Stone Cold

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I watch Ken as he walks from his place by the window to sit next to me on the bed. We have been here in this silence for a couple of hours now. I sigh looking over at him watching his pure white hair fall over his black eyes. He is honestly built like a supermodel. Naturally handsome. His eyes hold pain in them. I had hoped Nick would have come for me but honestly, he is to busy with his first love to even worry about his mate.

“Did you ever have a mate, Ken?” His eyes widen slowly and I watch as he runs his hands through his white hair.

“I met her once in my life. It was her eighty-fourth birthday. The thing is with us Vampires we can go through lifetimes without finding our mates and then we can find them when they are old and dying. I spent the last couple of her years with her till her death. I became her live-at-home nurse. I met her children and her grandchildren. I took her to her husbands grave. I became her best friend for the years I knew her. She could feel the mate bond but honestly, we would have never acted on it. She had a life, a great and wonderful life. She was happy.” I look at him seeing a sadness in his eyes. I feel bad for him to find your mate so late in life and then to have her die of old age when the other one lives forever young.

“I’m so sorry Ken. I really am, it must be hard to live with that.” He sighs running his hands through his hair leaning back on the bed so he lays next to me. I look over at him our eyes locking. He holds so much kindness in his eyes, I’ve never seen so much in one person before. It’s heartwarming really. “Thank you for being here for me.” A sad smile spreads across his lips and he nods brushing the hair from his face looking up at the ceiling.

“It’s the least I could do for you. You were in distress, alone bleeding and heartbroken on the floor. There was no way I was going to let you just lay there.” I smile at the kind man feeling my heart start to feel warm again. He has been so nice to me, let me stay here in his room while I hide from my mate. He has cleaning the blood from my body and given me new clothing to wear. Not that any of it really fits me. It’s all baggy and way too big for my small body. I lay here in sweatpants that have been tied as tight as they can and my baggy shirt hangs to my mid thighs. I hear a knock on the door and I groan sliding off the bed hiding from the door. Ken chuckles sliding off the bed walking towards the door. Before he can even open it the door swings open revealing a pissed off Micah. I gasp ducking my head trying not to make a sound.

“I can smell her here Ken. Adele stand up now and nobody gets hurt.” I gasp quickly standing up my eyes locking with Micah. He scowls as he looks at me his eyes landing on my clothing. “Let’s go.” I narrow my eyes at Micah, I honestly hate this man so much. He grabs my arm pulling me out of the room. I look back at Ken seeing a sadness in his eyes as Micah pulls me out of his view. I gasp out when his grip tightens and he speeds up his pace.

“Micah stop your hurting me. Where are you taking me?”

“Your mate Adele. As you’ve been whoring it up with Kenkichi he has been looking for you .” My eyes widen when he says that and I pull away narrowing my eyes anger filling my body. How dare he say that about me. He has no right to say that about me.

“I did no such thing! How dare you say that about me.” I cross my arms seeing his eyes narrow and he takes a step towards me.

“You reak of him Adele. You wear his clothes and I can smell his blood in you from here. He’s claimed you Adele and you didn’t even realize it. You were left heartbroken and he used your state to claim you as his own. You belong to him now not unless Nick claims you back.” My eyes widen as I look back the way we just came. Ken claimed me? Is that what happens when you drink the blood from a vampire. I just thought that it heals your wounds. I think Micah can see the horror in my face and his eyes soften and he takes my arm once again slowly leading me down the halls. My body is numb. Did Ken know what he was doing? Did he do it on purpose? I feel stupid once again. I constantly do this to myself, I hate it so much. I am pulled down a familiar hallway my eyes instantly locking with the green ones. I see the fear in his eyes instantly widening when he sees me. I gasp when I am torn from Micah’s grip warm arms wrapping around me. I feel warm for a second but then I push him away tears in my eyes. His eyes are wide as tears fall down my face anger clearly shown all over my body.

“Adele? What is wrong? Why.” He stops his eyes darkening slowly and he takes a step backward fear on his eyes. “You let another man claim you? You wear his clothes. Did you let him fuck you too?” I see the anger on his face and I sob taking a step backward. Instantly when I do horror fills his face.

“Nick.” My voice breaks and he takes a step backward trying to hide the pain in his face. “I didn’t.” He shakes his head and I can see in his eyes that he doesn’t believe a word I say.

“Don’t fucking lie to me Adele. God, you’re a whore. Get out of my view. I can’t look at you.” I feel my legs weaken and my heart drop as he yells at me. He doesn’t believe me. He’s just angry. I should be angry. He turns around beginning to walk the other way.

“You are no better Nicholas!” I see him turn around his eyes narrowing. ” The instant you saw Adeline you were back in love with her. Don’t lie to me, Nick. The moment her soul returns to her body and she comes to you asking to be with you forever you are going to say yes. She was always your first choice.” His eyes widen a little but he quickly masks it with anger.

“Maybe I will Adele. She sure seems like a better option right now.” That’s when the pieces of my shattered heart get blown away in the wind. Tears fall down my face as he turns around walking the other direction. I turn to look at Micah seeing his eyes wide and he stays unmoving. I push past him my legs weak as I make my way down the halls unaware of where I am going. I hear footsteps behind me but I don’t look back. There is this dull ache in my chest it feels like my insides are slowly closing in on me.

I don’t know how long I walk these halls but now I sit on the same bench I once sat with Nick when I decided to name the stars, looking at the sunset. Micah sits next to unmoving and silent. I am grateful he is here and hasn’t spoken. I don’t think I wouldn’t have liked being alone right now. The sun hits the water reflecting off of it, my eyes travel as far as the visible ocean allows. I hear the crashing of waves against the rocky shore and the wind hitting the sides of the castle walls. Tears flow down my face, I can’t stop crying. I should have run out of water in my body hours ago but I just continue to cry.

“Adele let’s go. It is getting late and you haven’t eaten, let’s go get you some food.” I close my eyes refusing to look at him, I have hated this man for months now and suddenly he cares about my well-being. I turn to look at him seeing his hand outstretched towards me. I sigh grabbing his hand standing up on shaky legs.

“Why do you care if I live or die Micah. You once held me dangling by my throat from these castle walls.” He sighs as he walks beside me his arm linked with mine. I watch as his face twitches slowly as he remembers the things he has done.

“I am sorry for that Adele. I truly am. I haven’t been in the right mindset for a while now. I have hurt many people in my life. I have killed even more. When you killed Nicholas something snapped inside of me. I felt something I hadn’t in years, I felt immense sadness and I saw it in your face too, it made me realize that I had shut off my emotions for far too long. I have hurt so many people and I can’t live like that. I rejected my mate, I made her life unbearable. I destroyed lives around me everywhere I met and I decided I don’t want to do that anymore.” My eyes widen a little bit before I look back at the ground, I appreciate that Micah is taking a step in the right direction. It will be nice to make a friend even with our past together.

Micah pushes open a door for me allowing me to enter first my eyes landing on the familiar kitchen. I haven’t been here in a while, the food is usually brought to me before I wake or Nick randomly hands me food. I don’t question it. I sit down at the counter as Micah opens the fridge searching for food. I place my head on my palm as I watch him feeling the pain in my chest dull a little.

“You know I didn’t have sex with him right? I know it seems like I did, I’m wearing his clothes. I drank his blood but honestly, nothing happened between us. I was angry at Nick but I would never do anything to hurt him. Not like he has hurt me. I just don’t have the power in me to even think about hurting him.” Micah sighs turning to face me nodding slowly as he hands me a small bag of chips leaning over the counter watching me.

“He will realize that eventually Adele. He cares about you but he is hurt.” I feel anger from his words. Nick has no reason to be hurt, he has gotten everything he ever wanted. His first love has revealed that she still loves him. She is returning to her physical body. They could be happy together.

“That’s bullshit, Micah. Do you know how I felt when I saw him with Adeline? The look I saw in his eyes that I knew I would never receive from him? The way he looks at Eris like he wants to take her on ever furniture in this cursed palace. And here I am feeling like this guilty mistress. I am his mate Micah and he acts like he can use me for attention then throw me aside when someone else comes around. I was angry Micah and Ken found me crying and bleeding. Nick cared too much about Adeline that he just left me to wander the halls after I was stabbed. Ken gave me the comfort that Nick never even thought about giving me.” Micah’s eyes darken and he sits down across from me taking my hands in his own. I look at our clasped hands feeling the cold skin against my own. His hands are so much colder than Nick’s. They don’t give me warmth but I feel a different kind of comfort. Weeks ago I would’ve run as far as I could away from Micah but now he is the only person giving me comfort.

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