Stone Cold

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I smile feeling the pine needles under my bare feet as I make my way up the hill. I managed to pass the manor and make it to the woods without seeing the Knight family. I know they must be watching me. Watching from the shadows. There must be a dozen or so in the woods. I can sense them every time I move. They haven’t moved closer to me. Just watched me as I made my way down the beach and into the woods. A bead of sweat rolls down the back of my neck as I climb up the hill. It’s been a while since I hiked. Not since my time with Julian. I do miss him sometimes. It was a peaceful time for a while until I found out everything I knew was a lie. He was kind to me till he wasn’t. I miss that bond with someone. I miss the sibling bond. I thought I had a brother but it was revealed my family was never mine. I was lied to. God, I hate them all. I hate my mother, I hate my father. I hate Sebastian and Liza. I hate everyone. I am filled with so much hate. I have been lied to, taken advantaged of, I have been used for others gain. I hate everyone.

I hate Nick. I hate him for leaving me alone. I hate him for rejecting me. I hate him for not listening to me. I hate him for not believing the one person has stood by him no matter what. I hate him for making me want him. I hate him so much. I wish I could rip him apart. Make him feel the hate I have for him. I wish I could yell at him for not believing me. I hate him.

I sigh looking up form the ground seeing that I have made it to the top of the cliff. I feel the stone cold rocks underneath my feet as I slowly make it to the edge. I feel tears fall down my face as I look at the beautiful view. Fresh snow covers the top of the trees like a blanket trying to keep them warm. I shiver slightly as my feet start to feel cold against the stone. I turn around looking at the wooden swing slowly making my way over to it. I lower myself onto the seat placing the sketch pad on my lap flipping to an open page. I look up at the view then to the pad my stuff fingers wrapping around the pencil. I slowly draw my first line hearing the led slide across the paper making the sweet sound as it leaves a black line.

I smile softly feeling the tears that fall down my cheeks as I quicken my pace drawing hundreds of lines feeling my fingertips glide across the paper. I don’t look up from my paper at the view it is burned into my mind. I have dreamed of drawing this view for months now. I feel free as the pencil slides across the paper making hundreds of trees. I look up when I see a drop of water hit the paper and I gasp as the dark colors smear across the paper. I feel wetness against my cheek and I place my led covered hand on my cheek pulling it back to see hot tears falling down my face. Why am I crying? I look back down at the drawing, other than the wet drop of water this drawing is one of the best I have ever made.

“Adele?” I gasp snapping my head up quickly wiping the tears from my face probably leaving black streaks across my face. I look up at the dark figure that emerges from the woods.

“Hello, Laurence.” I close the sketch pad slowly standing my eyes looking up at the woods to see if anyone is following him. I meet his soft eyes sighing softly, he must know that we aren’t related. How long has he known?

“What are you doing here? Did Nick let you go?” He holds hope in his eyes as I take a step towards him feeling angry looking at him. Has he known this entire time? Did he know what I was?

“He did.” His eyes widen hope in them that I am coming back to him and his lying family. ” He also rejected me in the process but I am not coming back. Did you know Laurence? Did you know what I was? Who I was? How long did you know? How could you hide my own identity from me for so long?” I see the sadness in his eyes as he realizes that I know now what I am and that I am not his stepsister.

“Adele, I’m sorry.” I feel tears well up in my eyes and I push past him down the hill. I storm down the hill feeling hot tears roll down my face. I hate him. I hate that family. I hate them all. I hate everyone so much. “Adele.” I hear his voice behind me I ignore him continuing to walk down the hill feeling the pine needles stab into my feet. I ignore the pain continuing to walk through the woods. “Adele! Stop!” I feel his hand on my shoulder and I quickly flip around feeling energy like before rush through my body and Laurance is thrown back against a tree. I gasp feeling horror spread through me. What did I just do? Oh God, did I hurt him? I quickly rush to him hearing him groan as he sits up looking ay me sadness in his face.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry Laurance.” He gives me a kind smile running his hands through his hair as he fixes his appearance. I am knelt by his side my knees getting soaked by the wet ground.

“I didn’t know till recently. When you went missing Nick came to us for help and in that, your mother told him what you were and that you weren’t her daughter. I am really sorry Adele. I wish you found out differently.” I feel tears fall down my face as I look at him, I look at him and I want to see someone I can trust or even consider my family. But I don’t have any family anymore. I have no one.

" I am so alone Laurence. I have no home, no one to call my family. I’m sorry for hurting you Laurence, I am just so angry. I hate everyone and everything.” I feel arms wrap around me pulling me into a warm hug. I gasp feeling the anger and pain I am have felt these last couple of months come pouring out to me into Laurence’s warm embrace. I want to scream. To rip him apart but all I can do is cry into his chest.

“No matter what happens. Even though we are not related by blood or by marriage you will always and forever be my sister and I will always be here to protect you when you need it.” I pull away looking at him shock on my face. I am crumpled in his lap my legs on either side of him and my hands pressed against his chest. If anyone saw us right now it would look like we are in some provocative position, God if Nick saw us right now he might kill us. I almost laugh at my mate for being so unreasonable and overdramatic.

“Thank you, Laurence. I must be going soon, I promised some people that I would return and I am not going to go back on that promise.” He smiles slowly helping me stand his hand staying in mine as he leads me down the rest of the hill. I keep the sketch pad pressed against my chest with my other hand watching where I place my feet. I think Laurence notices this and his eyes shift downward a chuckle leaving his mouth.

“Adele honey, why aren’t you wearing shoes?” I laugh as he makes fun of me feeling like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders for the first time in weeks. It makes me feel happy again after all this time. I would love to feel like this my entire life. I also know that could never be possible. Life is nothing without pain and darkness. Light and darkness coexist in this world more like close friends than enemies that we seem to perceive them as. One would not exist without the other. They are mates stuck in an eternal loop.

“A lot of things have changed about me these past couple of months. Me wearing shoes is one of them. Nick seems to forget that shoes are a necessary part of life and I guess in his absence I have adopted his ways of thinking.” I giggle seeing him crack a smile as we exit the forest my feet hitting the soft sand. It is quiet as we walk down the beach neither of us wanting to break the peace between us. I like the quiet, I have been living in complete silence for a couple of weeks now. At first, it was terrifying to live in silence but now it is quite peaceful.

“Will you come back to see me? It must be lonely in that castle all alone waiting for a man who could never return in your lifetime.” I give him a soft smile looking up seeing Micah standing in the same place I left him. Has he been waiting for me this entire time?

“I am not alone. I have Micah and Eris and they have been wonderful company. And I will definitely come to visit you and Gregory, I miss you guys more than I want to admit. You are the family I grew up with. You may not be related to by blood but you two are my brothers by choice.” I see a bright smile on his face as we stop between the two borders of territory instantly feeling heavy with emotions. This is another goodbye for who knows how long. I know I promised to come to visit them but I never know when that will be. “Please come visit me at the castle whenever you want. I am the lady of the castle now till Nick returns and our doors will be forever open to you and Gregory.” I see a light in his eyes that I have never seen before in anyone. He pulls me into a hug almost causing me to drop the sketchbook but I hold it tightly against my chest as I hug him back with my free arm.

I pull away facing Micah who gives me a soft smile extending one of his arms towards me. I slowly step over the territory lines looking back at Laurence once before taking Micah’s hand hooking my arm with his.

“Be safe Adele.”

“You too Laurence.” He smiles brightly which causes his eyes to crinkle and he gives me a small wave as Micah turns us the other way. I hold the sketchbook to my chest feeling the darkness I suppressed this entire time return to my soul.

“Lady of the castle?” I smile up at Micah who has a smirk on his face. ” I kind of like it.”

“Nick left his castle on the hill. He did not predict that anyone would be staying there while he is gone. He is my mate and I am his. The responsibilities of his land and his castle have been given to me in his absence no matter his wants or needs.” I feel a power in me. Not the power like before. This one is self-made not one from my supernatural being. “Nick has left me alone in his castle to rot. He has left his land and castle without a leader or anyone to defend its gates. This is my home now and I’d be damned if anyone tried to take it from me.” I see a smirk form on Micah’s lips and there’s a shimmer of mischief in his eyes. I smile back looking up at the dark castle by the ocean. Nick has left me and I thought because of that I was going to be broken forever. I realize the truth now.

I don’t need him to be powerful. His absence has made me powerful. It’s made me realize I have to stand up for the things I want and believe in. That I have to protect what is mine. Nick left his castle. He abounded it. I have every right to steal it from him and claim it as his own. I will not be torn down by his words or this bond of fate. Nick broke my soul. He caused so much hatred to fill my life. I think it’s about time he feels what he has done to me.

“Very well lady of the castle. What would be your first request?” A smirk forms on my lips and I feel the anger in my soul become deeper and darker. I feel my entire souls start to be consumed by this darkness and hatred until it fills me completely.

“Burn the garden to the ground.”

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