Stone Cold

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When Adele woke up in the morning she didn’t say a thing to me. She just sat up in the bed looking down at me no emotion in her face and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on and I sigh running my hands through my hair. Was last night a dream? That’s impossible, I don’t dream. I don’t sleep. I hoped that when she awoke she would be the Adele I knew. Not the one I created. She is cold and the emotion she showed me last night no longer exists. After everything, I thought I could be the one to be able to reach out to her and bring her back from the ledge.

I sit in the bed running my hands through my hair waiting for her to return from her shower. I sigh as I hear the water turn off and the door opens and she emerges from the bathroom with a small towel loosely wrapped around her body. My eyes narrow a little as she walks over to the closet. My breath stops when she drops the towel facing away from me completely naked. I growl under my breath hunger filling my entire body. What is she doing? She looks at me quickly smirking and I feel my pants tighten. She reaches into the closet grabbing something. I watch as her body moves making me want to stand up and take her against that wall. What does she think she is doing? She returns with a loose black dress placing it on the drawer to her left. Then she goes to the drawer bending over as she opens it. She grabs some undergarments turning to face me. I gasp my eyes locking with her body taking it in for the first time. The skin is smooth and void of any blemishes. My eyes follow her body from her thighs to the curvature of her hips to her thin stomach. She has a birthmark by her belly button. Just a black dot against her pale skin. My eyes travel up her navel landing on her round breast feeling heat instantly rise up in my face. I shake my head moving farther up to her face to see a smirk plastered on it. She tilts her head to the side grabbing the undergarments slipping them on.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door and I silently curse the name of whoever is standing on the other side. My eyes snap to the door then to her as she lifts her dress in her hands looking at the door.

“Come in.” I stand up quickly as Micah enters the room. My eyes narrow as his eyes land on my mate’s bare skin giving her a quick smile. I growl under my breath, taking a step towards them only to have Adele slip on the dress turning around so Micah can zip her up. My eyes widen as Micah walks behind her placing his hands on her body. His mate would not be happy to see this. Not that I am. I want to rip him to pieces. “Who do we have today?” Her voice is cold and my eyes drop looking down at my feet. She hadn’t changed a bit.

“Laurence is here. He has brought his mate. He said he’d love to see you” My eyes snap up when I hear his words. Why the hell is Laurence on my land?

“Wonderful.” She locks her arm with Micah’s and he leads her out of the room. I just stand there shocked looking at the open door. I snap out of my daze quickly following them. I stay on their heels listening to their every word. “How is Eris this morning? Have you two been getting along?”

“We have. It’s been nice to have someone again after everything. She brings the best out of me. Just like you did.” Adele turns her head back to me giving me a bright smile and I swear my breath was stolen from me. How can she be so beautiful? It’s insane.

“That’s wonderful Micah. I am happy for you.” For the first time since I have arrived, I hear true and honest kindness coming from her lips. She is actually happy that something good is happening in his life. She cares for him. More than she cares about me. How could he go from the one who she hated to the one who she cares the most about? What did he do to make her care for him so much?

“Why is Laurence here? I broke the treaty, we should be at war not having chats with him and his mate.” Adele stops her eyes narrowing, I look at my brother who doesn’t have any emotion on his face. He just stands there looking at me.

“I made a new one Nicholas. Before you came I had a chat with Sebastian and his mate bout a new treaty. They were more than happy to give me one after a little bit of convincing.” My eyes widen and I look at the evil smirk on her face. For the first time, I heard her not address Rebecca as her mother. She doesn’t even mention her name. She just called her Sebastian’s mate. I look at her, she holds anger and hatred in her eyes once again. What did she do?

“Did you threaten them?” She smiles softly giving me my answer before turning around continuing her walk down the hallway. She shouldn’t have threatened them. I made our first treaty as a peace treaty for us to live together and not as enemies for once. If she threatened them they have every right to go against us at any time. That treaty can and will be broken it’s just a matter of time.

“Last night.” Her eyes narrow as she silently tells me to shut up and I smirk. “Did you mean the words you said to me?” I see her face flush bright red and she lowers her head as she continues down the hallway her arm wrapped around Micah’s. I smile softly keeping my head down and I follow her through my halls enjoying the peace and quiet for a moment. It’s bright out today. Snow covers the entire ground leaving the world wrapped in this white light. The temperature has dropped drastically but it doesn’t seem to have affected Adele that much. She still walks barefoot like always a small smile on her face. Honestly, I could get lost in her beauty for all eternity.

We walk down the halls turning into the throne room my eyes instantly locking on Laurence’s. Instantly his eyes widen a little when he sees me. My eyes instantly go over to the girl standing next to him. All air is taken from my lungs and I instantly stop looking at her. Her eyes meet mine at the exact time widening, I take a step towards her a smile on my face.

“Nick!” She laughs breaking from her mates arm running to me, I meet her halfway wrapping my arms around my old friend. I met her a couple of years ago when she was being attacked by a rogue wolf pack. I protected her for a couple of months until her mother told her they had to go farther away.

“Alexa, it is wonderful to see you again. How are you doing?” I pull away to look her over shocked to see my friend again. She was so young when I met her when I took in the role of her protector. To see her all grown up, it’s almost too unreal.

“You know each other?” I turn to face my mate seeing jealousy on her face, my eyes go to Laurence to see his eyes narrowed and in a fighting stance. I feel Alexa instantly let go of me backing up a little to please her mate.

“He is my protector.” I silently curse looking up at Laurence who has furry on his face. I give him an apologetic look the shifting to Adele who looks confused. “When I first left the pack he protected me. Gave me this mark so whenever I was in trouble he would come to help me.” My eyes snap to her quickly shaking my head to tell her to stop but it is too late. She pulls her shirt to the side showing the deep scar on the base of her neck. A protectors mark, I cared for Alexa a lot. She was this innocent creature constantly surrounded in darkness. Her destiny is intertwined with darkness. I look over at Laurence who growls reaching over to Alexa dragging her into his arms. I take a step back not wanting to fight him right now.

“You claimed her? My mate? Who the hell do you think you are? She was just a child.” I look over at Adele who has shock on her face mixed with hurt. She doesn’t know much about the supernatural world and all she knows about claiming has brought her pain.

“Adele. It’s not what you think. It’s a protectors claim and I gave it to her years ago. Years before I even met you. I don’t love her. I love you.” Her eyes snap to me and all I see is anger. I curse running my hands through my hair looking at a shocked Alexa and angry Laurence. “I am sorry Laurence. I am. At the time I was just thinking about the safety of Alexa. The safety of your mate. I don’t love her like that, she is like a family member to me.” Adele looks over at me not sure if she should believe me or not.

“Laurence.” Laurence’s head snaps over to Adele whose face has reverted back to the stone old gaze like the events that just happened didn’t bother her one bit. “Why did you come here?” Laurence sighs letting go of Alexa her eyes instantly going to me. Alexa is like a younger sister to me. I took care of her after she was banished by her old pack. I protected her against the rouge packs. We were a family for a short period of time. Living in the woods together as we both hid from our past. Alexa Kempt and I were very similar people at that time. Hated and alone in the world. She was the only one of her kind and I was the first of my kind. We were bonded by something stronger than a protectors mark. We were bonded through the understanding of each others pain.

“Alexa is targetted by a rogue pack and I was hoping that maybe you would help us fight them when the time came.” My eyebrows raise in question towards Alexa who nods lowering her head. It’s the same pack that was attacking her all those years ago. The pack I swore to protect her from, they still threaten her existence?

“They have been after me for a very long time. That is how I met Nick, I was running from them with my mother when we stumbled upon him. We would usually run from Vampires or kill them on spot but Nick, he saved us. He fought them off for months till we moved on. I always thought of him as an older brother.” I look at Laurence who seems to calm down as she confirms our relationship is not a romantic one but one that siblings would have. She was so young when I first met her there’s not a thought in my head that would ever think of her as more than that. I see Adele visually relax next to me as Alexa talks all jealousy leaving her body. It is nice to see her actually jealous proves that she actually cares for me.

“You know I will always fight for you Alexa, it is kind of my job as your protector.” She smiles kindly and I see the young girl I met again. She has grown so much these couple of years. She has to be around seventeen or eighteen now. I met her when she was seven so it been around ten years. God, I feel old now. I feel Adele’s hand wrap around mine pulling herself against me, I look down at her smiling softly. I see Alexa smile up at me and Adele as she looks at the connection we have.

“It’s great to see Nick have a mate, maybe now he won’t be all dark and brooding.” A smile spreads across Adele’s face as she looks up at me, I can’t tell if her reaction is fake or real. Is she just pretending to establish dominance or is she actually being all lovey-dovey?

“I think I will always be dark and brooding Alex.“She smiles nodding as Laurence reaches over to grab her hand only to have her pull away, my eyes narrowing a little. There is a clear dislike between the two.

" I will give you my aid when the time comes. You are welcome to stay as long as you want to explore the castle relax.” Laurence shakes his head but Alexa nods looking over at me. Laurence’s eyes narrow when he looks at me to his mate. He hates the attention I am getting from his mate.

“I would like to talk to Nick for a couple of minutes and then we can return home. Is that alright Adele?” She completely ignored her mate addressing my own with respect. I see Adele’s face light up as she gets so much respect from this girl she just met.

“Yes of course. You two go talk. I have to talk to Laurence anyways.” She smiles kindly walking away from me to her brother grabbing his arm pulling him away from the two of us. I look over at Alexa seeing her smile disappear and a frown is replaced where her smile once was. My eyes soften and I instantly take her into my arms feeling the warmth from her body surround me.

“What’s wrong little one?” She laughs at the old nickname from all those years ago. When she was younger she was so small for her age. She was just this tiny girl running for her life every day of her life. Holding so much power in that tiny body. I have no doubt in my mind that she could destroy me with a snap of her fingers.

“I feel so guilty. Like I should hate myself.” Her face is muffled in my chest and I feel her body shake as she sobs silently into my chest. I run my hands through her hair feeling the bond we created come together once again.

“What happened?”

“I don’t want a mate, Nick. I can’t have one. You know why I can’t. He is going to die just by being my mate. You know he will. I have to reject him but Lexa, she says he’s different. That he can survive but I can’t trust that.” I pull away from her looking at her tear stained cheeks. I lean down wiping away the tears that slide down her face. She smiles softly as she pulls herself back together.

“Did you ever expect me to have a mate, Alex?” She smiles shaking her head slowly. I have told her before that I didn’t want a mate because nobody could replace the love I had for Adeline. “I didn’t want a mate for as long as I remember. I feared it because I knew I would have to care for someone other than myself but I promise you it is worth it. I have never changed so quickly because of a single person. Adele is my mate the person I will love till the end of my life. And it was scary at first. I hurt her, locked her up, almost killed her a couple of times. And even today there is this huge void between us but she is my mate and I couldn’t have it any other way. I know it is scary and you live such a demanding life but sometimes you need someone to share that life with.” She sighs running her hand through her hair looking over to where Adele and Laurence have exited minutes ago. ” Also I do believe that Laurence will not let you go. When I kidnaped Adele he was the one who came after her. The people he cares about will get his undying love and attention. You will be safe with him.” She smiles softly looking down at her feet then nodding slowly. I know she is afraid of what will happen. She had learned not to trust anyone to always be ready for someone you know to try to kill you. I taught her this. It’s my responsibility to teach her to trust people again. “How were you after you left for London?” She smiles remembering the life she had in London.

“We moved into this lovely townhouse in a beautiful neighborhood. I went to school and I met friends. I started high school with them, Cacee and Ryan were my best friends. I loved them with all my heart.” She smiles softly and I can’t help but smile along with her. I’m glad she had a good life. That it wasn’t all filled with fighting and death. She got to experience joy and love. I’m glad. “We lived there till my mother grew very ill and was forced to live in the hospital. I found out soon after that my father had also become very ill. I realized then that being apart for that long the mate bond was straining and they were going to die if I didn’t get them together. But it came to my mind that I could never return to the pack. My life was in danger and my families lives were in danger if I returned. I lived on a clock until the hands of the clock were sped up and I was attacked. They came to my school and killed people. Somehow Laurence was in the area and heard my wolf howling a battle cry and then he saved me.” My eyes widen and I feel guilty, I didn’t save her. I honestly forgot about her for a while, this girl who made my life complete for a couple of months. A girl I cared about so much that I had to claim her as my own for her own protection. I wasn’t there to protect her.

“God, I am so sorry Alexa. I should have stuck around and protected you. It was my job as a protector to keep you safe and I didn’t do that for you.” She smiles softly but there’s a sad smile on her face. She doesn’t look at me but I know she wants to say something.

“When I was younger I wished for you to be my mate. You were always there for me and when I was younger I thought I loved you like a wife would love her husband. As time went on that kind of love faded a little but it was replaced by the love of siblings. I tried to find you for years, I missed you.” I feel my face drop as I hear the sadness in her voice. I do wish I did stay with her, been in her life growing up. It is one of my biggest regrets in life.

“When I met you I wasn’t at a good point in my life. I was void of most emotions, I wasn’t a good person. You brought the good out of me but I didn’t trust myself around you. I wish that I stayed with you, watched you grow up into the woman that you are today.” I see tears slide down her face and she nods slowly wiping them away before I can do it for her. Through all the years that we have been separated, she could have gotten rid of the protector mark. It was only was one-sided so she was able to get rid of it anytime she wanted. I am glad she didn’t, Alexa Kempt was the only person in the world that I marked. I didn’t even think about marking Adeline because I knew she would never be the one to receive that from me. Alexa Kempt at a young age had my heart, in my eyes, I almost saw her as my own family.

“I hated you for a couple of months, I almost burned the mark off my neck but after everything, I couldn’t truly hate you. You were under my skin and I never wanted you to leave. I did miss you though, it’s glad to see you are the same. It’s weird I am going to pass you in age soon.” I laugh shaking my head, she may pass me in physical age but my actual age she will never live to see the day.

“I have been on this earth for 2,791 years Alexa. I have seen the start and the fall of the Roman Empire you have a few more years till you reach my age.” Her eyes widen a little before she rolls her eyes hitting my chest gently making me chuckle.

“You know what I meant Nick. But damn you’re old is it legal for you to be with your mate or do I have to call the FBI?” I let out a loud chuckle feeling genuinely filled with joy for the first time in a long time. I missed laughing like that. Feeling this happy. Living life like mine and living for so long it is quite depressing. There were times when I and my family members have thought about just ending it. We had seen so much death, so much world. We tried to help the people at first stop them from starting wars but in the end, they always resorted back to their ways. Killing is a humans nature. War is what humans crave and there will always be another one. Maybe that was what was so depressing about living for so many years. They never change.

“Alexa.” I look up at the sound of my mate my eyes instantly landing on her softening a little. “Laurence says it is time to go. He has some things to do at the manor. He did say that he will come to visit soon though.” I see a smile form on Alexa’s face as she nods giving me a small hug before scurrying off the other direction leaving Adele and me alone. I sigh softly looking over at my mate who has a smile on her face.

" I see that you have a history of liking girls with the first letter A in their name.” I chuckle shaking my head as she slowly walks towards me wrapping her arms around me. I can tell she is uncomfortable touching me but at least she is trying.

“Shut up, it’s not my fault. You people just end up in my life, I don’t ask for you. You just show up.” She giggles throwing her head back slightly. I watch her the entire time with a small smile on my face. I can’t believe that she is like just standing there not knowing how beautiful she is in my eyes.

“Alexa seems like a nice girl. I was a little jealous of her if you couldn’t tell.” I smirk nodding as she admits to her jealousy. We are getting somewhere. Before last night she wouldn’t talk to me and when she did it was very hostile between us. It is nice to see her almost like the Adele form before I left.

“She is like my sister Adele. You will always be the one who holds my heart.” She pulls away from me rolling her eyes. She walks to the side of railing leaning against it her fingers reaching out to the falling snow.

“That’s very cheesy Nick. I wouldn’t expect that amount of cheesiness from an old man like you.” She smiles looking back at me quickly the returning her gaze to the outside. “I mean you’re 2,000 years old almost 3,000. God, you’re old. Alexa should have called the FBI. This is a very unlawful relationship we have here.” I smirk wrapping my hands around her waist pressing my body against hers. She sighs softly pressing her body against my front as my lips attach to her neck. She sighs looking out at the snowy wonderland outside. It’s very peaceful today. I love the snow.

“This is definitely an illegal relationship. I think we must end it then. Wouldn’t want to be breaking the law.” I smile as I whisper into her ear feeling the goosebumps that scatter across her skin her eyes pressed tightly closed. She quickly turns around pressing her lips against mine. I smile into the kiss pulling her body against mine. I don’t want this moment to end. I don’t want the hostility and anger. I don’t want the hatred anymore. I just want this moment for the rest of my life.

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