Stone Cold

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Sometimes I think the world is out to get me, destroy everything I hold dear. Maybe it is the people that live in this world. Maybe they're all evil, maybe they want to cause people hard. I am unsure of the reasoning. Like why did Julian take me and take my memories. Why did he make me believe I was his sister? What would that accomplish for him? What kind of sick house game was he playing? He built my body into weapon for revenge.

"He trained me to kill Vampires, told me how to kill a Vampire like you. He said you were one of the oldest Vampires alive that it was different killing you than any other Vampires." I look over at Nick who sits on the bed nodding slowly. He has fear on his face its hidden by his usual blank look.

"Julian sure does know a lot about me doesn't he. I understand why he hates me and wants me dead. Liam killed his sister, we buried her in an our home. We killed her. He has every right to want to kill me." I sigh sitting down on the bed next to him, his hands instantly reach pulling me so I sit next to him my head resting on the headboard. He's been very needy the last couple of days. It started out with hand holding and now it seems whenever I'm near him he has to touch me. Honestly it makes me a little uncomfortable. I don't know much about this man. I don't feel any attraction towards him other than what Adele is telling me through feelings. I can feel this mate bond he is speaking of. Whenever we touch tingles spread from the point of origin to the rest of my body.

"Other than you, Liam, Gwen and your mother did I have any relationship with anyone else living here?" I feel his hands run through my hair playing with the ends.

"Micah my younger brother tried to kill you. That's why I sent you to live with Liam and Gwen for a while till you were taken. My sister Alice you two have never really spoken. The rest of them you had never met before." God I can't imagine how guilty he must feel. He sent me off away from him to be safe only to be kidnaped and have my memories taken away. If I was him I would feel so guilty. I don't know how I would live with myself.

"I'm sorry Nick." His eyes widen as he looks at me. My eyes are lowered. If I was stronger then maybe none of this happened. If I was as strong as I am now I would have been able to escape him. Kill him.

"Don't you ever apologized for what happened to you Adele. It wasn't your fault." I close my eyes feeling his grip on me become tighter as he keeps me pressed against his body.

"Then don't blame yourself Nick." I turn around to meet his gaze seeing his eyes dark. He doesn't believe my words. He blames himself for everything that happened. My hands cup his cheeks making him look at me. His eyes are wide as I straddle him holding his head in my hands. "It's not your fault that I was taken. You were trying to protect me by sending me away. Don't hate yourself Nick for trying to protect me." I see his eyes widen and a tear fall from them. I quickly wipe the tear away staying on his lap. His hands are placed on my hips holding me in place.

"He took you. I wasn't there to protect you." I shake my head a small smile on my face. This man I've only known him for a small amount of time and I'm in no position to act like we have a history together but I know that somewhere in my mind is a girl who cares about this man deeply. So this is for her.

"I am fine Nick. I will be fine. As long as we are together I know I will be safe. I am yours Nick and you are mine." His eyes soften and I feel his hand slide up my body cupping my cheek causing me to drop the sides of his face as he pulls me closer to him.

"I know you aren't the same girl who I fell for but you are still my mate. And you are still Adele." With that he closes the small gap between us. A gasp leaves my mouth as tingles spread through my lips and I slowly kiss him back. His grip tightens on me his lips soft against mine. The kiss is so gentle and innocent. I feel him pull away slowly my eyes staying closed for a moment only to slowly open meeting his bright green eyes. His eyes are soft and there's a small smile plastered on his face. I give a small smile back trying to move off of him only to feel his hands tightly wrapped around my hips keeping me in place.

"I know we will get my memories back and even if we don't I can still find a way to live. As you said I am still Adele. I will always be Adele." I give him a small smile feeling his arms wrap around me and he buries his face in my neck holding me against him. It feels right to be here in his arms. Every time I touch him I feel a little more complete, a little more whole. I feel him slide down so we are both laying on the bed. My body is still wrapped around his as I lay my head on his chest searching for the beating sound I know doesn't exist anymore. Just like Julian this boys body has frozen stone cold.

"I promise nothing will ever happen to you again. I will protect you. I should have never let you go." I smile against his chest feeling his arms tighten around me. We've been living in this blissful world the past couple of days just always in each others arms. I know that this will end. In my little time knowing this world I know nothing good ever lasts. It is ripped from you like a child from the warmth of the womb. Everything warm and good eventually freezes and cease to exist. Julian will not let me go so easily. He will come for me and expect me to be holding Nick's head triumphantly.

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