Stone Cold

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I watch Nick as he walks across the room dagger in his hands, the same dagger only yesterday was buried deep into his chest. The same dagger that I once held in my hand before I drove it into him. My eyes feel heavy as I look at it, it terrifies me. Julian said this was a special dagger that could only kill the Kings. Living that long the family had to protect themselves against people who would possibly harm them.

“I am worried on how Julian was able to get a hold of this dagger. I buried it with Adeline and no one touches her grave without me knowing.” I sigh running my hands through my hair. What Julian said about me and how I hold something inside of me. Something that can bring Adeline back.

“Before Julian compelled me to kill you he said something about how I hold something inside of me to be able to bring her back. He also said that he wouldn’t bring her back to a world where you are still living.” His eyes widen and he grips the dagger tighter, my eyes widen when I see a flash and suddenly Nick is no longer standing in front of me. I gasp standing up quickly running out of the room to the only place I think he will be. I dash through the stone halls my body instantly feeling weakness spread through my body from two days ago. I stumble placing my hands on the side of the wall breathing heavily. I shake the feeling away standing up straight continuing to run towards the garden where Adeline’s body lays. I bump into someone on the way but don’t look back just continuing to run towards the garden.

“Adele? What is happening?” I don’t answer Liam just turn down the next hall my eyes landing on the door of the garden quickly pushing the door forwards. My eyes instantly search for my mate, my eyes widen when I see dirt and plant matter thrown across the stone flooring. I see vines and bushes ripped by the root out of the ground. Then I see him, he is sat by a wooden box his back pressed against the stone tears streaming down his cheeks. I gasp taking a step towards him stopping once I hear a gasp behind me. I turn my head slightly seeing Liam standing there his mouth partially agape. He takes a step towards us only to fall to his knees tears flowing down his face. “Why? Why would you do this?” I take another step towards Nick my eyes widening when I get a full view of the casket. I look at the empty box feeling tears come to my own eyes. Someone took her, Julian, he took the corpse of his sister and he intends to bring her back? Instantly realization hits me and I stumble forwards into my knees in front of the open casket.

“Nick. I am so sorry.” I sigh reaching out grabbing the dagger from his hands, he lets me take it and instantly I feel a warmth in my chest.

Do it’ My eyes widen when I hear a woman’s voice in my head. I look around searching for the source of the voice my eyes widening when I realize the voice is from inside of me.

“What do you want me to do?” Nick’s eyes snap towards me his eyebrow tilting in confusion I look down at the dagger in my hands gasping when I feel the warmth again.“Adeline?”

Yes. It is me.”

“What do you want me to do?” My eyes snap up to meet Nick seeing worry on his face as he slowly stands up taking a step towards me. I look down at the dagger in my hand slowly standing up backing away from Nick, I quickly turn my head to see Liam still crouched on the ground tears falling down his face.

“Adele? Who are you talking to?”

Stab it through your chest, I know it’s scary but it will release my soul from you. Everything will be okay Nick will never let you die.’ I nod slowly looking down at the dagger in my hands. Nick can sense there is something wrong in the air, can see the determination in my eyes. I never met Adeline before but I know I can trust her. If Nick was right she has been living inside of me for my entire life. She could have spoken to me anytime in my life but now she has. I trust her and I trust her words that I will survive this. I look Nick in the eyes then stab the dagger deep into my chest. My body is thrown into shock and my eyes widen my hands letting go of the dagger that still stays buried in my chest. I can’t hear anything, can’t even feel the pain that I know is ripping my body apart. My eyes widen as I see a ghostly white figure leave my body and the instant it does I fall. I hear faint screaming in the background and my blurry eyes find Nick and Liam looking down at me, shock in their eyes. That’s when the pain hits and a scream leaves my mouth and Nick pulls the dagger from my chest quickly covering my wound with his hands.

Nick bites into his arm quickly pushing his bloodied wrist into my mouth, I grab it devouring the blood feeling the wound start to heal and the broken skin starts to mend itself. I trusted Adeline and she was right, I will be fine. Nick will always save me. My eyes shift to the ghostly figure still standing there looking down at me. My eyes trace over her face shocked at how much she looks like me. It’s scary looking at this girl knowing that she lived inside of me for my entire life. A girl who lived an entirely different life in a different time but with the same people I live with now. She smiles at me waving goodbye before turning around her ghostly figure leaving the room.

“Oh God Adele. Why would you do that? I thought we said no being suicidal on the weekdays.” I laugh at his stupid joke seeing tears fall from his face. My fingers reach up to him cupping his cheek giving him a soft smile.

“I’m sorry Nick.” I press my lips against his cheek tasting the salt from his tears against my taste buds. I groan as I sit up feeling the healing wound stretch and rip the skin open a little. I gasp holding my chest as blood drips from it. I see Nick’s eyes widen and he goes to but his wrist again only to have me stop him. His face is already paling and his eyes are greying a little. He just died and got brought back he doesn’t have the power to help me. ” I am fine Nick. Save your strength, I’m sorry if I scared you. She wanted to get out.” He tilts his head in confusion looking around the room for the figure of his first love.

“Adeline?” His voice breaks a little when he whispers out her name, I feel a pang of jealousy as he calls out to her hoping to see her face. My eyes widen as I see her ghostly figure pop up next to him her hand on his cheek. His eyes are dark as he looks in front of him knowing that she is there. “Why did you do it? We could have had a life together.” I watch in horror as he speaks tears falling down my face as I feel my heart being ripped in two. I slowly back up watching the two sit there. I sigh as Liam takes a step towards them his eyes wide. He can see her, I know Nick can too. Her body is more together like slowly she is becoming more visible as time goes on.

‘I know I am sorry my love. I was compelled to kill you by Julian. I wanted a life with you. I wanted to live together till the end of time itself.’ A gasp leaves Nick’s mouth as he hears her speaks and at the exact time, I feel the two halves of my heart crumble into dust. I feel pain all over my body like I am being ripped apart limb by limb. I see Liam’s eyes lock with mine seeing my pain his eyes widening. Why does it hurt me so bad? I feel like I am dying. I slowly stand up walking backward Nick not even noticing that I am leaving the room. Liam doesn’t follow me either just lets me stumble out of the room holding my stomach in pain. I walk down the halls tears flowing down my cheeks.

Why am I in so much pain? How could he just push me aside instantly? She has been dead for years, he has continued to tell me that he doesn’t love her any more than the instant she is back he falls head over heels. I can’t breathe. Oh God, I can’t breathe. I gasp for air falling to the ground as I hyperventilate pulling at my roots. I cry out in pain hoping for anyone to take away my pain.

“Adele?” I look up at the voice my eyes landing on Ken seeing worry in his dark eyes. I look up at the man my body shaking. His eyes trace over my form his eyes landing on the bloodied shirt a gasp leaving his mouth. “Oh. Are you okay? What happened? Does Nick know you’re hurt.” I nod slowly sniffling as I wipe away some of my tears only to have new ones fall. “Do you want me to take you to him?” My eyes widen and I shake my head frantically backing up a little. All I want is to be away from him. “Okay. Follow me.” I nod slowly following him sniffling as we walk down the stone halls. Honestly, I don’t trust him one bit but anywhere is better than with Nick right now.

I follow him through a part of the castle that I have never seen before. The place is better kept than the part where Nick and his family lives. We turn down another hallway and Ken walks towards a door twisting the doorhandle swinging the door open. Ken opens a door for me allowing me to go in first. I clutch my chest groaning in pain feeling the blood start to spill from my wound through my fingers.

“Here.” My eyes widen when I see Ken bite into his wrist blood pooling at the top. I never have drank the blood from any other Vampire than Nick. I take another step towards him feeling my body ache. I should have never listened to her, she told me she wanted to be free and then she took the one person I care most about in this world. She tore him from my grasp and took him as her own once again. She deceived me. I grab onto his wrist biting down on his wrist hearing him gasp out his free hand bunching my hair up at the roots. It’s not as sweet as I remember Nick’s being but still, it is addicting to the taste. “Damn I forgot how quickly this drains us.” I pull away quickly looking up at him wiping the blood away from my lips.

“I’m sorry Ken. It’s been a rough day.” He chuckles running his hands through his snow-white hair. I feel the hole in my chest mend completely and the bleeding stop allowing the pain to subside.

“What happened Adele?” My eyes darken when I remember everything that happened. I was a fool, I fell for a man who already gave his heart out to another woman. I fell for her trick and now I am left heartbroken.

“I let Adeline’s soul out of my body.” I see his eyes widen and a small gasp leaves his mouth. ” He instantly fell for her again. I was pushed aside and forgotten about.” I see sadness on his face and he sighs sitting down on the king sized bed in the middle of the room. I look around the large bedroom my eyes widening. This room is fit for a king. Not even Nick’s room is this big.

“I’m sorry Adele. It must hurt to be rejected so quickly and out of nowhere. It feels like your body is being ripped apart and your heart has turned to dust.” My eyes widen as he speaks my exact feelings. Nick rejected me. He chose her over me. I should have guarded my self well. I fell for my captor and in the end, I got hurt. I should have left with Laurance all those months ago. I should have run when I had the chance.

“I just feel angry.” A small smile spreads across his lips as he nods slowly keeping his eyes locked with mine. I just want to punch something anything. I want to yell and scream. He destroyed me once again, he always ends up hurting me. I don’t want to be hurt anymore.

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