Stone Cold

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I watch Liza as she walks in front of me chatting away with Nicholas. He has a soft smile on my face and I wish I could slap it off of him. He should be grateful I am letting him stay here. I’ve been weak. I’ve let him in. I’ve let Ken in. I promised myself when this started that I wouldn’t go back to being weak. Love is weak. Mates are weak. I can’t rely on anyone but myself. Not even Micah and Eris. This entire experience has taught me not to trust anyone. Not even people who you thought you loved.

He has no power here anymore and he’s failed to realize it yet, in his absence my powers that have laid dormant my entire life have grown ten times the amount they once were. The anger and hatred fuel the growth, adding more sticks into the burning fire. Nick is blind if he thinks that he has power over me and the people who follow me now. He acts like he can just come back and things will go back to the way they were. Nothing will be the same again.

“Adele?” I turn my attention back on Liza who has spoken to me. I tilt my head in question waiting for her to speak. Before, I really wanted to meet my mother. I wanted a relationship with her. I wanted to ask her so many questions. Now that I know who my mother is I want her to leave. I don’t know why Nicholas even brought her here. Like what was his reasoning? It wasn’t going to change anything between us. He rejected me and I still haven’t accepted him back as my mate. Liza coming here didn’t change a thing.


“I was just talking to Nick and we thought it might be nice if you went back to California,” I smirk looking over at Nicholas who tries to hide his emotions with a blank look. So this was his plan? Take me back to California and then what? Does he think the moment I step onto those beaches anything would change? It isn’t my location that is my problem. It isn’t my castle. This hatred is not because of the place I live in. I love it here. This is my home now. Not those sunny beaches. Not where I was lied to and treated like a fool for years.

I take a step towards Liza my eyes narrowing a little and I see her take a step back. I have tried to hide my true self from her the last couple of days for her own safety but I think it’s time for her to see her daughter. The real daughter, not the girl she raised. Some people like these two need to learn the hard way that they have no control over me.

“No.” My voice is cold and I see her eyes widen a little. She remembers me as the perfect child filled with so much light. The girl she sees now is nothing like that girl. This girl has seen the darkness the world holds and has accepted it in her life. The girl she knew was naive and childish. She thought that the world was this perfect light place where everyone was loved and nothing bad would happen to people who lived their lives in the light. I now know that light cannot exist without darkness, I have seen the darkness in this world and have accepted it into my life as a friend. Fighting the darkness was pointless, it was always going to find me. It took over my body the instant Adeline’s soul was ripped from my body by my own hands. She set me free, I owe her a lot due to that.

“Adele, please I would love to have you home again. It would give us time to talk and get used to this.” I chuckle running my hands through my hair. Nicholas narrows his eyes telling me to stop but I just push him aside looking at Liza.

“I don’t want to talk to you Liza. You have said your piece and you can leave anytime you want. This is my home now, not those sunny beaches and lies. You can leave Liza I don’t want you here.” I see her eyes fill with tears but I don’t give it another thought as I turn on my heels walking the opposite direction. I hear Nicholas’s deep voice call for me but I keep walking. I have things to do. We are at war, I don’t have time to be going on vacations. I turn the corner seeing Micah and Eris locked in an embrace their lips connected. I feel a pain in my chest as I look at the mate bond, I love Micah I do but I really don’t want to see this. “Micah! Come with me we have some things to do.” Micah and Eris pull apart their eyes wide as they are caught, Micah whispers something to Eris and she nods pressing a soft kiss against her cheek. He smiles turning to me slowly making his way over to me. I nod turning around heading down another hall that leads to the front entrance. When Nicholas and Liza are here I feel smothered I need to get out of here.

“Where are we going? You seem stressed.” I sigh continuing my walk towards the door. I hear Micah’s frantic feet trying to catch up with me as I storm down the hall. He could quickly catch up to me with his inhuman speed but he doesn’t. He never does. Maybe he does it to make me feel powerful or maybe he is just lazy.

“You’re my friend right? You’re not like Nick and Liza who want me back to the way I was?” I turn to look at him seeing his eyes widen a little bit and he nods frantically. I let a shaky breath out feeling my tense body relax a little. I believe what Micah says to me, he has gained my trust. “I’m not that person anymore and that doesn’t mean that now that I’ve changed that I am this evil heartless creature. I have a heart. I still feel things but I refuse now not to be used. For years I walked around thinking the world was sunshine and rainbows but it’s not. I failed to recognize the darkness in this world. I refuse to let myself go back to that person. I am not evil, Micah. I know you and Nick have been talking about me. Talking about my actions.” Micah sighs and he nods slowly and I nod grabbing his arm leading him down the hallway. When we enter the front entrance my eyes instantly land on green ones. Nicholas gives me a sad smile and in response, I give him a cold glare. I don’t even look at Liza just continue to drag Micah out of the castle. Nobody says a word to the two of us and I am glad for it.

“What are you going to do Adele? You have Nick who is your mate but you are not claimed to him. You are claimed to another and one day you will have to choose which one you want.” I sigh looking down at my bare feet as we make our way down to the beach. The ground is covered in snow and for the first time, I wish I had shoes. I may not be able to feel the cold but I know it is hurting my skin. I still have some human parts of me still. I still feel pain even though I like to think I don’t.

“One day I will have to make a decision and from the way I see it I have many choices. I could choose Nicholas and be with my mate. I could choose Ken and be with the man who claimed me. I could choose neither of them and find love somewhere else in this world. Or I can choose neither of them and stay the way it is now. Either choice I make I know I will not regret my decision.” He nods a small smile on his face, a lot has changed between the two of us. He is my closest friend here now. It started with Liam and Gwen but then both of them left me. I don’t hate them for that though. Gwen was locked up for so many years without her mate. They needed to get out of there. Liam has always been with Nicholas I think it was past time the two brothers separated.

“To be honest when I first met you I was worried that you would never survive this castle. This life. You were too light. You found the best in everyone. I was scared for you. The person you were was naive and so young. You were like a baby taking steps into adulthood years early. Not only did you slap that thought out of my mind you continue to prove my thoughts wrong every day. I watched you grow into the woman you are today. I’ve never been so proud to know someone like you ever in my thousands of years of living.” A smile spreads across my face and I stop pulling him into a small hug. I feel like when I am with him all those negative thoughts and the hatred from the world can disappear. I don’t feel that way with Nicholas. I just feel hatred and the pull of the mate bond. Micah and I may not have a lot in common but the friendship we have is stronger than any mate bond or claim on me.

“Sometimes I forget that you are so old and then you open your mouth and say things that are so knowledgeable and I’m like “oh wow he’s an old man”.” He laughs hitting my shoulder as we continue to walk down the beach. The waves are high today, they look nothing like the waves in California. They are black and filled with white foam. It’s crazy how dark the ocean can get when the sun isn’t shining constantly.

“Where are we going?” I look up knowing exactly where I am going. I want to take him there even though I know that he has been their hundreds of times before. It is my spot where I can just go and think for a moment. Maybe I will see Laurence, it’s just a place where the weight of my life doesn’t hurt as much.

“You’ll see when we get there. You trust me right?” He nods slowly and I smile taking his hand again leading him down the snow-covered beach. The sand is cold and wet under my toes and I feel the effect of the cold air against them for the first time in months. The ocean has always been able to make me let my feelings out. That’s why I lived by one my entire life. That’s why when I first came here the beach was my home. I lived in a mansion with anything I wanted but I would’ve rather been sitting on the beach. I’ve tried hating everything, I have tried being the damsel in distress, I have tried letting my life being filled with light. None of it has worked out for me. Everything has hurt me in the end, I think it’s time for me to try something new.

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