Stone Cold

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I have been pulled apart piece by piece until my body was only a ball of flesh and bones. I have been tortured and dissected in a lab. I have been stabbed and shot, I have been through more pain than anyone should be. I have endured hundreds of years of pain only to get up and do the process again. All that pain was nothing compared to the feeling of the dagger slicing through the skin hitting the dead muscle that once kept me alive. The most painful part of this was that the one who had stolen my life from me was my own mate. I realized the moment I saw her eyes that she was being compelled to kill me. I don’t know how Julian got int here without me not noticing but he put Adele under a spell. I could see the horror in her face as she stabbed me as she finally realized what she was doing.

I never believed in heaven or hell, I didn’t think there was anything beyond death. I’ve always feared death because of that, will there only be darkness. Will I never see the people I lost again. I knew ghosts existed, I would see Adeline walking these halls for the first few months after her death. I would follow her around, we would always end up in this garden eyes locked. Mine always filled with tears and she always had a smile.

I always told myself I wanted to die in this garden by her grave so that I to would be trapped in this garden with her. She would always lea me to her grave, her eyes downcast at the ground where I buried her. It felt like she was torturing me with remembering that she was laying six feet under stone cold. I felt like the world was trying to punish me for letting a pure soul like that be killed off by my own brother.

I stand here looking down at my dead body seeing my mate cry over me, I never wanted to see her cry like this and to have it be over me. I don’t know how she can see me or even touch me. I am dead, I should just be a ghost. But somehow Adele is keeping me here with a power I never knew existed. I knew she was powerful but powerful enough to break through the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Her once baby blue eyes are now a shade between light blue and white. She holds confidence in her body like I have never seen before in her. It’s like she knows everything she needs to bring me back. I don’t want to leave her yet. I have just gotten to actually know her and now she has her memories back I can be with the Adele I know.

“Adele. What’s happening?” I look over at Liam who is crouched by my dead body tears flowing down his face. My mother sits right next to him sobbing over my body. She looks like she is praying for something to bring me back. You would think after having a horrible son like me for thousands of years she might be happy to see me perish. Micah has his back pressed against the wall his knees against his chest and his hands running through his hair. I see tears flowing down his face. My brother has never shown any kind of emotion towards me, I honestly didn’t think he cared about me at all.

Adele doesn’t say anything she just grabs onto my arms pulling me closer to her. I follow her to my stone cold body looking down at it, it’s a horrific sight. My eyes once bright green are wide open and white completely missing of any sort of life in them. My skin is cracked and grey making me looked almost mummified. It’s terrifying to see myself like this, I hoped none of my family and surely not Adele would have to ever see me like this.

Suddenly I am pushed forwards my ghostly body being propelled by a powerful force. I look back at Adele who shines brighter form before her hands gripping onto me as she forces my soul back into my body. I see my lifeless body start to shake violently both Liam and my mother back up shocked. Even my own eyes widen in shock a silent gasp leaving my lips. Is she actually doing this? How is this possible? The laws of nature surely won’t let this happen. Nature and I have a long past, there is no way to bring someone back from the dead without nature taking something back. This is going to kill her. I can’t let her die for me.

“Adele stop please, you are going to kill yourself.” I see tears fall down her face and she shakes her head crying out as a force is pushing against her own. Nature is fighting back, it wants me to stay dead. I understand why Nature has wanted me for a very long time. I was created as a human that would eventually die and return back to her. That pleasure was taken from her when I became a Vampire. Then hate was born as I took more of those humans that would have returned to her and turned them into creatures like me. Nature has a vendetta against my family.

This force against her only makes her fight harder against me the light around her becoming brighter that even Liam and my mother have to look away from it. Her eyes are pure white now, my eyes are locked with hers horror on my face as I see blood starting to drip from her nose and her right eye start to close as she fights the pain of the force. She needs to stop before she hurts herself anymore, just let me go. I won’t be able to deal if I am alive and she is dead because she tried to save me.

“Adele!” I watch as she falls to her knees as the pain is too much for her to handle. In a flash of light, I am blinded and lose all sight for a moment my body suddenly feeling heavy. I feel like I can’t breathe for a moment and I open my mouth gasping for air. My eyes snap open sitting up and I look down seeing flesh and skin. My eyes travel across the room my vision fuzzy, I see figures of my family and friends all shock on their faces but I still search around the room looking for my mate. She brought me back, I don’t know how she was able to bend the laws of nature but she did it. My eyes suddenly snap to her frozen body just sitting there unmoving on her knees. My body feels weak as I slowly slide off the bench kneeling in front of her, my hands cup her cheeks bringing her face to look at me. Tears and blood trickle from her face and she leans into my hands sobbing. Her baby blue eyes are back to their normal shade and a smile is stretched across my lips. “You did it, baby, you brought me back.” A muffled sob leaves her mouth and she nods her small arms wrapping around my body. I hear the cries from my family as they take in the fact that I am now alive.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was compelled. I would never hurt you.” She sobs into my chest her arms wrapped weakly around me. The power she once held now completely gone, I don’t even know how she is awake right now or even alive. She faced nature face to face and beat her to the ground. Not many live to tell that tale.

“I know, it’s okay. I am okay.” I press my lips against her forehead my eyes locking with Liam who has shock on his face. Her body shakes against mine as I place my chin on her head my arms still wrapped around her small frame. Liam mouths something but my vision is still too blurry to see that far. My body feels so weak, coming back from the dead seems to be energy draining. “Can you stand.” I feel her nod against my chest slowly pulling away from me. I meet her gaze again seeing her tear streaked face and dried blood. I run my fingers across the soft skin seeing her head instantly press against my hand. I feel her hand cup my own closing the small distance between us. My eyes are wide for a moment as she kisses me softly. I honestly didn’t think she would kiss me once she got her memories back. I thought that maybe the Adele that had kissed me would disappear once she got her memories back. I press my lips against hers returning the soft kiss.

“I’m so sorry.” She stands fully up her hand still clasped around mine. I slowly raise my weak body from the ground instantly feeling dizzy as I stand for the first time. Instantly I feel the soft arms of my mother wrap around me as she cries into my chest. I stumble backward unable to support my body. I feel a hand on my shoulder keeping me from falling. My eyes snap to lock with the dark ones, Micah gives me a small smile keeping his hand against my back keeping me upright. My eyes search for Adele to see her in the arms of Liam who holds her limp form. Instantly panic rises through me and I let go of my mother stumbling towards Adele. I trip over my own legs catching myself on the wall meeting Liam’s eyes.

“She just passed out. She used a lot of energy.” I nod feeling the world spinning around me. I am going to pass out, I look up at Liam who eyes flash with concern trying to reach out for me as I feel the weight of my body become too much and I am falling. Suddenly I feel arms around me and my eyes lock with my younger brother seeing a small smile on his face. I go to thank him but nothing comes out of my mouth. I just find my vision failing and darkness surrounding me once again.

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