Stone Cold

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I swing at Julian my fists connecting with his padded palms, I duck as he swings at me and I punch him in the stomach hearing him chuckle stepping backward throwing me a bottle of water. I take a sip feeling sweat drip down my neck. The past two weeks have been constant training and diets. All we do is train and sleep. My body at first was out of shape, I had trouble keeping up with all the workouts and I felt like I was dying constantly. My muscles and bones ache constantly but I push through it for some reason. Is it the anger towards the King brothers? Or is it something else that is pushing me?

"Let's go for a run when you are done for the day. We need to continue our talk about you going back to the King brothers. About killing them and how to do that." I sighed closing my eyes nodding as I take another sip of the water running my hands through my sweaty hair. I sigh following Julian out of the door. Instantly the cold breeze hits me and I shiver wrapping my arms around myself. Damn it's cold out today. I sigh seeing Julian run ahead motioning me to follow him. I sigh running after him trying to keep up with his pace my feet crunching underneath the fresh coat of snow. I look down at my bare feet confused on why they aren't cold. When I touch the snow with my hands it's cold but when it comes to my feet it seems I don't have much feeling in them. I look up at Julian who is running right in front of me his eyes sifting to look in front of him than to me. I smile weakly picking up my pace to run next to him.

"How do I kill a Vampire?" he looks at me smiling softly before slowing down stopping so we stand in the middle of the snow-covered woods. I sigh rubbing my airs trying to get some heat to come back to them.

"I have a dagger that can kill them. You will keep it on you when you go back to them and when the time's right you will kill them." I nod sighing looking up at the purple and pink almost hidden by the grey clouds. It's beautiful here, I feel so at peace when I am outside. Snow is so interesting to me, it's water but frozen into this soft fluffy cold stuff.

"When will this happen?"

"We have a couple more weeks of training before you're ready to take on the King brothers." I nod closing my eyes, what kind of person was the Adeline he knew? Was I a bad person? Was I evil? Was I good? I close my eyes feeling my stomach growl softly hearing Julian chuckle. I've noticed a few things about Vampires, they don't sleep, they don't get hungry, they don't have a heartbeat, and they drink the blood of humans to survive. They are nothing like humans. Complete opposites.

"Was I a good person? Was I evil? Did people fear me?" His eyes widen and he grabs my shoulders looking into my eyes shaking his head.

"God Adeline you were so good, people smiled when you entered a room. When you would speak everyone's eyes were on you. You were a natural born leader. You were known for being kind but also if anyone wronged you they wouldn't live to see the next day. You were the farthest thing from evil." I smile lowering my head feeling cold in my chest, I hoped that his answer would make me feel better but it didn't. It was exactly what I wanted to hear but it didn't make me feel any better.

"Let's go back to the house. I'm hungry." He nods wrapping one arm around my shoulder pulling me against his side. I ignore the freezing temperatures making my way back to the house. My stomach growls on the way they're making me smile softly. I'm human, I have to remind myself that. I am not like Julian, I am not cold. I am a breathing living human. I tend to forget who I am because I don't know much about myself. I forget that I am human that I am weaker than him. That I can't do the things he can, I will never be able to as long as I am human.

Julian opens the door for me and I slowly walk inside feeling the warmth hit me and I smile making my way to the kitchen. I open the fridge smiling when I see the salad already made for me. Julian tends to make food for me so I don't do it myself. He is keeping me on a very strict diet and honestly, I am not even mad about it. The food he makes is always so good, I don't mind him cooking. Honestly, I don't even know how to cook or use any of the things in this kitchen. I take the bowl out grabbing a fork from the drawer sliding into the bar stool. Julian sits next to me watching me as I eat.

"You are creepy. Just watching me eat." He laughs and instantly that sound brings a smile to my own face. Hearing people laugh brings me warmth to my chest and a smile to my face. I continue to eat looking at the green leaves and red tomatoes. I can't help the feeling of being alone like I am sitting here and someone is missing. My body aches for the touch of this person. Was I in love? Did I love the King brothers? Is that person they made in love with them? Is that why I miss someone? I can't keep feeling this way. It's suffocating. I feel like I am drowning constantly and there is no way to come up for air.

"The King brothers they will not be hostile to you so don't be hostile towards them. You will act like you like them, and when the time is right you will kill them. You will have to stab the dagger directly into their heart, if they are still moving, slam the base of your palm into the back of the end of the stick. It will go in all the way." I close my eyes nodding as I take another bite of my food, I just want to train and get this on with. I think I want a life when all of this is done, I want to go off. I know very little of this world, I want to experience it. I need to experience it. I have no clue who I am. I have no experiences other than these two weeks. I want to travel the world. I feel like I've missed so much, I want to know everything.

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