Stone Cold

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I stand looking out at the ocean hearing the waves crash against the shore as the sun sets slowly. The pain in my chest has dulled a little. The wind pulls at my hair trying to rip at it. Tears flow down my cheeks as I look at the beauty of the sunset. My mind goes back to a week ago when everything I knew changed.

“I’m leaving Adele.” My head tilts in confusion as he speaks to me for the first time in days. What does he mean he’s leaving? “I reject you as my mate Adele Charolett. You are free to go now. Go home. Have a life. Forget about me.” I watched as he walked away from me and my body felt like it was being ripped apart. He didn’t even let me explain anything. He never let me tell him the truth. He won’t listen to a word I say.

That was a week ago, the day after the rest of the family left. Nick’s mother and father were the first to go. Then there was Eris’s family followed by Ken, Miles, and Jared. I watched them all go in the shadows. I watched Micah and Liam hug them as Gwen comforted me. I was glad to have her but then Liam and Gwen told me that they were also leaving. I hid my pain afraid of being hurt more. They said they wanted to explore the world. Gwen wanted to see how much she has missed. Micah and Eris were the only ones to stay. Micah said he wouldn’t leave me to live in this castle alone and Eris said she wanted to try again with Micah. She saw how much he changed and she wanted to try again with him. When I found out that she was the one that he rejected I was surprised. I don’t know how they could have been around each other and not fall back for that stupid mate bond.

Even though they said that they weren’t going to leave me I hardly see them. Micah checks on me to see if I am still alive and well. Everyone has said that I could leave too. That I could have a life again. Forget about this entire experience. I can’t though I am alone in this castle. I am free to go. To go back to my family. But I won’t leave. I know Nick has given up on me but I haven’t. I will wait here until he comes back. Even if it takes him years to return I will still be here waiting for him.

I feel anger towards him because he never let me explain, he just left me here. He can’t do that to me. He can’t uproot my life, throw me around like a rag doll, make me fall for him then leave me. I will wait here till he returns ready to listen to me. I will wait hundreds of years if I have to. I will make Micah turn me and I will wait here. I am not letting him leave that easily. I know right now I would not be able to find him. He does not want to be found. So I will wait till he decides to walk through those double doors again.

“Are you cold?” I turn to look at Micah who holds a jacket in his hands smiling at me. For some reason, he has taken it as his responsibility to take care of me. He could have left with the others but he stayed. He stood by my side as everyone around me left. I nod slowly taking the jacket from his hands watching as he leans against the railing next to me looking out at the disappearing sun.

“I hate him.”

" I know. I would too.” He turns to look at me and instantly when our eyes lock I break down crying again. All I can do is cry, I can’t express my anger, I can’t feel happiness, all that is there for me is this dull sadness.

“Why didn’t he take the time to listen to me? Why didn’t he even stop and calm down? He just gave up and left. He left me here, told me I could leave. That I could go home. I don’t have a home anymore. The people I called my family were never even related to me. The only home I have is this place. His room is my home, his home is my home and he just left me. Adeline is back from the dead, Julian and Alice are still out there and I am here.” I sob as he pulls me into his chest wrapping his arms around me trying to comfort me. I don’t feel the warmth like I did with Nick. I don’t feel the tingles I miss so much. I feel coldness.

“He will come back, Adele. He may be angry but he will always come back. He will always come back for you.” I look past Micah at Eris as she steps out of the shadows. I really have never talked to her, I was always jealous of their relationship. How close they were. I knew they were more than friends before. You can see it in their eyes. It hurt me.

“Thank you, Eris.” She nods slowly as Micah lets go of me as Eris slides her hands across his back wrapping her arms around him from behind. I smile at her as he turns around quickly pacing a small kiss on her cheek. I remember feeling this way with Nick, the need to be around each other at all times. ” I feel like a widow for some reason.” A smile cracks on my face as Eris laughs and I see her eyes crinkle at the sides. She is so beautiful, it makes me jealous. “I feel old and haggard. Nick has drained the life from me. I’m just so mentally exhausted.” I look down at my hands as I sit on the bench feeling the warmth from the sun leaving my skin. I see Micah take Eris’s hand kissing her cheek softly before walking away leaving the two of us alone. Eris slips down in the seat next to me following my gaze into the horizon.

“When Micah rejected me I felt lost. I know my experience doesn’t compare to yours because I had no connection with Micah but I still felt it. That pain in your chest like your entire body is ripping apart and there is nothing you can do to stop it.” I nod feeling tears cloud my eyes and I sniffle running my hands through my hair. “Nick is a very difficult man. He’s too emotional for his own good and maybe that is why people like me get attached to him. I am jealous of the way he can feel things. Also saying this he is an idiot. He gets angry and he pushes people away. He overreacts and ruins beautiful things. I think that is part of his curse, he was turned into this creature of the night only to destroy everything beautiful and pure around him. Maybe that’s why he put up such a guard around you. He was afraid of getting hurt so when the possibility of getting hurt again happened he fled.” I sigh running my hands through my hair looking at the side of her face as she looks at the small crescent of the sun left. She has this sad look on her face and I understand her pain, she lost her best friend. He just left without saying goodbye to her. He said goodbye to me but then left the rest of them without another word.

“I tell you, Adele, he was dropped on his head as a child.” I crack a weak smile as Micah returns from the shadows a small plate of food in his hands. I give him a thankful smile as I stab the warm pasta with the fork hearing my stomach instantly growl. I don’t remember eating this morning, the days just seem to be blending together and any concept of time had left my mind completely. I’m not living anymore I’m just existing.

“This all started because I was jealous.”

“You has every right to be.” I look over at Eris who holds an anger on her face. “The way Nick treated you. How he threw you aside and forgot about you the instant Adeline showed up in his life. It must have ripped you apart. He is your mate. You may not be eighteen yet but you feel the mate bond. You can feel the pull and crave his touch.” I nod looking down remembering the anger I felt towards him as he threw me aside like a doll and gave his first love the attention I wanted.

“He told me over and over he was over her. That he didn’t love her. That whatever they had was in the past. I trusted him with all my heart. I gave him so much of myself. I knocked down all my walls and then he destroyed everything. The look on his face when he saw her. It felt like someone was ripping my heart out. I was gone for hours before Micah came for me. Hour of sitting in agony, helpless and vulnerable. And in that state I was used by someone I thought I could call a friend.” I feel Eris’s hand on my back trying to comfort me as I notice the tears falling down my cheeks. “Ken helped me when I was dying on the floor. I gave him some of my trust. I didn’t know that drinking his blood meant I as claimed by him. He was just trying to help. I was bleeding. The wound in my chest was a mess and I was dying slowly. He saved me. I didn’t mean to hurt Nick but honestly he hurt me ten times more.” Eris’s eyes are wide as she takes in this information for the first time. Micah sits on the other side of me taking my hand in his making me meet his gaze.

“Whatever you need Adele we will be here for you. I promised you I wasn’t going to leave you alone and I not going to go back on that promise. I will stand by you. I will defend you and your pride.” A small smile spreads across my lips and I look at my new friends. Honestly if you asked me a week ago if I would look at Micah and Eris and consider them my friends I would say no. But today they are the only ones who still stand by me as everyone else has left me alone.

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