Stone Cold

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Sometimes plans don't work out and that's nobody's fault, plans usually don't go the way we want them to. Do you think three hundred years ago I planned for my sister to fall in love with Nicholas King? Did I plan to have to compel her to hate him? No, if I knew that would have lead to her death then I would have thought of another plan. Found a way for her to hate him on her own. Made a stronger plan. Now I sit in an empty room looking at the corpse of my sister. That girl holds her soul. She is the key to my happiness. You see I had to take her memories away, this girls heart belonged to Nick. She was going down the same path my sister did all those years ago. A path that will destroy her. I am going to save this girl before he gets to her. She may not be my sister but she is holding her soul. All I need to do is have Nick killed and then I can bring back Adeline.

"Oh Mate." I sigh standing up as I hear my mates voice from the living room. Damn, I have missed her. I walk out of the stone room my eyes meeting with the honey gold ones. A smile spreads across her lips and she runs into my arms wrapping her body around me. My arms instantly go to her thighs holding her against me as she locks her lips with mine. Her hands are wrapped around my neck as our lips move against each other frantically. It's been months since I last saw her. She has to be a King, they never let her leave.

"Alice, I've missed you. How is our little science project doing?" A smirk forms on her lips as I sit us down on the couch her body still wrapped around my body. She pecks my lips quickly before sitting back in my lap her beautiful eyes meeting mine.

"Well, Adele has realized that you were using her. Nick and she have gotten really cozy and haven't left their room in a couple of days. Don't worry he hasn't taken her yet, I applaud my brother for lasting this long. They're almost ready for phase two, let them live in their bliss for a couple more days till everything they know is ripped from them. I promise my love that Adeline will live again." I smile softly, she is risking a lot to betray her family for me. I would do the same for her, she is my mate and I love her. We would do anything for each other.

"Then phase two it will be. Now let's stop talking about Adele, how long do you have till you have to go back?" She smirks wrapping her arms around me pressing her lips against mine once again. I deepen the kiss wrapping my arms around her back pushing her against my chest.

"I am supposed to be on a hunt right now so I have the rest of the day till they start questioning my whereabouts. Don't worry love soon enough we will have every day with each other for eternity." I smile feeling a warmth in my chest, there's nothing that I want more than that. I want her forever and more. I want to watch the stars die out and the earth disappear into nothing. I want to travel the stars with her. I want to love her for the rest of eternity. Once this is finished and Adeline is alive and well again we can all live together for the rest of our lives.


I was stone dead for only a couple of hours till Julian found me and dug me from that shallow grave the Kings made for me. Nick, he followed my wishes. To be buried in that garden. That man was one hundred percent in love with me as was I. That was until Julian compelled me to hate the one man I had ever loved. He took me from my warm grave and resurrected my body. Before I made sure that he couldn't fully bring me back without my soul. I hid my soul in another that wasn't due to be born for a couple of hundred years. Long after Julian had died naturally. That was the plan until Julian broke his only promise to me. Not to become those stone cold creatures. When Julian broke his promise a piece of me broke too, which is the reason for this hostility towards him.

He has trapped me in the land of the living but I am neither dead or alive. My physical body is very much dead and cold but my soul, it is living. It wants to be at peace but as long as Julian is here keeping my body alive I can never pass over. I can hear him most days promising me something I did not ask for. He wants to bring me back, he was the one who killed me not the King brothers. I loved Nick and Liam with all my heart and he turned me into a hateful creature. He killed me. He compelled me to go after Liam, to break Nick's heart and only then when Liam was under my spell he had me try to kill Nick. I knew that the instant I swung my blade at Nick, Liam would strike me down. My brother never put that into consideration, I did though. I was praying for him to kill me, to break me from this prison Julian put me into.

Recently Julian has come to speak to me more often, about his mate Alice, Nick's younger sister. Then about a young girl. A girl he said he thought was me at first. A girl he then realized was the key to bring me back. I silently prayed for that young girl every night. Prayed that Julian would never figure out the way to bring me back. Because the only way to please nature is an eye for an eye. If something is to be brought back something will have to be taken away. This young girl will have to die to bring me back. I chose this girl in my final breaths. I searched for the brightest most promising soul. I searched for a soul that not even the darkest minds would think about harming. Then in my search, I found her, the girl Julian has been talking about. She wasn't the brightest soul, she would have heartbreak and darkness in her but she still has shown brightly. That was one of the three reasons I chose her. The second reason was the fact she was my doppelganger. The third was because she was Nick's mate. I was once the lover of that man, I know how far he will go to protect her. Their destinies are forced to intertwine no matter what. He will never let anything bad happen to her. My trust for Nicholas King is the main reason I gave that young girl my soul. I know that my death had destroyed him and he was left broken and alone. He is the only one able to set me free. I gave him this opportunity to see me again only because I think he deserves a proper goodbye. He deserves that after all these years. He deserves happiness.

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