Stone Cold

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{ Adele }

I groan in pain rubbing my neck only to hiss in pain quickly retracting my fingers. My blurry eyes scan the room instantly panicking when I look at the unfamiliar room. I go to stand up only to have the world start to spin and I place my hand on the side of the bed my eyes looking around the room. I hoped that everything that occurred was some crazy dream not reality. My brother turned into a wolf. I got my blood sucked by a monster. My head spins and I sit down on the bed running my hands through my hair. This can’t be happening. What the hell is happening? This can’t be real. It’s not real. I’m dreaming. I have to be dreaming. I hear yelling on the other side of the door and my eyes widen and I sink backwards. Fear takes over my body and I find myself shaking.

“What the hell did you do to her Nick? Why is she here? Sebastian said she was off-limits. Do you know what will happen to our treaty?” The door swings open revealing a very worried Liam on the other side. I feel hope spread through my body and I try to get up to see him. Liam is safe. He never tried to hurt me. Then I see Nick behind him and my smile disappears. My eyes move from Liam to Nick seeing how comfortable they are around each other. Liam’s eyes trail over my body his eyes narrowing as he sees all my cuts. “You hurt her.” Nick pushes past Liam walking closer to me. Instantly I back away trying to get as far away as possible. I look back at Liam feeling my throat closing up. I trusted Liam. I thought of him as my friend. He was the closest thing I had to a friend.

“The cuts were from her own clumsiness. She tripped in the garden. You should have a taste Liam. She’s delicious.” In a flash my back is being pressed against Nick’s front and he has his teeth barred at the base of my neck where he bit me before. I feel panic run through my veins and I cry out trying to pry his hands off of my body.

“Nick don’t you dare.” I feel the pain before I let the scream out. I feel the warmth as Nick bites into my neck and the horrifying feeling when my blood starts to drain again. I claw at him a sob leaving my mouth. I feel hands prying my body from Nick’s and I collapse into warm ones. I sob burying my face into the warm body.

“Taste her brother. I know you’re hungry. That diet is going to get you killed.” I quickly pull away from Liam collapsing against the side of the bed. I watch as his eyes stay glued to the fresh blood trickling down his hand. His eyes snap to my neck and I see him gulp shaking his head. He looks back up at me and I cry out seeing that his beautiful blue orbs are now bright red.

“Please Liam. Don’t.” I hear a growl from Liam as he crawls over towards me. I try to crawl away but my body fails me and I just sob closing my eyes. I feel the pain as his teeth enter my skin and I whimper tears falling from my eyes. Liam’s hand comes up around my neck as he climbs on top of me sucking the blood from my body. I sob feeling my body drain again. He’s going to kill me. My body goes limp and my eyes close my head falling to the side. But he doesn’t stop he just pulls me against him wanting more.

“Liam stop. You’re going to kill her.” I hear Nick’s voice and I sense some panic in it. Great if the guy who attacked me is worried then I know I’m going to die. Liam doesn’t stop though. He just growls at Nick pushing my limp body against his own. “Liam!” I feel arms ripping us apart and I fall backwards someone catching me before my body hits the floor. My tired eyes open to see a shocked Liam looking up at me as he crouches on the floor. Pure guilt covers his face.

“What did you do?! I almost killed her! What did you gain from that! What did you do to me?!” Liam rushes out of the room and I groan in pain gripping onto Nick’s shirt. I hear him growl in annoyance placing me back on the bed.

“Let me die. Please.” I see Nick’s eyes widen and he looks down at me making sure I look right into his eyes. “I’m not going to live this any longer. I lost too much blood.” I hear Nick swear as my eyes close and I let a struggled breath out coughing.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I feel something wet being places against my lips. I taste something metallic enter my taste buds and I gasp at how sweet it is. My hands grip onto the soft surface bringing the thing closer to my mouth. I bite into it hearing Nick chuckle his hand running through my hair. My eyes snap open and I look down at what I’ve been sucking dry. I cry out pushing Nick’s bloodied wrist away from me. I place my fingers against my lip bringing it to meet my eyes and I feel sick. I watch as Nick chuckles wiping the blood from his wrist away. I gasp for air feeling like invisible walls are crushing me. I just drank his blood. He fed me his blood. What kind of sick monster is he?

" Let me leave Nick please. There’s nothing special about me. I’m just a girl. Just please take me home.” He smiles sitting down at the edge of the bed wiping away the blood from my neck. I tense up looking into his cold eyes seeing to emotion in them.

“That’s where your wrong princess. You are very special. That’s why your family protected you.” I hold back a laugh rolling my eyes. Nick watches my every move with confusion and amazement.

“They don’t care about me. They’re probably overjoyed that a blood sucking monster kid napped me. Their perfect family is complete again.” I see Nick’s eyes narrow and he stops cleaning up the blood on my neck. I see him twitch in anger and I instantly cower in fear. He’s going to hurt me. Suck my blood again. If he does I know I’m going to die.

“I don’t like the word monster. Please call us what we actually are. Vampires.” My eyes widen and I shake my head. He can’t be serious. Vampires don’t exist. They’re fairy tales made up by little old men to scare us. They’re what you dress up for Halloween.

“Your lying. Vampires aren’t real. They’re made up, next you’re going to tell me Werewolves are real too.” I see Nick smile sheepishly and my eyes widen. Werewolves? Seriously. This isn’t true. He’s lying he has to be lying. But then I remember what I saw Laurence turn into. Paws. Fur. Claws. Eyes. He turned into a wolf right in front of me. I know that wasn’t a dream. As much as I wish it was, it’s not a dream. My brother is a werewolf. But wouldn’t that make me a werewolf? Why don’t I have the ability to turn. My mother must know. So does that make her a werewolf? What about Gregory. If my mother is and Sebastian is, then he must be. “Holy, Vampires are real. Werewolves are real. What’s next fairies?” Nick laughs and I feel my heart stop. His laugh. It’s beautiful. Makes all my hate towards him disappear for a moment. I shake my head turning my gaze from his sculpted face. He’s stunning. I thought Liam was handsome. This man beats him by a long run.

“Get some rest. I’ll have someone bring you some clothing.” He stands from the side of the bed and I relax spreading my legs out relaxing. I see him smile softly heading towards the door. I run my hands over the damaged skin wincing in pain.

“Nick?” His body turns to face me and I see his cold eyes gaze into my own. “If you wouldn’t go biting people and sucking their blood maybe I would have found you bearable.” He smirks and in a half of second his body covers mine his teeth baring. A cry leaves my mouth as he forces my head against the wall.

“I’m a monster princess. It’s in my nature. Nothing will ever change that. And your blood is so sweet. Next time I won’t hold back.” I shutter my eyes pressing shut tears falling down my cheeks. I feel his teeth drag against the exposed skin and I shutter waiting for the pain to hit. It never does I just feel a rush of cold air and then I’m alone. My eyes snap open and I look around the room. He’s gone. I let out a shaky breath my hands coming over my face as I sob into them. I cry out running my hands through my hair. I’m trapped here with two blood sucking monsters. My brothers are Werewolves. My stepfather is a Werewolf. My mother is most likely a Werewolf. And I’m locked in a room in a house where Vampires live. Monsters are real. Monsters are fucking real.

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