Stone Cold

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There's a pain in my chest as I look out the large windows at the night sky, I hear the shifting of furniture as Liam sits down at my desk. I can't look at him, my body is so full of anger I could rip him to pieces. How could he let this happen? What am I going to do now? I can't forgive him, not for this. This is ten times worse than when he killed Adeline. I loved Adeline but she wasn't my mate.

"What do you mean you lost her?" I turn to face him seeing him gulp as he takes in my appearance, I can tell by the anger radiating off of me that my eyes are bright red. How did this happen? I just saw her yesterday night and not even twenty four hours later she is gone. Just missing. She is a human, there isn't many places she could hide in the woods.

"She went out for a walk Nick, when she was gone for a while Gwen and I went searching for her. We ran the entire forest Nick, she's just gone. Do you think she ran away?" I run my hands through my hair feeling panic rise up my throat causing it to feel like the walls of my throat are closing. I never thought I would have a mate, I dreamed of having a mate for so long. Someone to complete the hole in my chest. I though Adeline could fill that hole but I know now she could never have filled it. Adele has filled it, her laugh, her smile, her stupid jokes they fill the deep hole in my chest. I can't lose her. I just found her.

"She wouldn't of ran, we made a deal. I know she wouldn't break it no matter what." Liam's eyes lower and instantly I know he's hiding something from me. Would she actually leave? After she promised she wouldn't? After Laurance came here and she refused to go with him? After what happened between us last night?

"She knows Nick." My eyes widen and I curse kicking the side of my desk seeing it fly across the room shattering on the fireplace. I run my hands through my hair wanting to pull it out. "She figured it out herself. She's too smart for her own good Nick. Gwen is out there right now looking for her, we won't stop looking for her until she is back here. Do you want me to get Eris?" I shake my head looking down at my broken desk. Adele may have run if she found out we were mates. She hates me. I'd imagine she'd hate the thought of us being mates. Try to escape. All I have done is hurt her, threaten her, put her life in the line of danger. And all she has done is shown me kindness. Everytime I would knock her down she would stand up with a smile on her face. Make a joke, start naming the stars. She is too good for this world. She grew up in the light and I was thrown into the darkness. She sees the good in the people who hurt her.

The door is thrown open revealing Gwen standing there blood trickling down her head, her arms and upper body are covered in blood. Instantly Liam stands up rushing over to his mate seeing if she is okay. She quickly pushes him aside advancing towards me. She holds a small piece of fabric in her hand extending it towards me. My eyes widen as I look at the small blue fabric in my hands. This is part of her shirt.

"I found this by the side of the road along with car tracks. There was a sign of struggle a little farther into the woods. I think someone took her. And I think it was a Vampire. I was attacked by a Lone Wolf on the way here. Doesn't seem to be related in any way." I close my eyes holding the piece of fabric to my chest. Someone took her? Who the hell took her? She said a Vampire? Whoever this Vampire is on my lands will be in for a treat. Nobody takes what belongs to me.

I collapse into the chair looking at the fabric in my hand. She gave us a sign, a sign that fills my chest with warmth. She didn't leave me. She didn't want to leave, she gave us a clue to help us find her. I should have taken better care of her. I constantly do the wrong thing over and over. I put in her harm's way when all I want to do is protect her. She just wanted to live, laugh, name the stupid stars. I wish I took the time to name the stars with her, so when I look up at them they remind me of her. She was right, I was lonely and I took her away from her life. Held her prisoner and hurt her so I wouldn't be lonely. I never gave her a choice, I just wanted company.

"I just wanted to name the stupid stars with her." Liam tilts his head in question his arm wrapped around Gwen cleaning up the blood on her head and face. I look up at the stars instantly finding the star she named Bob. I smile softly, such a horrible name for such a beautiful star. I was supposed to be this stone cold monster but the things Adele do to me. She makes me feel warm, like my heart is beating. I almost feel human again.

"Whoever took her probably knows who she is. They wouldn't be on our land if they didn't, I think we are going to need to get the Werewolves on this one." My breath stops and I meet Liam's eyes. I broke the alliance with them. They told me not to touch Adele and then I took her from them.

"I am going to talk to Sebastian in the morning. Come with me incase they decide to attack. Laurance is probably going to try to kill me the moment I step onto their land." Liam nods closing his eyes running his hands through Gwen's hair. "Rest tonight, tomorrow we go meet with the beasts." He nods leaving the room with Gwen under his arm. I sigh walking over to the broken pieces of desk bending down picking them up. I lose my temper too easily and I end up breaking things.

I leave the office walking down the dark cold hallways feeling like something is missing in me, it was okay to walk these halls knowing that in a couple days I would see Adele. Now that she is gone it feels cold and lonely. I just want to see her again. To walk down these halls and know I will see her in them. I have lived here for a very long time, I have walked these halls for as long as I remember. I have never been afraid of these dark halls, never been lonely in them. Now I am lonely in my own halls wishing for the girl who I thought I would never need. I miss the touch of her warm fingers against my cold skin, I miss those bright eyes and her long blonde hair.

I turn down the next hall my eyes locking with Eris her eyes widen a little as she takes in my state. She takes a step towards me and instantly I feel my legs crumble and I am collapsed against the wall panicked breaths leaving my mouth. Why does it feel like this? Why is my body panicking? What is happening to me?

"Nick? Are you okay?"

"Please go away." I look up at her feeling this pain in my chest. I didn't think that the bond would affect me this much. I knew that for Vampires the bond affects us worse but I never thought it would affect me this much. "She's gone Eris, someone took her. I thought she would be safe with Liam and Gwen but someone took her." I close my eyes trying to control my breathing. Did I just have a panic attack? I don't know what's going on anymore. How can a mate bond affect me so much? "Why does it hurt so much?" She sighs wrapping her arms around me, it feels like a crime for her hands to be on me like this. I feel like I am committing a crime by touching her. Why is this happening?

"It's supposed to hurt Nick. She is your soulmate, something bad happened to her. You are connected in more ways than you think, you can feel her pain. Feel her anxiety it just hits you harder than it hits her. She's probably confused and scared right now and you can feel her anxiety. I still feel Micahs anger and he is angry a lot." I chuckled a little agreeing with her. Miach is constantly angry, it is painful how angry he is all the time. I sit up straight pulling her arms off of me, I stand up walking away. I feel bad for leaving her like this but honestly I need to get away. Rest, close my eyes for a couple hours.

I push through my bedroom door instantly a wave of an intoxicating smell hitting my nostrils. I gasp taking a step into the room shutting the door behind me. I haven't been in here since Adele last slept here, the room smells like her. It's intoxicating, I step farther into the room my hands trailing across the bed sheets. They still are messed up from when she first slept here. I close my eyes slowly sinking onto the bed. I hate feeling like this. I feel anger but also and intense feeling of sadness.

"I miss you Adele. More than I will admit, well at least to your face. I know that you are probably scared and lonely. You don't know what's going on. But I promise I will save you." I close my eyes whispering hoping that she hears me. Eris said that I can feel her pain and anxiety hopefully she can feel what I am saying to her. She can feel that I am coming for her. That she won't be alone and scared anymore.

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