Stone Cold

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I sigh looking down at my bloodied hands placing them underneath the flowing water. The water instantly turns a pink color hearing a small sob leave my mouth. I don’t know why it hurts so much? I know what I did. I hurt him and I shouldn’t have regrets. He caused me so much pain and I told myself I hurt the people who had hurt me. I already got Nicholas back by burning that garden to the ground. I saw the pain in his eyes when he looked at it. I saw his tears as the thing he loved was left as ashes.

I look up at my reflection not recognizing the girl in front of me. Her eyes are dull and there is nothing behind them. Her hair looks lighter, her skin paler. This is not Adele Charolett. This is someone much darker. Someone filled with so much hate it is tearing her apart. This is a girl who can barely hold herself together.

“It is nice to see you cry, Adele.” I gasp when I hear his voice by my ear and I quickly wipe away the tears turning to face him. He doesn’t back up just traps my body between him and the counter. I look up at him seeing a smirk on his face as he cups my chin bringing my face closer to his.

“Nicholas I thought I told you to go to your room.” He smirks stepping back into my bedroom and I slowly follow him my eyes narrowed. Just what does he think he is doing?

“This is my castle Adele no matter what you say or do this will never be your castle.” My eyes widen a little and anger spreads through me seeing a wicked smile on his face. He’s trying to get me angry. I smirk placing my hand on his chest feeling the mate bond between us.

“That is true Nicholas this will always be your castle. I mean what do you want me to do? Bow down to you?” I tilt my head to the side giving him a smile seeing his eyes widen as I get on my knees lowering my head to bow to him. I hear him clear his throat unsure what to do.

“Stop playing Adele. Stand up.” I laugh slowly standing to meet his gaze. I can see the anger on his face as he looks at me.

“I know I have changed a lot Nicholas but what’s with the hostile look? I am still your mate after all. I still have those silly mate urges. I wanted to hurt you the way you hurt me and I tried with that garden but you will never feel my pain. I cannot hurt you. Not like the way you have hurt me.” His eyes widen as he looks me over, I press my hand against his chest slowly leaning into his lips. He gasps softly his hands wrapping around my waist pulling me against his chest. I wrap my arms around his shoulders pushing him backwards onto the bed. My legs are on either side of his body as I deepen the kiss feeling his hands roam up and down my body. I want more and more, he makes me feel human again. I feel complete for the first time since he left. Suddenly memories flash through my mind. I remember pressing Nicholas against the stone bench as I hid the dagger in my shirt. I remember my lips against his in this same position that we are now. I gasp jumping backward off of him my eyes wide. He looks up at me shock on his face as I take a step away from him tears flowing down my face.

“Adele?” I shake my head running my hands through my hair. No, I will not be weak again. I refuse to feel that so much pain anymore. I just want to be strong. I don’t want to feel that pain again.

“Get out.” His eyes widen as he slowly stands up making his way over to me. I shake my head putting my hands in front of me and he stops in his place sadness in his eyes. “Please get out Nick.” His eyes soften and he takes another step towards me. I hate him. I hate him for leaving me. I hate him for choosing her over me. I hate him. Why do I always have to go back to this and convince myself that I hate him over and over?

“Adele I am sorry for leaving you. For choosing Adeline while I had promised myself to you. I am sorry for filling you with so much hatred. God, I’m so sorry Adele.” I shake my head feeling tears spill out of my eyes. No, he is lying. He left me. He is a horrible person. I hate him, I hate everyone. I hate everything.

“Please return to your room Nicholas.” I push back the tears standing up tall seeing his expression falter and he nods and he leaves the room. The instant he is gone I gasp out for air running my hands through my hair feeling my nails dig into my scalp.

“Fuck.” I kick the wall hearing the wall crack and break from the force of my leg. I gasp out in pain collapsing onto the bed. Damn, I let him in. I broke down in front of him, let him in. I am aloud moments of weakness sometimes. I like this power though and I will not give it back to Nicholas King. He is using me, trying to make me weak again. I won’t let him do that to me. I have all this power now and if anyone tries to take it from me they will surely wish they didn’t.

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