Stone Cold

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I have been here for about two months now, training every day. I have been living in a never-ending pattern, eat, train, eat, sleep. My once weak arms are full of muscle and running no longer is an issue for me. Julian has made my body into a weapon. Something strong enough to take on a Vampire, something strong enough to kill a Vampire. He said it's almost time for me to go back to the King's, part of me is afraid but the other part wants me to get to know the person they knew. Was I a good person when I was with them? Was I full of light? Was I evil? Did I murder innocent people? Or did I save little forest animals? I know I have to kill them but I would like to learn more about myself before that.

"Before you leave tomorrow there are a few things that I will have to do before I allow you to go back." That sentence is the only thing I hear now as I stand in front of the dark castle. Blood trickles from my neck and my head, tears fall down my cheeks and pain fills my entire body.

Before I left he attacked me, broke my bones, drained me. Then left me outside of the castle. I look up at the dark stone covered in moss and vines my feet moving on their own. I gasp as my broken leg hits the ground and I stumble placing my hand against the wall. Suddenly I hear a door swing open and my eyes meet bright green ones. I look through tear-filled eyes at the man in front of me. He takes a step forwards his eyes holding confusion in them like he is seeing a ghost.

"Adele?" My head tilts in confusion, Adele? Is that my name to him? I thought my name was Adeline? Was Julian lying to me? I groan in pain stumbling forwards only to feel my legs collapse from underneath me and I am falling. Instantly I feel arms wrap around me holding me from falling to the ground. My wide eyes look up at the man in front of me, I thought I was a prisoner here. Why is he being so nice to me? "Oh God Adele I thought I lost you. I am going to kill whoever took you I promise you no one will ever hurt you again." My eyes widen, this man cares for me? Did Adele love him? Am I Adele or Adeline? Is this man Nick King? The man I was sent to kill? The evil bloodsucking monster? Why is he being so nice to me? I thought Julian said I ran away.

"Nick are you okay? You just ran out. Oh my God, Adele." My eyes meet a man with golden locks and bright eyes, he has tears in his eyes as he looks at me. I feel Nick's arms tighten around me as he lifts me carrying me into the castle. When Nick touches me I feel this warmth in my chest like what I have been missing over these couple of weeks has been found. I gasp my arms wrapping around him feeling a warmth spread through my body. What is this man to me? Why does it feel so good to be near him? I cry out in pain as I am placed on a couch, my eyes haven't left him for a moment. I try to remember the man in front of me. I was told to be careful of Nicholas King, that he was hostile and evil, this man in front of me does not scream evil.

I watch as Nick bites into his wrist blood pooling at the top of the skin, my head tilts in confusion as I look at the blood. What the hell does he want me to do? I look at the wrist my fingers wrapping around it as some instinct. I bring my lips to his wrist the metallic blood taste filling my mouth. I gasp out as it becomes sweet and I feel my wounds start to heal and they tighten around his wrist my eyes meeting his.

"Liam leave now." I watch as Liam leaves the room and Nick's eyes meet mine pulling his wrist away from me, he pulls me into his arms and I sit there stiff as a board. Liam is gone, I could kill Nick now I want to and I know I need to but I physically can't. My body is stopping me from doing anything and part of me is thanking my body. "You haven't said anything this entire time. Is everything alright Adele?" I close my eyes when I hear the name again. Adele, they know me as Adele but Julian called me Adeline. I do not understand anything that is happening anymore. I feel like I am stuck in a dream.

"My head hurts, everything hurts." I groan closing my eyes leaning back on the chair, I rub my temple trying to ease the pain away. I feel Nick's hands in mine making my eyes snap open and my body freeze. I slowly look over at him my eyes narrowing a little.

"Do you want to rest?" I nod feeling his arms wrap around me lifting up, I close my eyes trying to control my breathing as panic is all I feel. I don't know anything about this man, but he holds me against him like I am an old friend. He knows me, or a version of myself that was taken from me. A version that Julian said would only bring me pain, I don't feel pain around him. I feel the complete opposite, I feel secure. My subconscious self that does remember everything that happened to me is not afraid of this man.

I am placed on something soft and warm my bones aching as I move onto the bed. I open my eyes when I feel the bed dip as he sits down on the side. He has a darkness in his eyes like he is afraid of something.

"So you know." My head tilts in confusion leaning against the bed frame. Whatever memory I should know has been taken from me. The girl he knew has been taken away from him and changed into someone completely different. I want Julian to give me back my memories. He is the only one able to. Will I still be the same person as I am now? Will I have the same goals? To kill the King brothers? Will I love them? My life; my existence is being thrown around like I am some rag doll.

"What?" He looks over at me his eyes darkened and I see the fear in them. Fear of me? Fear of my reaction? Fear of the truth coming out?

"How did you figure out you were my mate? I didn't show it. I was cruel to you. I showed you no kindness. I kidnapped you from your family. I threatened your life over and over. I drove you suicidal. You had no reason to like me. You had every reason to hate me. Why didn't you let yourself hate me?" I look down at my hands balling them up into fists. So Julian was right. He wasn't lying. Nick kidnaped me. Held me, prisoner. I didn't like him. I wasn't in love with him. I hated him. I ran from him. I should have never questioned Julian's words. He's only been kind to me.

"I do hate you, Nicholas. And as far as the mate thing goes I don't know how I figured it out but I did." I don't even know what a mate it. Julian has mentioned it once before but never again afterward. It must be the explanation behind the warmth I feel around him. I must be connected to Nick in ways that can destroy me. It's probably the reason he kept me around all these years. I must hold the key to his survival or something. Something big enough to keep me around.

"The man who took you? Do you remember what it was like? What he looked like?" I close my eyes acting like I am living some horrible memory. Julian told me I had to act like I was kidnaped and not running away so they wouldn't lock me up.

"I was kept in a cell most of the time. It was dark and cold. He didn't feed me as often as I needed to be. He drank from me when he was thirty. He was a quiet man, slender and tall. He was as pale as snow and his cheeks were sunken like he was starving to death. He had scruffy brown hair and a tangled beard." I close my eyes bring on my tongue hard making tears to come to my eyes and blood to fill my mouth. I sob covering my mouth feeling Nick's arms wrap around me holding me in place as I fake cry in his arms. As long as he continues to trust me everything can go to plan.

"You should rest. In the morning I'll introduce you to Eris and the rest of the family. And also your brother will want to see you." My eyes widen as I look at him. Does he know about Julian? Does he know he's my brother? And why is he acting so casual about that? Julian hates him. Said if he ever saw Nick face to face he would rip him to pieces. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Nick leans over keeping one arm around me as he switches the lamp off the entire room going dark. I feel covers being wrapped around me as his arm never leaves my waist. I keep my eyes pressed tightly together trying not to act uncomfortable. Did Adele do this with him?

"I'm just going to lay here till you fall asleep Adele. It's okay you can relax your safe now I won't let anyone hurt you." I try to relax my body knowing how exhausted I actually am. I know that in a matter of seconds I will be asleep in the arms of this stranger. What if it comes out that Adele did love this man? Will, that mean I love him too? No, Adele and I are completely different people. Same with Adeline. I have no memory of these lives only the things told to me. I am neither of these people. Not when I am like this. Not without my memories. The memories and lives of Adele and Adeline only live in the people who knew them.

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