Stone Cold

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The sky is so dark tonight, no star shines in the sky covered by dark clouds. Not even the moon dares to show its face from behind the clouds. Maybe they are scared of the evil in this house. The anger, the hatred. You can feel it in the air. Her anger and hatred, it fills the entire castle with this heavy feeling. It feels like she is trying to push us down, put so much weight on our shoulders that we collapse giving into the hatred ourselves. She has Micah under her spell, he has darkness inside of him no matter how much he changed before. The darkness never goes away, it is always there hiding waiting for the perfect time to attack.

I sigh closing my eyes feeling the cold wind hit my face. The snow keeps falling, it hasn’t stopped since I came back. I hope Liza is doing okay, I left her with a thousand dollars telling her I would return in a week. It’s been four days and the time to bring her here to see her daughter who turned into a stone-cold monster.

“Nicholas.” I turn to look at Adele who stands in a fitting white sleep dress looking over at me. She almost glows in the darkness, it almost makes me forget the darkness in her eyes. She looks tired, I can still see sleep in her eyes telling me she has just awoken. I don’t respond to her and she sighs sitting down on the bench next to me. She rubs her hands across her arms shivering, I smirk looking down at her seeing her eyes glued to the sky. “I wish the stars shown every moment of the day. I wish everyone could see the beauty of them constantly. I wish they could see them the way I do.” I look up at the dark sky agreeing with her. At least after everything she still loves the stars. She doesn’t hate everything. She will always love the stars.

“You seem to hate everything I am glad to see that your love for the night sky hasn’t faded.” I see her eyes widen and her body stop cold. I can see the wheels turning behind her eyes as she takes in my words. She believed that she hated everything and I proved her wrong. She may have hate in her body but the stars will never have her hatred.

“I’ve convinced myself that I hate everything and everyone. My hatred for this world is the only thing that is keeping me alive. I don’t want to feel pain anymore Nick. I don’t think I can deal with any more pain.” I look at her as her eyes stay locked to mine like she is trying to look for something in them.

“You know there was a time in my life when I was just like you. Actually, I was worse than you and you know what brought me back from that ledge that you now stand at?” Her head tilts in question and I smile looking up at the stars. ” I met you Adele Charolett. You were the light at the end of the tunnel. I put you through so much pain and you stood there with a smile on your face. You were raised in the light, even the darkest souls like my own gravitate towards you. I am so sorry Adele for leaving you. For making you this way. This hatred towards the world is because of me. I love you Adele and I will never stop apologizing for the things I have done to you.” I feel my throat tighten up and my eyes shift downwards. I don’t think I could handle rejection from her. I love her so much, I feel like my body is on fire every time I am around her. She brings the best out of me and I never want to be without her. I hear her gasp softly and I look up at her to see tears flowing down her face. I can see so much pain behind her once lifeless eyes. She bites her quivering lip her fists balling up in anger.

“I hate you.” Instantly my heart drops and tears spill from my eyes. Why did I do that? Why now did I tell her my feelings? Why couldn’t I wait? She hates me, why would I think that eight letters would change her feelings towards me. “Why did you do this to me?” My eyes widen and I look up at her hearing her sob out her words. “You leave me. Call me all these horrible words. Reject me, make me feel so unwanted and unloved. Then you come back and I am no longer the girl who you knew. I kill, I am filled with hate and you act like nothing has changed. That you didn’t rip out my heart and stomp on it then walk away. Do you know how I felt? I loved you! I wanted you to turn me and we would be together forever. I loved you so much and you took that love and spit on it.” My eyes widen when I hear the words leave her lips. Tears flow down her face as she yells at me finally letting all that pain and anger out. She stands now and I follow her lead slowly standing up meeting her frantic eyes. “You can’t say you love me, not after everything I have done. Not after everything you have done.” Tears flow down my face and I grab the front of her dress slamming my lips against hers. Instantly she wraps her arms around my neck. My hands fall into the small of her back pulling her closer to my body.

“I love you.” She hums in response as her back hits the wall. Her lips never leave mine not even for a moment. Not even to breathe. It seems like she can’t get enough and if she stops everything will crumble around her. One of her legs wraps around my waist pushing her even closer against me. With that, I lift her into my arms instantly slamming her against the wall. In the heat of the moment, I have somehow with my Vampire speed managed to find my way to her chambers quickly pulling the door open carrying her inside. I missed the touch of her lips against mine. The tingles that cover my entire body. I want everything and more she can offer me. I want her to devour me completely. She pulls away for a breath and instantly my lips go to her neck kissing, biting, sucking marking her as mine. Deep red marks are left on her skin and small pants and moans leave her lips. It instantly makes me want to continue more. I want all of her to be mine.

“Adele.” She gasps sliding down my body to stand in front of me her lips pulling at mine as she runs her hands through my hair. She is being so soft and gentle savoring the moment. Her hands wrap around my shoulder pulling me forwards onto the bed. Her back hits the bed and her lips are mine once again begging for some release from the pain. I hover above her looking at my mate begging me to help ease the pain. I can’t do that for her. I can try but in the end, it is ultimately her decision to decide whether or not she wants to fix herself.

She gasps pulling away from me laying next to me. I shift onto my side so I can look at her. The tears have stopped now. The pain is in her eyes though. I give her a weak smile and she slowly returns it a small sigh leaving my mouth.

“You can always get under my skin, Nicholas King. I love you.” I smile leaning pressing a quick kiss against her lips. I don’t know that in the morning things will be different or that we just entered the eye of the storm. I don’t know if tomorrow she will be killing more people or that will she be the Adele I fell in love with. I don’t think she will ever be the same. Once you take a life it takes something from you that you can never get back. I don’t want to focus on that though. I want to focus on the girl I fell in love with who is laying next to me.

“I love you Adele Charlotte. Forever and always.” She smiles softly wrapping her arms around me nuzzling her face into the base of my neck placing a small kiss against it. I smirk softly my hands going into her hair keeping my arms around her as we lay there in complete peace and silence.

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