Stone Cold

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Warmth surrounds me feeling skin against my own. My body is weak and I refuse to open my eyes knowing that the light will blind me instantly. I feel arms wrapped around my body and tingles spreading from the contact. I smile into the neck of my mate tightening my grip around him. I remember everything that happened between us, the anger, the hatred. I remember feeling mad at myself for wanting him. I remember walking through the woods without shoes once again like I always tend to recently. I remember naming the stars with him, I remember the warmth I felt when I was around him. Our short time together, I remember it all.

“Adele?” I lift my head from Nick’s neck opening my eyes slowly to meet the soft green ones. Our faces are directly in front of each other as we lay in the same bed. I don’t know how we got here after everything that happened but I know it must have been one of the King family members. His eyes soften when his eyes meet mine a small smile on his face. His eyes follow every curvature of my face as he takes in every bump like its the last time he’s going to see it. “Are you okay?” I nod slowly feeling his arms tighten around me. Light shines through the windows hitting the side of his face. Everything is so peaceful and quiet. I could live in this moment forever, it is so peaceful.

“I should be asking you that question, I’m not the one who came back from the dead.” Instantly my eyes darken when I say this pain spreading through my body. God, what have I done? I killed him. I feel tears form in my eyes when I look at him seeing his smile drop and worry flash through his face. “I’m so sorry Nick.” He gasps softly wrapping his arms tighter around me so my body is hidden in his body. He runs his hands through my hair trying to comfort me.

“You don’t need to apologize, Adele, I know it wasn’t you. I’m just glad that you are okay. That you have your memories back now.” I smirk nodding against his chest feeling his hands continue to run through my hair keeping my body pressed against his.

“Finally, now I remember how annoying you are.” I feel his chest vibrate as he chuckles. “I can’t believe I kissed you.” I hear him fake gasp acting like he is hurt from the words but I know he can see the faint smile on my face.

“If I remember Adele you kissed me after you got your memories back too.” I feel my face flush bright red and I gasp burying my face into his chest hearing him laugh his fingers running through my blonde locks. I relax against his touch as his fingers continuing to massage my scalp.

“Please don’t stop.” A small moan like sound leaves my lips as the feeling of his hands through my hair slowly massaging my scalp. Instantly I hear him gasp his grip on my hair tightening his other hand wrapping around my waist. I don’t move my face from his chest gasping out softly.

“Adele please don’t say that like that.” I feel my face flush against his chest and I nod slowly as his hands loosen its grip on my hair but doesn’t stop as I requested. I hear a soft knock on the door but I don’t move a muscle and neither does Nick. He sighs softly looking over at the door. “Come in.” I press my body against Nick hiding from whoever is coming through the door. Nicks’ arms are still wrapped around me tightly with no intention of letting me go. I hear the door to the bedroom close and quiet footsteps by the bed.

“How is she feeling?” Nick sighs continuing to run his hands through my hair as I feel a dip on the bed as Liam sits on the edge. He’s quite like he doesn’t want to wake me. “Has she woken up yet? She must be exhausted the power she used. Sebastian was right she is so powerful.” Instantly my eyes snap open when I hear the mention of my stepfather. I sit up from Nick’s chest meeting Liam’s eyes.

“What are you talking about? That power? My family knew about it?” I hear Nick sigh from behind me and I look back at him to see his hands running through his hair. I look over at Liam who is looking at the ground like he just did something bad. “Liam?” I see Nick’s eyes lock with Liams as trying to tell him to shut his mouth. Instantly I move my body in front of Nick blocking Nick’s dominating gaze. “Liam tell me or I swear to God Nick is not your biggest worry.” I gasp as I feel Nick’s hands lift me up placing me in his lap. He wraps his arms around me placing his head on my shoulder. I feel my face turn bright red and I gasp placing my hands on my cheeks trying to cool my face down. “I don’t know what you think you are doing Nick but that’s not going to stop Liam from telling me.” My eyes lock with Liam seeing fear on his face as he shifts his gaze from me to Nick clearly afraid of what Nick is going to do if he tells me. “Ignore him, Liam.” Liam’s eyes snap to me and he gulps nodding as he plays with his fingers clearly nervous.

“Well, you aren’t human. You are something that we call a Banshee. Your father found you on a beach when you were just a baby. They kept you knowing that you weren’t human and raised you so your Banshee side was suppressed and you were more human than Banshee. That’s why your blood tasted so good to us, Banshees are one of the purest souls in the world. They can bring people back from the dead or help them pass to the other side. Only when a Banshee is in distress is when their true power comes out. Stories said that the wail of a heartbroken or hurt Banshees cries can be heard for miles. It can deafen a human in seconds.” My eyes are wide and I feel tears start to fall down my cheeks as my entire life as I know it comes crumbling around me. I see Liam’s eyes widen as he notices my tears guilt instantly coming to his face. I rub my eyes sniffling as I feel my body starting to go into a panic. I feel like the world is crumbling around here and I can’t do anything to stop it. Everything I knew was a lie, my parents aren’t my parents. My life was a lie, I was taught that I was human and that I had a place in the world as a human. That was all a lie, my parents knew what I was for my entire life. My father the one person I trust lied to me for my entire life. Would they have ever told me if I never met Nick? They didn’t tell me. Liam did a man I have known for a few months, not my own family. They would have never told me. They would have lied to me for my entire life if none of this happened.

“Adele? Are you okay?” I need to take this anger out on someone, instantly my mind drifts to the one person who I want to murder right now. I sigh closing my eyes as I pull away from Nick’s grip quickly standing up. I hear Nick say my name but I ignore it standing on shaky legs walking to the door. I feel a hand on my shoulder as I wrap my hand around the door handle. My eyes narrow at Nick seeing him step back a little his eyes wide. I hear his footsteps behind me as I storm down the dark halls looking for the brown-haired girl. I hope she hasn’t fled yet. She could be waiting for the rest of the family to tell her that her brother is dead. I stop in my place when I see the back of her head. She is looking out at the ocean just waiting. I turn around facing Nick placing my hand on his chest.

“Stay here.” His head tilts in confusion, he doesn’t say anything but listens to my words. I step towards her and she quickly turns, her eyes locking with mine. She has a darkness in her eyes like she is afraid or sorry.

“I thought by now that they would’ve killed you.” I sigh crossing my arms my eyes narrowing. I could rip her to pieces right now for what she’s done.

“Yeah, I guess you would’ve been wanted them too. So you could keep your deep dark secret.” She sighs nodding slowly, she has nothing to hide from me. She knows what she did and so do I.

“My brother? Did he suffer?” I hear the hatred in her voice hoping that to last breath he suffered the full extent of her anger and hatred.

“Yes, he did. He was in pain, his eyes showed so much pain it ripped me apart inside.” She sighs running her hands through her hair. She thinks Nick is dead, that her work is don’t and she can finally be free with her mate. “Why did you stay here Alice? Why aren’t you with your mate? Julian is surely waiting for you.” She nods her eyes locking with mine. I see no guilt or grief in them over the death of her older brother.

“I’m waiting. I wanted to see the corpse of my brother and curse his name once more before I leave.” Anger radiates through my entire body and I want to rip her apart piece by piece till nothing is left but blood and mangled flesh.

“Nick,” I call out to my mate seeing Alice’s eyes widen in fear as Nick steps out from behind the wall anger in his eyes. I smirk seeing her start to run my hand snapping out to grab her with inhuman speed. Her eyes widen as I slam her body against the wall fear in her eyes.


“You don’t know anything about me, Alice. You should have taken the time to get to know more about me before you turned me into a living weapon for your own benefit.” Her eyes are wide and there is so much fear it makes me want to laugh. Julian turned me into a weapon, trained me every day for two months. I look over at Nick who nods quickly making an evil smile form on my lips. “You know Julian taught me many ways to Vampires. He wanted me to have the best chance of killing Nick, he taught me the ways Vampire’s feel pain. You are weak, you will be able to feel pain sooner than Nick would. You will be easy.” Her eyes widen as I tighten my grip around her neck hearing her gasp out. With my other hand, I punch her once hard in the stomach her body crumbling to the ground. I only lift her up again by her throat only to throw her to the ground by Nick’s feet. I see tears fall down her cheeks as she looks up at her brother. Nick sighs grabbing his sister by the shirt lifting her to meet his eyes. They are narrowed and I see a wave of anger I have only seen a few times. All of the time has been when I mentioned Adeline or when Micah hurt me.

“You wanted her to kill me? You helped Julian kill me? You stole my mate and took her memories? What did I do to you, Alice?” She pushes away from Nick stumbling back into my arms and I instantly push her back so she stands in front of Nick and between us. I keep my eyes locked to the back of her head waiting for her to take a move so I can grab her and beat her to a pulp.

“Have you met yourself, Nicholas? I have stood by your side for thousands of years watched as you destroyed people I have loved. You killed my first love, you killed my child, you killed my husband. And for what? Because you hated that you were alone so you took everything I loved from me. So when I found out you fell in love with Adeline I had to take her away from you and then the God’s decided that you were worthy of a mate, after everything you were given someone to love. After you have taken everything from me you are given everything. So I wanted to take her away from you once again and when that didn’t work Julian and I decided that you don’t deserve to live anymore.” I see shock on Nick’s face which is probably what mine looks like. Alice had a child? A husband? My eyes shift to Nick to see guilt in his eyes, so it’s true. Why would he do that to his own sister?

“Alice you know I loved your daughter and I would have never hurt her. What happened was an accident. And your husband I am sorry but he was going to kill us all. I had to protect the family. The town they would’ve burned us at the stake is they found out what we had turned into. Alice this was thousands of years ago, there is nothing you could do to bring them back no matter what.” I see tears fall down her face shaking her head. I still see the anger in Nick’s eyes as he looks at his crying sister. I see nothing but anger, honestly, it makes me scared of him again. “I will give you time to gather your things and leave Alice. Then if I ever see you again I will not hesitate to kill you. Go leave with Julian and never return, live the rest of your life. I hope our paths never cross again for your sake.” Her eyes are wide as she experiences generosity from the man she just cursed the name of, even I am surprised. I honestly thought that Nick would rip her head off and her body would lay crumpled on the ground. I watch as she quickly nods her head in a way of saying thank you to her brother running off the opposite direction. Nick sighs turning to face me he has a sadness in his face, I can tell that it hurt him to do that.

“Are you okay?” I see his face drop and a small sigh leaves his mouth, instantly I wrap my arms around him feeling him stiffen against me only to relax his hands returning the hug. I smile into his chest as we stand there in complete silence in each other’s arms.

“My family has stood by my side for thousands of years, my brothers are my best friends and my sister was the strongest woman I met in the world. We have had our arguments and planned assassinations but never once did we actually want each other dead. My family, we have been together for a long time, I love them more than anything.” I nod looking pulling away only far enough to meet his eyes. I see tears in them as he holds back the tears I wish he would show me. When I first met him I didn’t think he was capable of any emotion. I thought he was this stone cold creature who was only going to kill me one day. He tried so hard to make my vision of him come true. He hurt me, locked me, threatened my life. Even though he would do this to me he would always help me stand back on my feet. He saved me when I was at my darkest, and smiles with me when I was feeling at my best. When I first met him I thought that nothing human about him still lived inside that stone cold heart. I was wrong.

“It is okay to feel sadness Nick, it is not like I am going to judge you. Have you met me? I am an emotional wreck.” I see his lips turn up in a small smile as a chuckle leaves his mouth. He pulls me back into the hug and I feel his lips against my forehead placing a small kiss against it. I smile looking up at him standing on my tippy toes. I slowly press my lips against slowly closing my eyes, I feel his hand on my waist pulling me against him as he returns the soft kiss. A smile spreads across my lips and I pull away opening my eyes slowly. My eyes meet his bright green ones wishing that I could get lost in them. I could look at them forever, every time I look at them I fall in love with them all over again. They hold so much in them. You always hear the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul and honestly I never believed that saying till I met Nick. I’ve looked into a lot of eyes, I have never seen what I see in Nick’s. It’s like I can read everything. I can tell when he is sad, angry, or happy. I can see the darkness behind their bright exterior. I can see the pain. I can see the happiness. This man has been through more pain than I even knew existed in this world. I was raised in the light, my father never let the darkness touch me. I never experienced true pain until the darkness tore my father way from me. The past couple of months I have let the darkness take over my every move, I have let it into my home and it has become comfortable. I think darkness have overstayed its visit.

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