Stone Cold

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Part of me wants to go back to that castle just to see if she stayed but the other part, the logical part of myself, knows she won’t be there. I want to curse this stupid mate bond for wanting to be close to her. I rejected her it shouldn’t be this painful to be away from her. I don’t want to want her, I want to hate her more than I ever thought possible. She let Ken claim her, she wore his clothes. It was like a huge slap in the face seeing her like that and then she tried to defend herself saying I was no better. Maybe she was right. I slept with Eris, I kissed Adeline. I left her to bleed out while I fell in love with the soul of a dead girl. I get she wanted to hurt me, I just don’t accept her methods. When I smelled Ken on her, in her blood it broke me. She gave herself to that man. She destroyed the bond between us. I can’t be around her anymore. I refuse to.

I say all this but I stand outside the home she once lived in, the place she lived in with her father and stepmother. I want to know more about her, I want to find out how she came to this family and what she is. I slowly walk up the stairs feeling nervous for some reason. I haven’t felt nervous since I was human, this is why I hate this stupid mate bond. She makes me feel human and I don’t want to be one of those weak creatures again. It’s infuriating.

I stand at the top of the stairs looking at the wooden door. It’s such a small quiet house, so peaceful, the ocean if only feet away from the door. I understand now why Adele loved the ocean so much. It reminded her of her home, of her father and stepmother. She has been by the ocean her entire life.

I sigh, I could turn around. I don’t know why I am even here throwing myself back into her life when I told myself I wouldn’t. I just want to know more about her though, what she is. I have never met a Banshee and for Adele’s father to know what she was. Her stepmother must know something about that too. I knock on the door hearing quick movement from inside the house. Then the door opens opening to a woman I thought had died years ago. I gasp stepping backward looking at my dead friend clearly standing here alive and well. Her eyes widen and she goes to close the door only to have my hand stop the door hearing it crack under the pressure of my strength.

“Nick? What are you doing here? How did you find me?” I step into the house my eyes narrowed as Liza backs up fear on her face. This woman, I mourned her. I considered her part of my family, she has aged, the years have seemed to have caught up to her. I remember her as the party animal young girl. It’s weird to see my old friend aged.

“I came here because I was looking for the place Adele lived. Her family.” Her eyes widen in horror and she steps back clearly worried about her stepdaughter. I walk father into the house and she watches me like I am a wild animal tearing apart her furniture.

“Where is Adele? What did you do to her?”

“How are you alive Liza? I saw you die with my own two eyes. I watched you fall, your human there is no way you could have survived.” She sighs collapsing in the armchair motioning me to sit but I don’t. I just walk around the living room taking in the warmth of this house.

“Our life together was going to kill me. You wouldn’t let me leave. It was a party after party men after men who you made me seduce and for you to drink. You controlled me, compelled me to do all this. I had to get out Nick, and when I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to do it for that child.” My eyes widen, I hardly remember our time together, at that point in my life I was a monster. I killed and drank blood for years. To think that it was only eighteen years ago I was like this.

“I’m sorry.” Her eyes widen as I apologize to her. I think she is shocked at how much I have changed. When we were friends I would never apologize for the people I killed and the lives I ruined. I would just kill and feed.

“Where is Adele?” I turn to look at her seeing anger in her face. She really cares for Adele, the girl I knew was not one to care about people.

“She is safe I think. Probably with Sebastian Knight and his family. Maybe she is at my home, I really don’t know. The real question is, do you know what she is? Who her real parents are? I would love to pay them a visit.” Her eyes widen and I see a sadness in them as she runs her hand through her graying hair. She curses softly nodding as she watches me run my fingers across the bookcase feeling the antique books against my fingertips. She made quite a life for herself since I last saw her. She was just a homeless girl working on the streets for money and now she lives in a beachfront house in sunny Califonia.

“She is my daughter. The reason why I left you, her father got me pregnant during the time that we were luring men to their deaths and we fell in love. He was already married at the time to that evil woman.” My eyes are wide, so she is Adele’s mother. I am confused. “When she found her mate it was a perfect time for us to get married. Adele was my pride and joy, sending her away to that family killed me. I could have stopped it too, I could have got a DNA test. I could have done a lot of things to keep my daughter here with me, but the truth would have destroyed her. After the death of her father, she couldn’t handle it. She lived in the light that girl, surrounded by it constantly. God, she probably could make even your dark soul lighten a little.” I feel a smile form on my lips and I quickly push it away trying to forget my whore of a mate. God even calling her that in my head makes my body chill completely.

“She has gotten under my skin, Liza. Your daughter always seems to amaze me.” I walk to the other side of the room looking out at the ocean. It’s dark out, you can barely see the ocean from here even though it is only feet away. California is always one of those places that I have always loved to visit. Throughout history, it has stayed this warm bright place. It is always sunny, rain seems to ignore the state at all costs. It is such a warm state maybe that is why Adele is so bright. “Are you a Banshee like her?” Her eyes widen and she nods slowly running her hands through her hair.

“I hoped she would never have to find out about that part of her. That part of us is dark and she was so light all the time. We can kill with our screams, we can cut through metal and stone. We are evil creatures. We can see the souls of everyone who has died if we wanted to.” I can see darkness in her eyes like she believes the words she says. I knew her for a while and she is not an evil creature. And neither is Adele.

“You’re wrong. You and your daughter are not evil creatures. She brought me back from the dead. She is not an evil creature. She has shown me time after time that she thrives in the light. Do not be fearful for your daughter, she is going to be fine. She does deserve the truth though, she is angry at everything and everyone. She is going to do something rash that will hurt more people than she already has.” I see her eyes widen as I sit across from her eyes resting my head on my hand. She holds question in her eyes.

“How do you know so much about my daughter? Why do you care so much about her?” My eyes widen a little and I look down at my lap. I feel angry at myself for caring this much about a girl who seems not to care about me. I realize now that even though I tried to reject her, it seems it really didn’t stick. She is my mate and I don’t think that will ever change even how hard I try.

“She’s my mate.”

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