Stone Cold

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For a very long time, I was just a soul floating around in between consciousness and internal darkness. Trapped in a body I couldn’t control. Trapped in a life that wasn’t mine. Trapped in a position I put myself in. I chose Adele Charlotte as the holder of my soul knowing that one day she would be the one to let me out. To return my soul to my body so I could carry out my revenge. There are people I need to kill now that I am back. People who wronged me. People who have left me to rot.

I awoke in a stone room my body hitting a table like it had been thrown across a room. All I could feel was pain. My body was trying to reject being alive again. It had been kept alive by dark manic for years now. It didn’t know what to do when light magic entered it. I screamed in pain for days till someone heard me. The large door to my right burst open in a million pieces and my eyes met bright red ones. The instant I looked at him the pain seemed to dull a little and I could see the fear and pain in his eyes as he took in my destroyed form. I had ripped off parts of my skin hoping that it would kill me so the pain would stop.

The last thing I saw, before the pain consumed me and I passed out for the hundredth time in the last few days, was his red eyes turn to a soft brown and his feet slowly moving towards me. I didn’t know who this man was. I didn’t know if he would kill me or somehow know how to stop this pain. I honestly didn’t care what he did. Either way, it would stop the pain.

When I woke up again the pain was gone, I don’t know how long I had been out. Had it been weeks or had it been hours. The instant my eyes opened they locked on soft brown eyes. He had a cold expression on his face instantly disappearing once he saw I was awake. At the time I didn’t know what this man was to me and what he would continue to be today, the moment I awoke my only plan was to see Nicholas again. My first love, the man I would love for my entire life. I wanted to see him but at the same time, I knew his heart was taken by another. I don’t know why it hurt so much knowing that he found someone else to love. I had planted my soul in his mate the one woman he would love forever. I knew years ago that when the time came I would have to say goodbye to him. I never wanted to though, I wished he was my mate. I wanted to be with him forever and I cursed the existence of Adele Charolette. I also owed my entire existence to her. When I died I was given the opportunity to live again if my body in the physical world chose to live on. Three hundred years was a long time for my body to wait.

The man told me I was his mate and asked for my name. I was confused at first, I never thought I would have a mate. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be with someone again. I chose to come back so I could get revenge for my death and then finally die in peace but now there was this man telling me I was his mate. My entire plan was ruined in a matter of seconds. The man didn’t know who I was, what I was, or how old I actually was. He didn’t know my past, the people I loved or what my first name even was. It was a complete do-over. I could have a life again and forget about my past, about Nicholas and Adele. I convinced myself that I didn’t care about them. I learned that my mate’s name was Ryan and he was a Beta of a pack called Black Blood.

I found out pretty soon that living as a soul for so long you forget the simple things. For a while I was mute, I couldn’t get words to leave my mouth. Every time I would open my mouth to tell him I was hungry or that my neck hurt nothing came from my lips. I was thankful for how patient he was with me. How every morning I would awake with him sitting by my bed food in his hand. I think the hardest part for me with living in this new life was that I was unable to move at all. My body had suffered so much trauma, it had been used for black magic for so many years that I was left temporarily paralyzed. I could see that it was hard for both me and Ryan.

I sat for weeks unable to control any part of my body and I grew restless, I was filled with anger and hatred. I hated not being able to freely move, to go out and see the world. A lot has changed over the years and I am grateful for the opportunity to live through Adele before I returned to my body. This world is much different than the one I left. Humanity has grown so much and at first, when I was growing up with Adele I was lost in amazement on how much the human race has done in three hundred years. there were devices and machine I never even thought possible.

It took me two months to be able to speak again and by that point, my mate and I had gotten really close. He was a cold creature filled with hatred and want for revenge and I found myself relating to him. He could see the anger in my eyes every time I entered the room and he tried to help me. He would ask questions about my life and I would nod yes or no. There was so much I wanted to tell him but my body refused my lips to speak. When my voice came back it was a shock to both of us, for the first time in three hundred years I was hearing my voice again and for him, it was the first. The entire day we talked, it was like he never grew tired of hearing my voice and honestly I didn’t mind. At this point, I had accepted this man as my mate and knew that my entire life had changed. Weeks went by and Ryan and I became closer. We spent every moment possible together. He was very distant with me but listened when I would speak and answer when I would questions. The pack knew of my existence but I never left the house. Walking was hard for me and I had learned from scratch. I still today can’t walk for long distances. I won’t be able to fight like I once did. I won’t be able to run for who knows how long.

As I grew more and more accustomed to living in this pack I met people who also lived in the pack house. I met the Alpha who told me about their situation, they were at war. They told me it was over a girl, over the Alpha’s younger sister. They said she was powerful, powerful enough to kill millions if she wanted to. She said she was too dangerous. That now that she found her mate she was a danger to everyone. That’s when I told them about my past, about my connection to the King family, my connection to Adele Charlotte and how she was too mixed up in this. I told them how to beat Nicholas King and the rest of his family. Adele Charlotte is the person they should really worry about. Not this girl who has some crazy powers. Nothing compares to the powers Adele has hidden dormant inside of her. They think this girl has the power to destroy the world, she is nothing compared to Adele Charlotte. If I could only get my hands on her then this war they were fighting would end before it even started. Whoever has Adele in the palms of their hands will end up being the winner.

I was given a second chance and I would be damned if the King family ruined that for me. So I decided that I would do anything in my power to make sure they would never be a part of my life again. And if they get in my way I won’t hesitate to destroy them. To beat them Adele Charlotte needs to side with me.

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