Stone Cold

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My eyes are wide as I look at her sitting in my throne, blood drips from her fingertips onto the marble flooring. I didn’t expect her to still be here and I also didn’t suspect her to be trying to kill Ken. I could see the joy in her eyes as she drove her hand into his chest. I am glad I made Liza stay in the village to the east till I found Adele. To see her daughter like this would kill her. The mood in my own castle has changed drastically. Even on a sunny day like today, it seems cold the light reminds me of a hospital. It’s so white and clean. It’s unsettling, this isn’t the castle I built. I was only gone for two months. How did so much change? How did she change so much? She looks at me with no emotion in her eyes just blank. This isn’t Adele. It can’t be.

“It seems you have returned Nicholas.” It is weird to hear my name from her lips. She always calls me Nick. She slowly stands up meeting my gaze. Her bright blue eyes locking with mine, I can see the power behind them. “In your absence, I have made some changes to your castle. Well, it is kind of my castle now that you abandoned it and me with it.” My eyes are wide as I realize what is happening. She is angry at me, and that anger has turned her into this monster. I turned her into this monster. “You know when you left me I was so heartbroken, I didn’t know what to do with my emotions. I hated everyone and all I could do was cry. You destroyed me. You left me without even explaining myself.” I see pain in her eyes as she takes another step towards me blood dripping from her fingertips.

“Adele.” She raises her hand to quiet me and I quickly close my mouth waiting for her to speak.

“Do you seriously think I slept with Ken? God, what the hell is wrong with you? I thought you would have more trust in me, Nicholas.” My eyes widen as I realize the horrible mistake I made. I left her here, rejected her without even finding out the truth. I just believed she would hurt me. I had no reason to believe it but I did. “I mean I would never hurt you the way you hurt me. ” I feel tears form in my eyes and I take a step towards her feeling my legs start to weaken. “I said to myself that when you returned I would give the power back to you but honestly you abandoned your castle Nicholas and I have every right to claim it as my own. Now you have a room to stay in and you are welcome to stay as long as you want. If you would excuse me I have work to do. Eris.” I hear her call out to my best friend and my eyes widen as she enters the room. She doesn’t look over at me just at Adele. “Take Nicholas to his room.” She nods slowly finally turning to face me. I almost gasp when I see the emptiness in her eyes. This isn’t my best friend. Adele walks off the other direction and I want to follow her. I want to see how much my mate has changed.

“Follow me, Nick.” Eris’s voice is quiet and I can see that she is scared. I have never seen her scared in all my years of being by her side. Even she fears Adele. I wonder where Micah is. If he too is trapped under her spell. I follow her down the halls looking at the back of her head, we walk in silence and I can’t help but feel that this is no longer my home. Suddenly my eyes land on something that makes my body freeze and tears flow down my face. I look over at the garden seeing nothing but ashes. I see Eris’s eyes darken and she lowers her head. I take a step towards it feeling like everything I know is crumbling around me.

“What happened?” I can hear the anger in my voice and feel it in my bones.

“Adele came back one day from the cliffs and instantly Micah burned it down while she watched. After that she burned your room down and then she destroyed your throne. There’s something dark inside of her. That isn’t Adele. The power she has, the cruelty in her heart, that is no longer your mate Nick. There is some dark creature inside of her.” My eyes are wide as Eris speaks to me, she is so afraid of her. I look down, this is my fault. I left her without protection.

“This is my fault. I left her, I broke her down to nothing. In that moment of weakness, something dark possessed her soul. I caused all of this.” Eris sighs her head snapping to the side as she is looking for someone.

“We shouldn’t talk too much. She can hear everything said in this castle.” My eyes are wide as I look around the room. That is terrifying. Some thing dark is filling her with darkness and hate. I will stop it no matter what. Eris leads me down the familiar halls and suddenly I stop when I feel the warmth hitting my skin and I turn to look at the open door that has been closed for years. Eris shakes her head frantically but I don’t listen to her. I just make my way over to the door peeking through the open door. My eyes widen and horror spreads through me. Standing in the middle of the room surrounded by the thousands of paintings my mother made years ago is my mate crouched over the lifeless body of Ken. She holds his head in her hands as the other dips the paintbrush into his thick blood. She drags the paintbrush across the canvas looking back at me a smirk forming on her lips.

“Nicholas please come in. Do you want to watch while I paint?” I slowly step into the room slowly making my way towards her. I come to one side of her placing my hand on her shoulder hearing her gasp softly closing her eyes. She can still feel it the mate bond. It makes me smile softly hope spreading through me. If she can feel this then she isn’t truly lost forever. “I have found the blood of the people who have wronged me creates the perfect color I have been looking for. Did you know that everyone’s blood is a different color? I wonder what yours looks like on this canvas? Is it as black as your soul? Or will it surprise me and be as red like Ken’s?” I don’t let my emotions show as I look at the beautiful painting. It is of the cliff view. The one that my mother painted every day. My mothers were filled with wonderful ranges of color. Adele’s is just red.

“It is beautiful Adele. Almost like the deepest part of hell.” I see her eyes snap up to me a smirk forming on her lips as my suspicion is proven correct. This is not my mate smiling at me. This something dark and evil.

“You are correct Nicholas. It does look like hell. Hell is darker though, this red is full of light. The blood in hell runs jet black.” I gasp softly looking down at her hands covered in the thick blood. I never wanted to see her like this. She has taken a life, she will never be the same now. She will never be the bright girl I first met. She will forever be trapped in the darkness this creature created for her. “It would be wise to return to your room Nicholas.” I see her eyes narrow and I step backward nodding. Her anger has completely taken over her body and mind. She is going to make more decisions that will scar her for life. I don’t want to see her like this. I swear I will get her back no matter what.

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