Stone Cold

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“You are healing nicely. To think that only a couple days I was holding your head in the palms of my hands. You don’t even have a scar.” I see his eyes narrow slightly as he sits crumbled on the ground his knees in his chest. Micah said that taking the head of a Vampire changes them. They become less dominant and submit to people quicker. I do believe that Nick thinks I did kill him, honestly, I did too for a moment until his body started to twitch. That was when Micah returned his head to his body and threw him in the cells. I kneel down next to him seeing him flinch and try to move away from. I close my eyes sighing, I don’t want him to hate me. I should have thought about that before I ripped his head from his body.

“I am very sorry Ken. I know you probably don’t believe me but I won’t harm you again.” His eyes widen as my voice is low and full of emotion, I look at him seeing tears in his eyes. Damn, I destroyed him.

“You ripped my head from my body and used my blood to paint a fucking picture!” I step back as he screams in my face, my eyes widening a little. I sigh sitting down on the ground across from him feeling sadness creep up in my body.

“And you claimed me and caused my mate to reject me. I think you deserved the punishment I gave you and look in the end you are alive. Your head is on your body and you can live to see another day. I call that a win-win situation Ken.” His eyes widen as my voice is cold and filled with little to none emotion. I am pretty sure I have some sort of bipolar disorder. Or maybe something else is entirely wrong with me. I am sure that stems from this whole experience.

“I guess we both have made some stupid choices in the last couple of weeks.” I nod running my hands through my hair. Nick has left me, he said he would be gone for an hour but it has been at least three hours now and he has not returned yet. This familiar pain in my chest has returned, this pain that I never wanted to feel again. I let him in again, let myself be hurt by him once again. I don’t know why I trusted him again, let that mate bond take over. I should have rejected him the moment he stepped foot in this castle. “What’s with the long face? Did someone shit in your cheerios?” A smile forms in his face and I smiles back nodding looking over at him. His eyes show a familiar look I have seen many times before from him.

“Nick left again, at least this time he told me before he left but he hasn’t returned and I find myself getting hurt by him once again. I get I am stupid for letting him back into my life, you really don’t have to tell me. I know.” He chuckles running his hand through his pure white hair, I always wondered how his hair can be completely and naturally white. It’s like a freak of nature or something. I love it though, his hair it’s beautiful. It’s honestly his only beautiful character other than his face because we all know his personality is beyond shit.

“You are still my claim Adele, Nick has not taken you back yet. It is your choice if you want to act on that or not.“I smirk pushing him backward as he leans closer into me our lips almost touching him. I can’t lie I do feel the bond between us and I know that it all comes from the claim he put on me. It is almost as powerful as the mate bond, what if all of this Nick and Ken just a product from the bonds we have. We have nothing in common, it’s just the stupid bonds we have that keeps pulling us back together. It isn’t love it’s just an artificial need for each other created by some sick son of a bitch who decided that creatures like Nick and I could be forced together by some unknown bond.

“Very tempting Ken.” I lean in so I am directly in front of him my lips brushing his, I want a distraction from the pain of losing my mate again. He seems like a good distraction from the pain, he leans forwards his lips slamming against mine. My arms wrap around his neck as he pulls me closer so I am on his laps my legs resting on either side of his. I feel the warmth against my lips it’s nothing like the tingles I get when I kiss Nick. This is something different. It is hot and it makes my body feel like it’s thousands of pounds. I feel like I am on fire. Filled with so much want and need.

“Adele.” I groan turning around to see Micah standing there no emotion on his face. He sighs running his hands through his hair as Ken helps me stand his hands staying on my waist.

“Yes?” I make sure I sound as cold as possible as I feel Ken’s hands roam my body smirking at Micah who refuses to look at him.

“Nick has returned and is asking for you.” My eyes widen and I step away from Ken instantly feeling guilt wash through me. I did this out of anger and hatred for the mate who never even left me in the first place. I detach myself from Ken quickly walking over to Micah who grabs my arm pulling me away from the cell. He locks it behind me leaving Ken smirking back at me. We turn a hallway and that’s instantly when I gasp out feeling like a weight is crushing me. “What the hell were you doing Adele? You have a mate!” My eyes are wide and frantic and I feel like I am going to throw up. What did I do? Why did it feel so good? Why do I want to do it again?

“He claimed me, Micah, I can’t help it. I am so drawn to him it’s insane. I don’t even know what I am doing anymore.” I run my hands through my hair seeing his face soften and he pulls me into a hug his hands running through my hair successfully comforting me a little.

“I understand Adele I do.” I nod pulling away from him linking my arm with his once again and returning on our walk to wherever Nick is. My body is filled with guilt and its overwhelming. I want to cry but nothing is leaving my body. I am just in shock and filled with hate for myself. He came back, I was so convinced that he would never return that he would leave me just like last time. Part of me wishes he did so my actions would not hurt as much. I feel so guilty, so filled with hate for myself.

“He’s going to smell it on me. Ken. I can’t smell like him, he’ll know. I don’t want him to know. I already feel guilty enough.” He sighs stopping for a second looking me over. He runs his hands through my hair fixing it quickly. He pulls off his jacket handing it to me and I sigh quickly pulling it on fixing my dress. I look over at him and he nods slowly looking at the long hallway his eyes widening a little. I follow his gaze and my eyes lock with Nick seeing a slight amount of jealousy on his face as he stands next to a woman I thought I would never see again. My eyes widen and I take a step towards them my feet feeling weak. I feel tears come to my eyes as she takes a step towards me a sad smile on her face. My feet move towards my stepmother tears flowing down my face. My arms quickly wrap around her pulling her into a warm hub. I hear her sob as she runs her hands through my hair as my eyes lock with Nick who has a small smile on his face. Why would he bring her here? How did he even find her? I pull away from Liza looking her over, what does she think of all this? That I am living in this castle? That I no longer live with the Knight family? Holy crap how do I explain all of this to her?

“What are you doing here Liza? How did you even get here?” I look over at Nick with confusion on my face, he just smiles softly leaning against the wall. I look at her as she wipes the tears from her face giving me a soft smile.

“Nicholas came to me a couple of weeks ago and told me that you were going through some stuff right now. He told me about what happened and who you are to him.” My eyes widen and I look over at Nick giving him a disapproving look. He only smirks looking over at Liza, how could he just tell her all of this? Why isn’t she freaking out?

“Do you know what he is? What I am? What we have together?” She smiles looking over at Nick who nods slowly. I look at both of them my mind running in circles. What is happening?

“I met Nicholas around eighteen years ago, we worked together.” My eyes widen as Nick laughs as she says the word work and my eyebrow raises in question.

“I used her to seduce men so I could drink their blood and steal their money.” My eyes widen slightly and I nod feeling overwhelmed. Liza knows about Nick, they used to be friends.

“Yes, I did do that for him. That was till I fell in love and quickly after that found out I was pregnant.” My eyes widen, Liza has another kid? Why did she never talk about them? Why did I never meet them? “I fell in love with your father and he fell in love with me. We had a beautiful little girl together. That was when I found out your father was married to another woman.” My eyes widen and I feel my head start to ache. My father cheated on my mother before my mother did? I have a sister?

“I am confused, you call him my father but do you know my real father? I was told that I was found on the beach. My screams so loud that people were running the other direction.” She smiles softly new tears forming in her eyes and I step back feeling trapped for a second. Are they alive? Why did they leave me? Are they human? Are they Banshees like me?

“You are that beautiful little girl Adele. You were my pride and joy and having to give you up to live in that family for a few years killed me. You are my daughter Adele.” My eyes widen and I shake my head running my hands through my hair. I feel numb, I don’t know how to react. All I have wanted this past couple of months was to find out who my real parents were and meet them and to know that I grew up with them breaks me. I cursed my father’s name out of spite in my hatred. My father, my blood, my best friend.

“You’re my mother? All these years? You never told me? Why? All this time I was lied to, you lied to me for years. Do you know how much that hurt when I found out? I felt lied to and alone. I was filled with so much anger and hatred for everyone. I was alone.” I see her eyes lower and I see guilt in her eyes.

“You were such a light creature, Adele. Filled with so much happiness and love we didn’t want to ruin that for you.” I sigh running my hands through my hair meeting my mother’s eyes. Now that I look at her I do see the familiarity between the two of us. She has the same soft eyes and rounded face.

“Thank you for telling me, you can stay as long as you want. If you’d like Micah can show you a room. If you would excuse us Nick and I have to talk.” She nods slowly looking over at Nick who nods giving her a small smile. I feel a pang of sadness hit me as she walks away Micah leading her down the long hallway. I must look and act so differently, I probably am nothing like the girl who sent to live here. This must be scary for her. To see her daughter that she raised to live in the light now prospering in the darkness.

“You look stressed Adele. Do you want to take a walk?” I sigh rolling my head side to side hearing the bones crack and snap back into place. I nod slowly grabbing his hand slowly walking down the hallway. My cold hands are warm against his frozen ones, one of the only reminders that this man next to me is a corpse. You would think a corpse would have no emotion, be stone cold and at first Nick was. Now months later I can see that there is a lot human about a man who isn’t one.

“When you left me, for the first time in my life I actually felt alone. I have always been around people, there was always someone in my life. I didn’t know what to do. With myself, with this power, I had just been given.” Nick’s eyes widen slightly and I can feel the guilt from here. We both have valid reasons to feel guilty towards the other. We both have done things we regret. “Micah and Eris were the only ones who stayed. People I barely knew. A man I hated. He stayed with me when everyone else left me.”

“I’m sorry Adele I am. For leaving you. For rejecting you. For thinking, you did those things with Ken.” My eyes lower and I feel guilt rise up again. I did do things with Ken, I didn’t sleep with him but I did kiss him. I wanted to sleep with him. His claim leaves me powerless against him.

“I know you are. I am too.” He sighs grabbing my waist holding me in place. I can’t look up at him, all I feel is the guilt from kissing Ken. For wanting to continue to kiss him every day of my life. I should love my mate, and I do but I can’t stop thinking about Ken. I bit my lip slowly looking up at Nick who smiles leaning closer to me.

“Everything will be okay in the end Adele. I have you and you have me, and that will never change. I promise you that.” I nod feeling his hand grab my chin pressing our lips together, I wrap my arms around his neck pressing my body against his. His hand leaves my chin wrapping around my waist deepening the kiss. I love Nick I do, I love the bond we have. I care about him and I know he cares about me too. The bond we have isn’t just the mate bond we have, we have been together for months now. I have grown to know him and he has grown to know me. We have a connection greater than the pull of the mate bond. I shouldn’t be distracted by Ken and his claim on me.

Nick pulls away from the kiss looking at me with a soft smile on his face, I smile back running my hands through my hair. Nick always says that the mate bond will take full effect when I turn eighteen, I can’t imagine a mate bond that effects me more than this one does. If it is true and on my eighteenth birthday the mate bond takes full effect I won’t have to worry about Ken’s claim at all.

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