Stone Cold

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I watch my mate as she walks around the room her hair in a loose braid and her body fit into a tight blue dress. She is trying very hard to remember our time together. Her life, who she was. She doesn't sleep much, she just lays awake most nights facing away from me. I can feel her frustration as she continues to walk back and forth her eyes never leaving the window.

"Tell me were we a couple? Were we romantic?" My eyes widen and I sit up in the bed looking at her. "We sleep in the same bed, we go everywhere together. You touch me all the time like you can't keep your hands off of me." I run my hands through my hair sighing. Honestly, I don't think that Adele would let me do this. I feel like I am taking advantage of her lost state. But maybe she would have let me I won't know till this girl in front of me gets her memories back. Till then this girl may physically be my mate but she isn't the girl I have accepted as my mate.

"No, we were not. We had not even begun that part of our relationship. You had just gotten over hating me I think and maybe you still do a little, I never got to ask you that before he took you. We don't know much about each other Adele, not as much as I would like to know you. And I know looking at you talking to you that you are not Adele. You may be in her body and somewhere inside of you is Adele but you are not Adele." She sighs nodding running her hands through her hair returning to my side on the bed.

"I can feel that Adele cares for you more than you think. Her bond with you is strong, she recognized you instantly. I did not but I could tell that she did. She is in there and I hope that one day you can get her back." I sigh looking at this girl sitting in front of me a scowl on her face. Even though this girl may not be the Adele I know she still is Adele.

"What will happen to you when we get back the memories of your life as Adele?" She looks down puzzled for a second as she tries to come up with an answer. She looks up at me a smile on her face.

"I think Adele and I will combine. If I truly am Adele then when the memories return the memories of this experience should not be taken away and hiding behind the wall he made in my mind. I think that I will still be here. I know that I am not a separate person. I am Adele but at the same time, I feel completely separate. I think that anything that happens is not against Adele's wishes. She would tell me if something was wrong." My eyes widen as I look at her. This isn't the Adele I know but it's still Adele. She knows she is Adele and she can tell what she would want. How is that even possible? When a Vampire takes your memories you don't get them back without the Vampire that took them giving them back. Adele has repeatedly shown that she is able to look through the cracks and retrieve some memories. She is so strong. Maybe because she is a Banshee or maybe because she is just strong.

"Do you want to go get some food? Maybe take a walk. I know my mother wants to talk to you if you are up to it." She rests her head on my shoulder looking down at her hands as she thinks. Her eyes meet mine and I see the girl that I knew in them. Those bright eyes are so full of hope and fear. She is in there pleading to remember, trying to break down the wall put in her way. I know that we will never get that wall down without the help of the man who put it up.

"Yeah, I think I should take another shot at meeting those people. They're your family and I know Adele would be happy to meet them because I am happy to meet them." I feel a smile form on my face and I stand up extending my hand for her to grab. She slowly wraps her small fingers around my hand standing in front of me. She doesn't let go of my hand as she walks towards the door using her free hand to open the door. I watch this girl with amazement. She is so similar but so different than my mate. She has so much confidence that I know that lives inside of Adele but she is finally showing it. Maybe this will be good for her in the end. If the two combines maybe this confidence and power will stick. I know Adele is capable of amazing things but holds it back because of fear. This version of Adele shows no fear. She is strong. Not saying that Adele wasn't strong before but it's different now. You can feel it when she walks into a room.

We walk down the stone hall hands clasped neither of us saying a word, it's one of the rare sunny days here. Most days the entire castle is hidden by a thick layer of mist, today the sun shines brightly through the stone archways giving the castle a golden light. I watch as the sun reflects of Adele's honey brown hair making her hair look like there are small gold flakes in it. I swear if I could live in this moment my entire life. The first time in years I feel at peace just looking at the woman next to me. I haven't felt like this since Adeline. I remember watching her in the garden as she picked roses. How she looked up at the sun letting it soak into her skin with a smile on her face. I sat in the shadows just watching the woman who I thought I loved to live in complete peace. I thought she was happy here but now looking back at it she was probably faking it all. The smiles, the laughs, the longing looks from across the room, the sweet kisses as we walked these exact halls. Was it all a lie? Did she ever feel something for me? Or was it all an act?

"You know the way Julian talked about Adeline, he really misses her. Do you miss her?" I stop a gasp leaving my mouth. Julian? He is still alive? I thought he was human, why would he take her? He knew his sister was dead, did he know about Adeline's soul living inside of Adele? Was he just using her to get Adeline back? Did he think that it was actually Adeline back from the dead? I can't believe that he is still alive, he must have become a Vampire to get his sister back.

"Adeline and I had a short period of time in my very long life. I used to miss her every day, then it would become days when I didn't think of her and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Honestly, when I saw you for the first time it brought up all the memories of Adeline. It made me relive a period of my life that I had pushed away to escape the pain. I don't miss her anymore. I have you, there's no reason to miss a woman who only brought me pain in the end." She nods but doesn't look at me just continues to walk down the hall her hand still wrapped around mine a smile on her face. We turn down another hall my eyes meeting my mothers seeing the kind smile and bright eyes as she locks eyes with Adele. I see a worried smile on her face as I see how hard she is trying to remember my mother. I feel a sadness in my chest as I look at Adele trying to remember a woman she once was so bonded to.

"Adele it's wonderful seeing you in a better mood than before. Are you feeling any better?" I feel her hand leave mine and instantly I want the warmth from them again. I watch as she takes another step towards my mother her eyes tracing over her features.

"Everything seems unreal, I don't understand much and I don't remember anything. It's hard." I see a sad smile form on my mothers face as she extends a hand towards Adele. Instantly she looks back at me a hint of fear in her eyes. I nod staying back looking at her as she turns back to my mother reaching out and taking her hand. She looks back at me and I give her a small smile before she turns around my mother leading her away. I sigh when I feel Eris's hands on my shoulders making me look behind me at her. She has a soft smile on her face as she rubs my shoulders trying to relax me.

"You're so tense Nicholas, she's safe now. You don't need to stress out." I sigh turning around her hands falling to her side as she meets my gaze. She sighs taking my hand leading me to one of the stone benches sitting me down.

"I am glad she is back. I just wish all of her was back, I looked day and night for her for months and I thought I would be happier when she came back." She sighs sitting down next to me grabbing my hands in her own making me look up at her. She has a sad smile on her face that makes her eyes crinkle around the edges.

"Don't feel guilty for wanting that. It is okay to be sad, I've seen you show so much emotion over these past couple of months than I have ever seen you. You will get her back, she isn't gone. Whoever did this should have known better. I know you will do anything in your power to get her back to you. Just keep your head high and remember it's okay to feel things." With that, she stands up dropping my hands turning around the opposite direction walking away from me. I hate that Adele is like this. I want her to be the Adele I know. The one that I learned to accept as my mate. The woman who made me smile when I was in my darkest time. The woman who made me feel things. The woman who was the light in this darkened world.

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