Stone Cold

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I walk these halls alone for the first time since I have been here, Nick is in his office doing some work. He told me to go take a walk, to explore the castle. I had nothing better to do so now I walk down the empty halls. Most of the Vampires only come out at night leaving me alone for most of the day. I am completely lost at this moment, this castle is like a maze. I turn one hall and it only leads to another hall. Everything looks so similar, I am almost convinced I have just been walking in circles all day.

I turn down a hall gasping when I see Nick’s sister Alice standing in front of me. She has a small smile on her face, I take a step back seeing her eyes lock with mine causing my body to go into a panic. I think I should run. I take another step backwards my eyes still locked with hers.

“Don’t move.” I feel my muscles tense and freeze and I gasp as I can’t move. Is she controlling me? I open my mouth to yell knowing that Nick would be here in seconds if he heard me yelling for him. “Don’t say a word.” My jaw locks closed and tears leave my mouth as I am trapped. How is she doing this to me. My eyes meet her gold ones seeing amusement in them. What the hell is she doing? “God my brother really is stupid. Just letting you walk these halls alone when he has a traitor in his mists. Honestly I think he was dropped on his head when he was a child. Julian and I have decided that my brother has lived long enough. Caused enough problems for the world. I think it’s time you take all that training wr put into you and kill him.” My eyes widen and I shake my head, why is she doing this to me? How is she connected to Julian.

“Well Adele it seems that my initial plan of you just killing Nick has failed so I guess we will have to go to phase two.” My eyes are wide as Julian steps from the shadows his hands trailing across my frozen body. I try to flinch only to be stopped by the pain from trying to move. I watch as Alice’s hands wrap around Julians shoulders resting her head on his shoulder. I go to speak only to have nothing leave my mouth. I see Alice’s eyes light up as she chuckles only to have Julian give her a disapproving look causing her roll her eyes snapping her fingers. Instantly I feel a weight off my chest allowing me to speak again.

“Why are you doing this to me Julian?” I see a smirk form on his lips and he takes a step towards me taking my chin into his hand. Instantly I just want to pull away, this man took me, held me prisoner, took my memories away. I feel tears slip down my cheeks as I am unable to do anything to stop him. I can’t scream out, I can’t run. I can’t fight him. I’m just stuck here waiting for his next move.

“You see Adele, you hold something inside of you that is very dear to me. My loving sister hid her soul in yours as a way to be reborn. The only problem is that I refuse to bring her back into a world where Nicholas King still lives on.” I gasp out feeling his hand tighten on my chin forcing my face closer to him only to have the spell Alice has on my body take full effect pain spreading through my body.

“Please Julian, you don’t have to kill him. Adeline can live in a world where Nick exists. Take her soul from my body, we will never bother you again. You can have your sister back.” I hear a chuckle leave Alice’s mouth and Julian’s grip on my chin falls and he takes a step back only to be replaced by Alice’s figure.

“My brother has caused enough horror on this world for a thousand lifetimes. A world without that monster is a better world for everyone.” How could she do this to us? How could she betray her family? Let her own brother be killed? What kind of world am I living in?

“He is your brother. You are fine with him being killed?”

“You don’t know anything about my family young lady. You don’t know my brother or the things he’s done. You trust him blindly and forgive him after every terrible thing he’s done. Imagine thousands of years constantly having to deal with those terrible things. My brother is a cruel heartless being.” I shake my head feeling tears pool in my eyes. I don’t want to believe her words. I don’t want to believe that Nick is that bad he drove his own sister to want to kill him. Nobody is that evil. Nick is not that evil. I know him. He hasn’t hurt anything since I have gotten to know him. He has been kind.

“Julian, Alice. Please you don’t have to do this. I’ll do anything else. Just don’t make me kill him. The world can live with Nick in it.” Julian shakes his head grabbing onto both my shoulders his eyes locking with mine. Instantly I feel lost in a trance like his eyes are hypnotic. I need to look away. This isn’t going to be good.

“I order you to kill Nicholas King and only when you do will your memories of your life come back to you.” I feel like a fog has covered my entire body and a nod leaves my body my eyes locking with Alice’s seeing a smirk on them. I feel something cold being pressed into my palms my eyes meeting the silver weapon. I look back up at Julian holding the weapon tightly. “Act like you know nothing.” I nod slowly tucking the weapon into my pants slowly walking away from the two. My body is trapped in a trance. No matter what my mind says or does my body doesn’t follow. I am trapped in a compulsion. I turn a corner my body slamming into something hard, instantly I fall backwards feeling hands wrap around me pulling me against them. Instantly I step away fear of my weapon being found. I meet the bright green eyes and a small smile spreads across my lips.

“Hey, I was just heading back to your office, I wanted to take a walk. You talk about the gardens so much but I’ve never been.” I see something flash in his eyes and behind his cold exterior I see fear in his eyes. Sadness, weakness.

“Sure.” He takes my hand turning around walking the direction he came from me. My eyes watch the back of his head feeling completely empty inside. I only have one thought, one motive. I feel the cold metal against my skin as it is tucked into my waistband.

“Adeline. She was the love of your life correct?” I close my eyes feeling his grip on my hand tighten as anger rushes through his body. Make him angry at me, give me a reason to drive this stake into his heart. Say it was self defense, say that he attacked me. Say I didn’t realize what I was doing before it was to late.

“She was a girl I loved, she was not the love of my life.” His eyes meet mine and I see a sparkle in them, he has a kind smile on his face which makes my heart clench but I push it away my eyes narrowing a little as I look down at our hands intertwined. We walk through a stone arch my eyes widening when I am met with this green light covering the entire area. My eyes travel upwards seeing the large opening covered with a thick layer of vines. It’s thin enough that the sun still shines through. My eyes travel across the vines to where they all connect at a large oak tree. My eyes continue to travel around the garden amazement running through my entire body. Beautiful flowers cover the entire area ranging from purple to pink to blue. It seems overgrown but also in place like it was supposed to look overgrown.

“Wow it is beautiful here. How have you kept it so nice here?” My voice is cold and dull and instantly I see Nick look my way question in his eyes. My eyes widen a little and I shake my head trying to push down the compulsions effect. I shouldn’t sound so angry all the time make him suspicious of my actions.

“This is where Adeline used to come every day. The garden was her home her place to get away from the world. She asked me to bury her here when she died so the place she loved became her grave.” I smirk feeling his hands wrap around my waist holding me against him. I close my eyes turning around pressing my lips against his my arms wrapping around him. I push him backwards a little seeing his legs hit the stone bench only to have me push him backwards and he falls onto the bench his eyes widening a little. He tries to stand up only to have me straddle him pushing him down against the bench. I press my lips against his sweetly tasting the metallic metal taste of blood.

“And I guess it will be yours too.” I see his eyes widen in horror as he realizes what is about to happen but he is too slow my hands wrap around the silver weapon driving the dagger deep into his chest. I watch as his body jerks upwards and his eyes are filled with betrayal. There is a smile plastered on mine. I hear distant yelling in the background but everything has seemed to stop and slow down. My eyes widen in horror as memories flash into my mind and my eyes lock with the green ones.

Tears spill from my eyes and I sob as arms pull me back and I see Micah quickly pull the dagger from Nick’s chest throwing it to the side. I hear him yelling at me but my wide eyes are locked to the green ones. His face once pail is now a sickly grey color and his eyes are turning white. That’s when I break out of my trance a scream leaving my mouth. Instantly Micah falls to the ground holding the sides of his head. My feet move on their own to the side of my mate my hands placed on either side of his face. His body once moving has stopped and his once green eyes are now pure white. I wail only to have a high pitch frequency leave my mouth hearing Micah instantly cry out in pain. This can’t be happening. I couldn’t have done this to him.

“No no no no no no, Nick please don’t leave me. I am so sorry. Please I need you. Who is going to name the stars with me? Nick I remember everything now, please don’t leave we could have a life together. I don’t care that you are a monster, we all have monsters inside of us. I know who you are Nicholas King. You are not evil and you don’t deserve to die like this.” I am screaming at the corpse of my mate hoping that somehow this will bring the little life back into the man. I need him, I can’t lose him. I just can’t.

“What the hell did you do Adele? What are you?” I look over at Micah next to me who has tears flowing down his cheeks as he looks at the corpse of his brother. “He would have fought harder if it wasn’t you. You killed him. You killed your own mate.” A sob leaves my mouth as I look at Nick’s stone cold body, I killed him. No, he can’t be dead. I will not let him die.

“I didn’t mean to. Julian he was controlling me, I couldn’t stop myself.” I sob running my hands through my hair gasping out as I feel my throat starting to close up and panic rise up through my body. He can’t be gone, I can’t lose him like this. I can’t be his killer.

“Fuck!” I flinch as Micah smashes the wall next to him rocks tumbling to the ground, my hands wrap around Nick’s grey ones sobbing loudly. Suddenly I feel something cold touch my hand, my eyes snap up to meet the ghostly figure of my mate. I gasp reaching out to touch him only to have my hands go right through him. Instantly I cover my mouth with my hands a sob leaving my mouth.

“I’m so sorry.” I see a small smile form on his lips and his figure closes the small space between us. I feel a coldness on my lips a sob leaving my mouth and I break down crying as the ghostly figure kisses me.

“Oh God.” My head snaps away from Nick to lock eyes with Liam and their mother seeing tears fall from their faces. I gasp when I feel a cold hand being pressed against my cheek. I look back at the ghostly figure of Nick seeing a sad smile on his face as he’s trying to say he’s sorry. Sorry for what? He has nothing to be sorry for, I drove the dagger into his heart. I killed him.

“Please don’t leave me Nick.” I sniffle my voice being muffled by my sobs. I gasp for air feeling like someone is stepping on my throat. “I don’t want to say goodbye yet.” I feel a hand on my shoulder and I instantly push it away my eyes staying locked with my mates. “You lied to me.” I see his face drop and a tear slip from his eyes. I see his mouth move but I can’t hear the words that come from them. I gasp out a sob leaving my mouth crying harder than I have ever have. “You said you will always be there to protect me. Please- Please come back to me.” I see a sad smile on his face and he shakes his head his cold hands leaving me. Instantly I reach for him my hands just going directly through him. He moves farther away and I stand up stumbling after him, he stops at the bench where his physical body lays. Liam and his mother now crouch by it tears falling from their faces. I hear a scream and my eyes snap to Eris who is crying for her best friend who lays stone dead in front of her. I look back at the figure of Nick who stands in front of me. Is this his way of saying goodbye to me? No! I will not accept this. He can’t leave me.

“I wished I had time to name the stars with you.” Everyone’s eyes snap over to Nick’s voice all of them having confusion on their faces. Tears fall down my face as I hear his voice it seems so distant like we are talking through phones with poor service. As he speaks I see the ghostly figure of him start to disappear throwing my body into a panic. No. he can’t leave me. I won’t let him.

“No!” I feel pure power rush through my body as I reach out grabbing the ghostly figure of my mate. Instantly the arm that was once something my body would just walk through becomes a solid and my fingers wrap around the cold arm. I see Nick’s eyes widen as he looks down at my hand then meeting my eyes. I feel a power like nothing before radiating off of me. I feel so powerful. Nick’s eyes hold confusion as he looks at my fingers wraped around his invisible body. “There is no way in hell I am letting you go.”

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