am supposed to be wants in her life. Am I Adeline anymore? Is that just my name from a life that was taken from me? Do I have a new name from the life given to me by the King brothers? Should I give myself a name from the person I make myself to be from the ashes of the two others?

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