Stone Cold

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From the ashes of one’s kingdom, another one can be born. After a huge forest fire trees have grown back in its place. Nick left me alone. Left me with all this hatred and nowhere to put it. I couldn’t go after him. I couldn’t convince him to stay. So he left me. Rejected me. Ripped my soul from my chest laughed at it then threw it on the ground. He is an evil unholy creature. He has no remorse or feelings of regret. He just makes a decision after decision not caring who gets hurt in his path.

I wish I could curse his name to the Gods. Make them strike him down. That will never happen though. I will not allow it to be. He will suffer the same pain I have dealt with. The same anger. The same hatred and then maybe then will I let try to fix his mistakes. I’ve started my process already. Destroying everything he loved and cared about. It started with the garden. That evil garden where all this started. Where I drove the dagger through his chest and then my own releasing that soul to seduce him. Eris cried the entire time the flowers burned. She held anger in her eyes seeing such a beautiful garden burn. I get her pain. It was such a beautiful garden.

Then I destroyed his room. Or let me say their room. All that is left is a single bed and not even the one they once slept in. Then I destroyed his throne room where he once sat. This is no longer his home. It will be one day but for the time being it is mine. I placed a seat for myself where his once sat.

Then I destroyed myself. I turned myself into the one thing I knew he would never want me to be. A creature consumed by darkness and hatred. A creature filled with only anger and sadness. My blue and white dressed were replaced by dark purple and black. My skin paled. My eyes dull. Micah was worried about me at first. The sudden changes. The negative emotions that surrounded me. Then it changed him as well and soon Eris was to follow. They follow my commands. I am not sure where this power has come from but I do not oppose it. This dull castle on the hill that was abandoned and forgotten now belongs to me. I am the lady of the castle after all.

I sit on my throne for most hours of the day. The creatures around have been informed of my position and the duties that Nicholas once did now became my own. The Treaties. The meetings. The tortures. They have been placed in my hand. I accept it all because I am doing my duty for my home.

“Adele. Sebastian Knight is here to talk about a treaty.” My eyes snap up to Micah who stands at the door. I cross my legs looking at him. So now he wants a treaty. My mate offered him one before but he refused. What is his reasoning now?

“Send him in.” I place my hand on my chin and the other one taps the side of the chair. The large doors swing open revealing my fake stepfather and fake mother. This look at me with worry in their eyes taking slow steps towards.

“My lady,” I smirk as they give me a small bow. My mother looks so uncomfortable bowing to me. It almost makes me laugh. She looks like she is actually in pain bowing down to me.

“Come closer. I don’t bite.” I see their eyes widen and they take a step closer to me. I watch them come closer my eyes narrowing.

“Where is your mate young lady?”

“Nicholas has stepped out for a while. His estate and business belong to me now till he returns however long that is. Any business you have with him is now my business.” I see her eyes narrow and I wish I could slap that look off her face. It makes her look so ugly.

“And to think only less than six months ago you were just the quiet orphan from California. Now, look at you running Nicholas King’s entire kingdom. I never thought you would be the one to do it.” I give her an evil glare. This woman never loved me and all I gave her love. I tried to make her happy when all she did was hate my existence.

“A lot can change in a couple of months. But we aren’t here to talk about me and my life, were we?” I smile at them seeing them stand up straight looking at me. “You want a treaty? And what would this treaty include?” Sebastian steps forwards leaving his mate behind. My eyes leave hers snapping to his waiting for him to speak.

“We would like the old treaty to stand. Neither of us attacks the other without cause and you will be able to roam my lands freely. And we hope the same would be for yours.” I tap my chin looking up at the large chandelier. Is that fair? I mean if I get to roam his land shall he be able to roam mine.

“Deal, but nobody steps near my castle without informing me and if anyone does the treaty will be off. And this goes for your manor too. We can coexist in this world together but do not overstep your boundaries.” I sigh running my hands through my blonde locks meeting my mothers’ eyes. Sebastian nods and I hear a sigh of relief leave his mouth.

“Thank you for your presence, Adele,” I smirk nodding looking at my mother. She wants to say more. Maybe she wants to curse my name but I don’t want her to leave without saying. I watch as Sebastian and my mother stand up going to leave. My eyes snap to Micah seeing him nod slowly stepping in their way. I see their eyes narrow as they look at me. I slowly stand up making my way down the stairs.

“Mother.” Her eyes narrow and I see her fists tighten. “Speak your mind. I can see you want to say something. Please do.” A smirk forms on her lips and she takes a step towards me looking me over. I stand only an inch taller her but that’s all I need to look more powerful against her.

“What will happen when your dear mate Nicholas King comes back? You have no real power. We only fear what would happen to us if we would harm you. You are nothing but a little girl. You have no real power.” A chuckle leaves my mouth and I see a smirk form on her lips. I use my powers to come at her with inhuman speed my small cold fingers wrapping around her neck. I lift her into the air hearing a sickening growl come from Sebastian as I throw her against the wall. My eyes snap to Sebastian narrowing seeing his eyes widen then look down at the ground.

“Nicholas King has no power here anymore. This is my castle. He returns and nothing will change. I will still be the lady of the castle. The power I have is not because of Nicholas. If you have anyone to fear that would be me. Now you better keep your mouth closed or that little treaty we just agreed on will be burned as your manor crumbles to the earth.” I see her eyes widen as fear spreads through her body as I stand above her pure power radiating off of me. This is my castle. Not Nicholas’s. He abandoned it. He has no claim to it now. “Now leave. Be grateful I don’t throw you in my dungeons.” She quickly stands up nodding running over to her mate. I see Sebastian wrap his arms around her checking her for injuries as they rush out of my castle. I feel pain my chest when I see the mate bond. I hate the mate bond. I hate mates. They only disappoint you.

“Are you alright Adele?” I look over at Micah nodding slowly as I return to my throne. I collapse in it crossing my legs and placing my head in my palm returning to my original position.

“Who is next?” Micah looks at me a small smirk on his face as he opens the large revealing the white-haired supermodel. I smirk looking at him as he walks into my castle. “Kenkichi.” My eyes narrow as he walks closer to me a smile on his face.

“You look sexy sitting on that throne,” I growl standing up slowly watching him as he continues to walk closer to me so he stands in front of me looking down at me. I grind my teeth together as he places his hand on my chin making me look up at him. “How are you?” I pull away from him turning around heading back to my throne sitting down. Ken follows me smirking as he looks around the room.

“What are you doing here Ken?” He smirks brushing his white hair from his face, his fingertips trailing across the back of my throne.

“I never really left. I was only in the village over. I started hearing reports that a new queen of the Nicholas King’s castle has taken over and I had to see you in your glory. You are my claim after all.” My eyes narrow and I feel anger fill my body. So he did know what he was going. The damn son of a bitch claimed me. A smirk forms on my lip and I stand placing my hand on his chest.

“You’re the reason I got this castle and this name. Without you, I would be nothing but a pathetic mess of emotions.” I see a smile spread across his lips and he places his hand on my waist pulling me closer. I see Micah in the corner of my eyes shift uncomfortably and I smirk looking at Ken. This man is the reason Nicholas left me. He is sure to pay for his actions. I lean in pressing my lips against his own. He grabs onto my hips pulling me against his body deepening the kiss. I feel disgusted kissing him but my body just moves on its own. I quickly grab his chin forcing him away from me. “When you held me in your arms on that bed did you know what you were going to do? Was it your plan all along to drive Nicholas and I apart?” I tighten my grip on his chin hearing the bones crack and his eyes widen a little fear spreading through his eyes.


“Did you think that you would be welcomed back here with smiles and loving gazes? What the hell did you expect from me? You claimed me without asking for my permission. Nicholas rejected me because of you. Be glad I haven’t killed you yet.” I see pure fear in his eyes as I lift him by his neck feeling pure power rush through me. I throw him into the marble flooring hearing it crack and ken cry out in pain. “You deserve to die Ken for what you have done.” His eyes are wide fear that I am going to kill him right here and now. I press my heel against his chest so he is unable to stand looking down at him with dark eyes.

“I’m sorry Adele. I wanted you for myself.” I laugh seeing the fear in his eyes as I look like an insane person standing over him power radiating off of me. God, I want to kill him. Rip his heart out and feed it to himself.

“Yeah so how is that working out for you buddy?” I tilt my head to the side a wicked smile on my face only seeing the fear in his eyes. This man took everything from me, my happiness, my mate, the light in my soul. I lift him up by his shirt driving my hand deep into his chest hearing the flesh tear then the wetness of blood soak my hands. I hear a cry leave his mouth as pain spreads through his eyes. All I can do is smile as my fingertips brush his frozen heart. I could kill him so easily.

“Adele! Stop!” I snap my head to the side looking at the entrance of the castle. I chuckle pulling my hand from Ken’s chest watching the blood drip from my fingertips and Ken falls to the ground. I smile softly turning to face him looking at his pale face and dark eyes. So he decided to show up sooner than later.

“Micah.” Micah appears by my side looking down at Ken who lays lifeless on the ground. I got interupted I will have to kill him later. “Clean him up and put him in the dungeon.” Micah nods quickly picking up Ken rushing off the opposite direction. I turn my gaze back to the man who interrupted me. I smirk when I see the fear in his eyes as he takes in my form.

“Adele.” His voice is quiet and I see guilt in his eyes as he looks at me. I smirk returning to my throne looking at him.

“Hello, Nicholas.”

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