Stone Cold

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I run my hands through my hair looking at the invisible border that separates my territory from the Knight's territory. I am going to be ripped to pieces, this is a death sentence. They have an entire pack on their side, I have Liam. If they decide to attack us the moment we step over we will surely be killed. Liam looks back at Gwen who is standing in the shadows watching us, I sigh looking back at Liam who smiles nodding.

"Let's go." I nod at my brother closing my eyes as I take a step into enemy territory. Instantly I can hear them growling, preparing for an attack. I open my eyes instantly locking with Laurence's. He is fuming, anger seems to be radiating off of him. I slowly raise my hands in surrender looking over at Liam who does the same thing.

"I need to talk to your father," Laurance growls taking a step towards me as I feel metal shackles come around my wrist making me gasp as the burning sensation hits my skin. I look back at the men cuffing me my eyes flashing red in anger.

"What the hell do you want Nicholas? You took my sister, used her as your own blood bag then failed to inform her that you are her mate." My eyes widen when he speaks, he knows. Of course, he knows, Werewolves are built for mates. They know when someone has found theirs. I close my eyes sighing.

"It's about your sister Laurance. Something's happened. Please let me talk to your father." His eyes widen and for the first time, I see the fear in his eyes. I feel like my throat is closing, I let her down. I told her nothing would happen to her and then it did. I failed her. I look up at Laurance sadness covering my face and instantly his eyes darken and he covers his mouth taking a step backward.

"Is she dead? Please don't say she is dead."

"Please let me talk to your father. I need his help." His eyes narrow but he nods anyways turning on his heels walking the opposite direction. I feel the same men push me forwards following him. I close my eyes trying to calm down, I hate the thought that these mutts touching me.

"If she is dead or if you turned her I will kill you. You and your entire family." I keep my anger inside grinding my teeth together and my fists clenched. I want to rip this asshole apart. Make him suffer and I would if it wouldn't make Adele hate for her entire life. She will never forgive me, so I can't just kill him so easily.

"She isn't dead Laurance and she hasn't been turned. Just calm down." Laurance narrows his eyes looking back at Liam who has his eyes closed a soft smile on his face. Laurance and Liam have never gotten along, even when we had the treaty they never got along. I honestly think that Liam just enjoys making him angry.

We walk through the woods towards the manor my eyes keep locking with members of the pack hiding in the woods just watching us. It has been a long time since they last saw me. Many of them it is their first time ever seeing me. The children were learned to fear me, and when they were old enough learned to fight me if I ever broke the treaty. Well, I broke it and they still haven't attacked, still haven't even tried to get Adele back other than Laurance showing up the other day.

I look up at the manor seeing Sebastian standing in the doorway his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed. I see Adele's mother standing next to him a smirk on her face. She hates me, always have. She finds it amusing that I am here with my arms chained at her mercy. She walks down the marble stairs placing her hand on my shoulder pulling me closer to her whispering in my ear.

" Is my daughter dead?" My eyes widen as she holds no sadness in her face it's just blank no fear from the mother instinct to protect their children. Adele was right, this woman doesn't care for her daughter live. Honestly, I believe that she would be happy if she was dead.

"Nicholas, why are you here? Where is Adele?" I sigh taking a step towards him hearing Laurance growl at me telling me to stop walking towards him. I roll my eyes taking another step feeling Laurence's hands on my shoulder pushing me backward.

"I need your help." I hear him chuckle shaking his head as he takes a step towards me. This man towers over me, he is a monster of a man. I narrow my eyes taking a step towards him suddenly feeling a wave of confidence.

"You need my help? You come onto my land. You kidnap my stepdaughter. You break a treaty that has been in place for hundreds of years." I sigh stepping back looking over at Liam who nods slowly his cuffs falling from his wrist as I pull mine apart standing there no longer being lower than them and now as equals. I see the panic in Laurance's eyes and he jumps towards me my hand instantly wrapping around his neck throwing him to the side. I hear a terrifying growl come from Sebastian that would make any mortal piss his pants.

"Adele has been taken. A Vampire who isn't under my control has taken her and I thought maybe you would care enough to get your own stepdaughter back. But it seems I was wrong. We mean no harm I made a deal with Adele which Laurance should have already told you. Just let us go back to our home to save your daughter." My anger is clearly shown through my words as I turn on my heels only to feel a groan as Sebastian takes a step towards me. I look back at him my eyebrow raised in question.

"You know she isn't human right? Do you know what she is? Did you know what Adeline was? What her family was? What was passed onto Adele?" How the hell does he know about Adeline? This was long before he was alive. Not many people knew about Adeline. Who she was. What she did.

"What are you talking about?" This time Adele's mother steps forward her arms crossed.

"Adele isn't my daughter. She isn't even my blood. Nor was she her fathers. Adele isn't human. She isn't a half breed, she is a creature much darker than that." My eyes widen as I look at her. What the hell is she talking about? How does Adeline come into this? I thought Adeline was a human too.

"What are you talking about?" Liam cocks his head in confusion as he looks at Adele's mother who runs her hands through her brown locks.

"Adeline is Adele." My eyes widen and I take a step back feeling like someone punched me in the throat. What the hell is she talking about? Adeline is dead. I held her cold body in my arms. I buried her in the garden she once loved. This isn't possible, things don't add up.

"That is impossible Adeline is dead, she has been dead for hundreds of years now. Adele is seventeen, there's no way Adele can be Adeline. Adeline wasn't my mate and Adele is."

"Adele and Adeline share a soul. When Liam killed Adeline, her soul was reborn into Adele. They are two different people but Adeline and Adele are the same. Adeline may have chosen to be reborn in her doppelgänger unknowing that she was your mate. Adeline was pushed down by Adele and her power. Adeline lives inside of Adele." My eyes widen and I stumble back, how is this possible? Adeline wasn't human? I don't understand a thing that is going on. How do they know all of this?

"What is Adele? How do you know all this?" I see Sebastian close his eyes sighing as he places his hand on his wife's shoulder pushing her backward as I take a step towards him question in my eyes.

"Adele is a Banshee." My eyes widen in horror, I've heard of Banshees. I never believed that the stories were true. I thought Banshees were the ghosts of women who have been through great turmoil. Adele is a breathing and living creature. She isn't a ghost. "Her father found her on the beach one day abandoned, her cries were so piercing that I believe she was abandoned there by her birth parents. Maybe she doesn't even have any. She seemed to calm down when she saw her father, she bonded to him. She doesn't know what she is. That side of her has been suppressed by magic. She is dangerous Nick and whoever has taken her must know that too. Some people can just sense Banshee's, can see the dark magic that surrounds them." I look over at Liam whose eyes are wider than mine. He has fear in his eyes, is it fear of Adele or for her? I still can't get over that Adeline's spirit still lives within Adele. That Adeline wasn't human. I loved Adeline with everything I had, I thought I knew who she was. I thought I had her figured out. This is all too much to handle right now.

"We will help you get Adele back, we can't let her powers get into the wrong hands but after that, we will never help you again. You will allow Adele to come and visit and you will not accept her as a mate." My eyes widen, they can't do this to me. She is my mate, they can't take her away from me. She is my mate, I will not let them do this to me. I need their help though, I need to get Adele back home. In my arms, if they plan to take her away from me they will have to fight me later but for now, I will go along with them.

"You can't do that!" I place my hand on Liam whose eyes are now red as he yells at them. His eyes meet mine shock in them as I push him backward. I meet Sebastian's gaze nodding slowly seeing him smirk. He thinks he got his way, that I will just bow down to him. For the time being, I will go with this but if they even try to take Adele away from me.

"Fine, we will contact you for your help when we find her location." Sebastian nods turning around returning back into his house. I close my eyes turning around pulling Liam with me who doesn't seem to like this agreement very much. I pull him back to our territory.

"What the hell Nick, just letting her go like that? They don't care for her, they will probably use her powers for their own. You're just letting her go. What the hell is wrong with you?" I sigh letting go of him walking forwards into the woods running my hands through my hair.

"Just shut up Liam, let's go back to the castle we can talk there." He huffs in annoyance nodding as he follows me through the woods. The instant we cross into our territory Gwen has her arms wrapped around Liam holding him close. I sigh continuing to the castle seeing Eris sitting on the castle stairs waiting for me. Instantly she stands when she sees me a smile on her face. I smile at my best friend feeling her arms wrap around me pulling me into a tight hug.

"Did you get their support?" I nod sighing pulling away as I run my hand through my hair she smiles only to have it falter when Liam scoffs pulling away from Gwen crossing his arms.

" He gave up Adele for their support. Who does that? Give up their mate? I would never give Gwen away to anyone." I feel anger rise in me and I want to punch my brother straight in between the eyes. I don't know who he thinks I am to just give my mate away like that.

"I will not give Adele to them. After we get her back I will fight them if they try to take her." I see Liam's eyes widen and he nods sighing as Gwen places her hands on his shoulder. I am going to get her back, I will hold her in my arms again. Whoever took her will surely wish they didn't mess with me.

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