Stone Cold

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I feel the grains of sand in between my toes as I slowly walk across the beach. The wind whips at the blue summer dress as if it wanted to rip the fabric from my skin. My father and I used to walk the beach back in California every evening. We would talk about our day. See how we were doing. I always thought of it as our thing. We did it every day. Now that he’s gone I wish to have just a second back on the beach with him next to me as he talked about his day. If I could go back to one of those moments I would’ve told him how much I loved him. How much he meant to me. You never cherish the things you have till they are taken from you. The reality is that you never think they’ll be taken from you so when they are it destroys you completely.

I see a figure advancing towards me from the other end of the beach. My eyes narrow trying to make out the man. This is a private beach. I didn’t think anyone could get on without an hour hike and surviving a thousand foot drop from the cliffs that surround us. I stop at the edge of the water feeling as the tide comes in burying my ankles in a layer of seawater and sand.

“Hello!” I call out to the man who now enters my field of vision. I gasp gets lost in my throat as I take in the beauty of the man in front of me. His sandy curly hair falls just below his ears and bright blue orbs brighten as he smiles at me. He stops a couple of feet away from me a hesitant smile on his face. “This is a private beach.” The boy looks around confused like I’m not supposed to see him or something. I feel annoyance spread through me as he doesn’t respond to me. “Hey do you speak English? This is a private beach.” I hate that I’m being so rude to him but my mother said to watch out for strangers on the beach.

“I’m sorry but who are you? I haven’t seen you at the manor. Are you one of the new servants for the Knights?” I step back shocked when I hear his sweet voice. It smooths so nicely almost reminds of me of honey. So rich and sweet.

“No. I’m their daughter.” His blue orbs darken as they widen. He steps back looking me over before an apologetic smile spreads across his face.

“I’m sorry for such the rude introduction. I didn’t know who you were. We don’t get many visitors on the beach that often. Let me formally introduce myself. I’m Liam King. I live a mile up the beach. It’s just me and my brother. We share the beach with your father.” I grimace at the word father. Sebastian Knight will never be my father. He is a cruel monster with no sense of sympathy or remorse.

“Sebastian Knight will never be my father.” I think he sees my dislike for the man and a smile spreads across his lips. “My name is Adele Charlotte. The step daughter.” He chuckles and I feel my heart melt. His voice was so smooth but his laugh is actual heaven to the ears.

“How long have you been living with them?” I smile that he didn’t bring up the fact that these people are now my guardians. I don’t even want to remind myself that these people are in charge of my safety. Lisa was always my mother not this woman. She may have birthed me but that doesn’t make her a mother.

“About a week now. But I usually come back for summers and Christmas. But I guess this is my percent housing for the next few years.” I see his soften a little and a smile spreads across his lips.

“I guess that means I’ll be seeing you a lot then?” I smile a blush spreading across my cheeks as I see the flirtatious look on his face.

“I guess you will.” He smirks brightly stepping closer to me. I look into his bright orbs falling deeper into them. They remind me of the ocean. Beautiful but untamed.

“Liam! Get the hell away from her.” My eyes snap up to Laurence who is storming towards me. I see annoyance in Liam’s eyes as Laurence gets closer.

“Sorry. But I must be going. Looks like your knight in shining armor has come to take you away from the evil king.” I laugh at the pun as Liam shows me a toothy smile before turning around heading back in the direction he came from.

“Wait!” He turns to face me again a confused look on his face. I can hear Laurence getting closer and I know I won’t have much time till he reaches me. “Will I see you again?” A smile spreads across his face and he turns around without answering my question and continues back down the beach. I sigh rolling my eyes when I feel Laurence’s strong hands on my shoulder pulling me to face him.

“What did he say to you?” I see the anger in his eyes and instantly I back up. His grip only gets harder and I yelp in pain. His eyes widen and he loosens his grip.

“God what’s wrong with you? He just introduced himself to me. Stop acting like he took my virginity in front of you.” I see Laurence’s eyes widen and he steps back letting go of my shoulders. The anger that once was on his face now is covered by shock.

“You’re a virgin?” My eyes widen and I scoff crossing my arms. I blush turning my eyes head to the side so my eyes don’t meet his.

"That’s not the problem here Laurence! Why are you being so weird about Liam? He seemed like a nice guy.” Laurence’s eyes narrow when I say Liam’s name and it’s like a light switch has been flipped and he’s suddenly angry again.

“You will stay away from him Adele. The King brothers are bad news.” I huff in annoyance, Laurence has no right to tell me what to do. He is my step brother and barley that. We have no blood relation and he acts like he can control me. Who does he think he is?

“You can’t tell me what to do Laurence. If I want to see him I can see him. It’s not like I’m going to fuck him in the words or something.” I see Laurence’s eyes widen and my mouth closes quickly. I think that’s the first time he’s ever heard me swear. I think that’s the first time I’ve actually said a swear word outside of my mind.

“But I can stop you from seeing him again. Go back to your room and I won’t tell your mother about you talking to Liam King. She wouldn’t be pleased. Her one rule was not to talk to strangers and you did the one thing she told you not too.” My eyes lower and I sigh lowering my head to look at the sand beneath my feet. He’s right. My mother would kill me if she found out I was talking to some stranger on the beach and from what Laurence is saying there must be some hostility between the Knights and the Kings.

“Fine. I’ll go back to my room. But you can’t keep me in there forever, There is an entire summer still. I will not let you control it.” I see the anger on Laurence’s face return and you quickly back up turning away rushing towards the house. He always has a short fuse, I am always scared not to push him too far. Not after what happened. Not after he attacked me like some wild animal after I didn’t listen to something he said. Sebastian and my mother blamed me for it. They sent me back to California for the rest of the summer.

I push through the double doors rushing up the stairs throwing myself onto my bed making sure to slam my door on the way only to hear the yells as the sound echos across the house. i know I will have to pay for that one later. I run my hands through my hair groaning in annoyance, I hate this family sometimes. I hate them so much. I hate my mother for cheating on my father and getting pregnant. I hate Sebastian for falling for my mother. I hate Laurence for being so god damn mean. And I hate Gregory because he’s the reason everything changed. When my mom became pregnant with him my entire life was thrown off course. The only people I don’t hate are my father and Lisa. They were everything to me and I was taken from them and my only home because my mother still has half custody of me. Now she has full and I’m stuck here. I can see that she doesn’t want me here. She would be glad to continue on her life with her perfect rich husband and her perfect step-son who is honestly one of the most handsome man I’ve seen. He’s the perfect child, straight A’s, captain of the soccer team and Rugby team. The boy is a top athlete. And then there is Gregory. He is the perfect child, his blue eyes and sun-kissed hair match my own but he is striking. There is no doubt he will grow up to be as or even more handsome as his older brother. The love he gets from his parents makes my anger boil, my own mother loves him more than me. I was her first-born, I was her daughter and she just left me. She started her life over again and forgot about her other life. She forgot about her husband and her daughter.

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