Stone Cold

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I walk through the halls feeling Nick behind me as he follows me as I make my way through the stone halls, Liam walks in front of me his hands clasped behind his back as we walk towards a group of Vampires. I feel my heart start to speed up when I look at them suddenly I feel Nick's hands on my shoulders making me jump looking over at him. I stop looking up at him my eyes meeting his green ones. They are bright as he gives me a comforting smile his hands placed on my shoulders.

"I know you have always been worried about meeting my family and last time I didn't really warn you before they just showed up but this time I promise I will be there with you. If you feel uncomfortable just tell me and you can return to your room." I nod turning to look at the group of people standing in the front entrance. I sigh taking another step towards them feeling my leg stiffen a little. Yesterday it was broken and now it's completely healed. I never knew Vampire blood could heal me so quickly. He's like a walking fountain of youth. I continue to walk forwards towards them my eyes landing on a tall girl with short brown hair and the softest brown eyes you'd ever see. My body instantly recognizes her as a friend my feet picking up the pace ignoring my injuries as I make my way over to her. I see her eye light up when they meet me confirming my body's actions that this girl is someone I loved.

I am pulled into warm arms and I feel something warm sliding down my cheeks and my free hand comes up to my cheek shocked when I feel tears on my face. Why am I crying? Did this girl really mean this much to Adele that my body is just reacting to her presence? My arms wrap tightly around her hearing a sob leave her mouth as she holds me tightly.

"Oh God Adele I thought I lost you." She sniffles into my neck holding me close to her I feel her slowly loosen her grip on me but keeps her hands on my shoulders. I look at her trying to remember her name. Adele seemed to really love this girl. They must have had a really strong bond. She pulls away from me only to wrap her arms around Liam kissing his cheek. I step back looking at the rest of the people. Nick stands behind me his hand on my shoulder. To my left stands Liam and the girl their arms wrapped around each other like if they let go one of them will disappear. To my right stands the rest of the people. They seem to be separated by family. A kind woman and a scary looking man holding hands. Next to them stands a girl around my age. She has autumn colored hair and bright green eyes like Nick. Behind them stands a younger boy with black hair and a darkness in his face that it makes my body freeze. To the left of that family is another girl, her eyes watch me closely ad if she was trying to read me. She has long dark hair and bright eyes. She is at least a couple inches smaller than me but just looking at her I can feel her power. This is an old Vampire. She stands next to a much older couple with grey hair and wrinkles. Next is a group of three men all around my age. One of them has pure white hair and black eyes, another has bright orange hair and soft green eyes, and the last one is hidden in the shadows but I can tell he has raven black hair. His eyes are bright yellow as if he was already in his defensive mode ready for me to attack or something.

I don't say a thing my eyes going back and forth from each person my body being thrown into a panic. I don't recognize these people at all, it's all too much to fast. I can tell that Nick notices this and his hand is placed on my shoulder pulling me closer. He lowers himself so he can whisper into my ear.

"Just breathe Adele. They won't hurt you. I know you don't know some of them but they have sworn not touch a hair on your head. Let me introduce my family to you and then we can meet up with your brother." I nod looking back at the people in front of me. "This is Eris. My best friend." The smaller girl holds up her hand a smile on her face, she looks me over making my body want to run and hide. "This is Richard and Catherine. They are family friends." I look at the older couple who don't smile just look at me with no emotion in their eyes. It's kind of scary. "Then we have the idiot brothers. Jared." The boy with raven black hair looks up at me taking a step into the light. My body freezes when he takes another step towards me his yellow eyes locking with mine. "Miles." The ginger boy gives me a bright smile his dimples showing. He looks like a kind person. "Ken." My eyes land on the white-haired supermodel in front of me. His hand is extended towards me a smirk on his face. I slowly place my hand in his meeting his eyes as he lowers his lips to my knuckles kissing them gently. I feel my face turn red and then hands on me pulling me backwards. I hear a growl like sound come deep in Nick's chest as he holds me against him glaring at Ken. I look up at my mate confusion in my eyes. Is this part of the mate bond he was talking about or is this because of something in Adele's life.

"God Nicholas I never thought I would see you possessive over a girl since Adeline's death." My eyes widen and a gasp leaves my mouth. I thought I was Adeline. Adeline is dead? Does that make me Adele? I feel the warm hands leave me and suddenly Ken is pushed against the wall by a fuming Nick. I gasp out taking a step towards them only to feel hands on my shoulder stopping me. I look back to see Liam standing there a dark expression on his face. I look at the rest of them seeing that none of the other Vampires have moved an inch. They just stand there watching and waiting.

"What did I say about mentioning that name around me? Who do you think you are touching my mate then speaking her name. Do you want me to kill you?" I watch the two Vampire's Nick's hands around Ken's neck as he holds him against the wall. All I see on Ken's face is a smirk like he isn't even hurting him. I want to walk up to him and stop the two but I know not to get in between to Vampires. That was one of Julian's rules. Never get in the way of two Vampires. No matter what argument they are in the instant you get into it they will turn against you. I sigh leaning back against the wall looking at Nick and Ken who seem to be locked in a death glare. They have seemed to have calmed down a little but I can sense the anger in the room, Ken brushes off his clothing looking up at me a smile on his face.

"Sorry for the hostility Adele. Your mate seems to be a little on edge today. Sorry if we scared you. Mentioning of his first love seems to make him a little angry." I look over at Nick whose face is still covered with anger. He sighs turning around moving over to me standing by my side. I look at all the Vampire's in front of me feeling like I am right in the middle of a category five hurricane. If they decide that I am not worth their time and team up on me I am surely dead.

"Do you want to see your brother?" I sigh looking down at my feet, Adeline is dead. Julian was lying to me when he said I was his sister. The brother they are talking about isn't the one I know. I don't know anything about my life, I think I actually was kidnaped. My memories were taken from me so I wouldn't fight back. After all these months of training to kill Vampires, was I just used as a weapon for revenge. Suddenly fear and sadness take over my entire body and I bite my lip hiding the sob that leaves my mouth. Tears fall down my face and I look up to meet Nick's eyes seeing the shock in them as he sees the tears that flow down my cheeks.

"I can't remember anything Nick. I don't know who I am. Who you are. He said my name was Adeline, he said I was supposed to kill you. But you said Adeline is dead. You keep calling me Adele but I don't even remember being Adele. I can't remember anything about my life." My breath is panicked and I stumble back running my hands through my hair. Everything I knew was just taken away from me. I thought I was Adeline then I was told I was Adele and then I convinced myself that I was neither. But Adeline is dead and it seems by the context that Adeline has been dead for a while. I feel hands on my shoulders and my eyes snap up to meet Nick's then they dart side to side to meet the rest of the Vampires. I see the girl I hugged with her hands over her mouth as she sobs. Liam has shock on his face and Nick has a sadness in his eyes that I have never seen in my life.

"Adele." The moment he opens his mouth to speak to me I run the opposite direction into the castle halls. Tears flow down my face as I run through the unfamiliar halls trying to find something that looks familiar. This place was my home once I should recognize it. I don't though, I can't remember anything. I was trained by Julian to be strong but right now I feel the farthest thing from strong. I feel broken and scared. I feel lost. I trusted Julian with everything, I laughed with him, treated him like family when in reality he was my captor. He must have known that Adeline is dead. What was he trying to accomplish by calling me, Adeline?

I collapse against a wall bringing my knees against my chest resting my chin on my knees tears flowing down my cheeks. Why has this happened to me? Who am I? Why did Julian do this me? What did he think he would accomplish? Did he not think I would have figured it out? Did he hope that I would have killed them before I figured it out? What did he even plan to do with me after I killed them? Would he kill me?

I run my hands through my hair looking up at the balcony my body recognizing the location for the first time since I came here. A single stone bench stands in the center of the round balcony. My legs move on their own towards the bench. My small fingers trail across the cold stone gasping when I come upon a memory. Tears flow down my face when images of Nick and I sit on this bench looking up at the night sky. I collapse into the seat looking up at the day sky trying to remember more. I need to remember. Who I am. Who I was.

' Have you named the stars?'

I gasp out hearing my voice in my head my mind going back to the faint memory. It feels like there is a wall blocking me from seeing any farther. It's like Julian put up an invisible wall to stop me from finding out the truth. I hear footsteps behind me and my eyes snap back to meet the green eyes sighing as I turn back to look in front of me. I feel Nick slide in next to me not meeting my gaze as he looks at the crashing waves on the shore. I look at the side of his face trying to remember my life with him.

"So you don't remember anything? Me? Our time together?" I sigh shaking my head seeing his eyes drop and he clasps his hands together looking at me.

"I remember things. Well, at least my body does. My body told me that it was okay to drink your blood. It told me that girl that I hugged was someone that I cared about." His eyes meet mine and I see a sadness in them. This man cares for me and I wish I could understand why. I wish I knew what our relationship was.

"The girl her name is Gwen. She's Liam's mate. She saved your life. She was your friend." I nod lowering my gaze to my lap sighing. I want to know the truth.

"He said he took my memories of you and this place because it would bring me pain. He said I was his sister, Adeline. But every night I would lie awake missing something. I always knew something was wrong but I trusted him. I had no memory of anything in the world. I didn't even know what a car was. He said I was a prisoner and he saved me. I had no reason to think he was lying. He showed me kindness. Never hurt me till he sent me back here. He trained me to become a killer. Beat my body into a weapon." I see his eyes widen and there's guilt in his eyes. Does he feel sad for me? What kind of girl was Adele? Was she kind? "What was I like?" He sighs looking over at me running his hands through his hair.

"You were kind. You weren't weak you had lost so much and still stood in front of me with a smile on your face. I put you through so much pain but you still laughed with me. You saw something in me that I never did. You would be beaten and bleeding on the ground and still stand up and continue. You were so smart, to smart for your own good. It made me angry how smart you were because I am thousands of years old and even you would beat me in the simplest things. You were filled with so much joy and sadness, so much emotion I had forgotten about. You made me remember all these emotions I thought I closed off years ago." I look up at him seeing tears in his eyes as he looks at me. This man really cared for me, and it seems like I did too. If I am really Adele and all of this is true I need to get my memories back. I need my life back, Julian needs to pay for what he did to me. What he took from me.

"I want to remember you and our time together. I want to remember myself and the memories I held." My mind goes back to the line I heard in my head moments ago. It was a powerful enough memory that it just slipped out from behind the wall Julian made. It must be powerful enough to Nick too. It seems to be such a wonderful memory. "Have you named the stars Nick?" I see his eyes widen and tears slip from his face. He engulfs me in a warm hug pulling me against his lap as he runs his hands through my hair. I can feel the pain in his body as he hugs me. The hope that maybe I have remembered all the time we spent together. The relationship we had together.

"I promise you I will get your memories back Adele no matter what it takes. If you can remember naming the stupid stars you can remember the rest of your life." I laugh sobbing into his chest trying to hold myself together. I take his words very seriously, I believe that he will never lie to me. I didn't have this trust with Julian, Nick I can trust. My body tells me I can trust him. With Julian, I never felt this way. I felt trapped all the time and now I realize why. Nick is my savior, not my kidnapper. Julian was the enemy all along, I will take the things he taught me and destroy the ground he walks on. Anything to get my memories back.

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