Stone Cold

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I push open the wooden door surprised when the door swings open revealing a brightly lighten hallway. I keep my hand pressed against the wall to support my weak body as I move down the hallway. My eyes scan the hallway looking for Nick and Liam. I don’t want them to see me. I could never run as fast as them. My eyes fade from black to normal as I take each step. I need to leave. It’s only been a couple of hours here and I’ve been attacked twice. I need to get out of here. I know I should wait till my body has healed but that’s when Nick would suspect me to leave. He’d never think I was dumb enough to drag my beaten and broken body across through the house and then through the woods. Well I guess I am that stupid.

I pause when I see movement in the corner of my eye. I quickly move behind a pillar looking over at the person approaching. My eyes land on a small girl with blankets in her hands. I almost call her out for directions but fear stops me. What if she’s a vampire too? What if she’ll drink my blood. I know I won’t survive. Nicks blood helped me stay awake but it doesn’t seem to be helping with my injuries. I couldn’t run from her. I can barely walk. I close my eyes sinking against the pillar. Maybe if I take a small nap I’ll be able to make it. My body just doesn’t seem to want to work right now.

“Adele?” My eyes snap open and I see Liam rushing towards me. I groan standing up slowly. God damn it. I should have just kept moving. My stupid decisions are going to get me killed one day. “Are you okay?”

“Please don’t.” I hold up my head telling him to stay back. I see his eyes twitch in confusion. “Please don’t act like you care about me. Half the reason I’m like this is because of you.” I see guilt in his eyes. He takes a step towards me and I take a step backwards. I don’t want to be near them. They are monsters.

“I never wanted to hurt you Adele.” I scoff crossing my arms. Very likely Liam. I saw the look on your face. You enjoyed it. You enjoyed it till the point you realized what you were doing. You have no restraint.”

“Nick does something to me. He’s my older brother I grew up listening to every word he spoke. I was so hungry and seeing your blood drove me over the edge.” I feel tears form in my eyes. I want to scream I want to punch him. I want to leave. For the first time I want to return to my family. I want to return to those monsters.

“That doesn’t give you the right to suck my blood! You took my choices away. You are holding me captive here. You and your brother attacked me! You were my friend or at least the only person who showed me kindness. I wanted you to be my friend Liam.” Tears streak down my face as I scream at him. I feel my tough exterior crumble and tears turn into small sobs.

“You would rather be with those monsters? They hated you! They treated you like shit. I saw what happened on the beach Adele. I saw that Laurence attacked you. Werewolves don’t have self-control. It was a matter of time till they killed you. If anything my brother saved you from those monsters.”

“The only monsters I see here are you and your brother! My family never sucked my blood. How did you save me? In the end I’m going to end up dead anyways.” My voice breaks and I see Liam’s eyes fall. He looks shocked yet sad. He shakes his head meeting my eyes.

“We aren’t going to kill you Adele. My brother doesn’t seem it but he would never hurt you. We would never hurt you Adele.” I shake my head sobbing. He’s lying. How can I believe a word he says after everything? He’s a monster. But my family is also monsters. I don’t know anything about these people. I know they hate each other and if they didn’t before Nick kidnapped me they do now.

“Why me? What’s so special about me? I’m just a girl who lost her father and got forced to move out here with her step father and evil mother. There’s nothing special about me Liam.” A sob leaves my mouth and I feel my legs getting weak. I hit my back off the pillar running my hands through my hair.

“I want to be your friend Adele. I want you to trust me. I don’t want your time here to be alone. I want to make you happy. I want to tell you everything but it’s not my place. Nick should be the one to tell you. It’s his choice to tell you not mine. You deserve to hear it from him not me.” I nod slowly feeling my arms wrap around Liam’s shoulder pulling him into my body. My arms snake around his body pressing my head against his chest. I feel the warmth from his body sinking into it. I feel comfort in my friend. I ignore the fact that he’s a monster and let myself feel something towards him other than hate and fear.

Suddenly Liam’s body is ripped from my own, a scream leaving my mouth as I’m thrown backwards into the pillar. My head hits the pillar bringing me to my knees my eyes closing and my hand cradling the back of my head. My head tilts to the side to focus on the two bodies fighting just meters away. My vision focuses on the two brothers forcing my weak body to stand. My head pounds and I have to lean up against the wall to stand straight.

“I told you not to touch her Liam. She doesn’t belong to you.” The brothers circle each other both ready for the other to attack. From what Liam told me he made it seem like the two were the best of friends. But now I see the two brothers ready to kill the other over the fact that Liam touched me? That really can’t be the reason.

“She’s not Adeline Nick! You can’t control her like you did with Adeline. It will all end the same.” I see Nick’s anger increase and he lunges at Liam only to have Liam step out-of-the-way pushing Nick into the wall. My head spins as I watch the two brothers bicker over a girl.

“You mean the same Adeline you killed?!” I can feel the fury from Nick as he screams at his brother. I see Liam step back shocked only to quickly regain his composure lunging at Nick who quickly grabs Liam throwing him into the opposite wall. I hear the crack as the wall shatters crumbling on top of him. I gasp taking a step towards Liam only to have Nick snap his head towards me his eyes flashing red causing me to freeze in place. I see Liam brush off the dust stumbling up glaring at Nick.

“I loved her!”

“Loved her? Did you love her when you ripped out her heart out and left it at the foot of my bed?” Liam growls punching Nick in the jaw. Nick barley moves only glares at Liam waiting for his next blow.

“But now your going to do it again to Adele. You are going to kill her Nick. You kill everything you touch.” I see something click in Nick’s body and I think he finally looses it. I see his shoulders kick back as Liam slams into him. I hear a scream leave my mouth as Liam is thrown through a glass window. I ignore the threatening look from Nick as I rush to the window feeling my bare feet slice into the shards of glass a sob leaving my mouth as I see the hundred foot drop below us. I feel Nick’s hands on my shoulder pulling me from the ledge. I cry out feeling the shards of glass slice deeper into my foot.

“You just threw your brother to his death! You killed your brother!” Nick continues to drag me as I throw a fit tears flowing down my face. My only friend was thrown through a window to his death. I cry out as my foot hits the ground and Nick stops pulling me a swear leaving his mouth as he looks at the blood I have tracked around the hall. I feel his arms lift me up and a cry leaves my mouth. I don’t want him to touch me. Not after what he did to Liam. “Don’t touch me! Put me down!“I claw at Nick only to feel him tighten his grip causing me to yelp in pain my eyes widening when I see the sadness in his eyes.

“Liam will be fine. He’ll live, probably just some bruises in the morning.” My protests stop and I sniffle wiping the tears from my eyes allowing him to carry me from the scene. He sighs continuing to walk down the hallway towards the room I woke up in. He pushes open the large wooden door placing me on the bed. His eyes flick between my bloodied foot and my eyes his hands running through his dark hair.

“Please don’t suck my blood again.” He chuckles standing up moving over to the desk pulling out a small medical kit returning to the side of the bed. I look down at my bloodied feet sighing. It will take a while for these to heal so I can walk again. Just great. I love when I manage to hurt myself.

“I do have some restraint Adele. Unlike my brother who sees a drop of blood and goes crazy.” My body twitches as I remember Liam pushing me against the bed his teeth deep in my skin. My fingers instantly go to the broken skin a gasp leaving my mouth as I feel the two holes in my neck. Nick’s eyes snap to my neck his eyes lowering as he quickly pulls the pieces of glass out. For some reason the pain seems duller. I’ve felt worse. “Stay off your feet for tonight. If you need anything just call out Liam or I will hear you.” He turns around placing the medical supplies on the table heading towards the door. He stops before he opens the door. “Oh and Adele. If you ever try to leave again I will lock you in the dungeon where nobody,not even Liam, will hear your cries.” My eyes widen as he swings the door open slamming if behind him. I feel hot tears return to my eyes and my hand cover my mouth as a sob escapes my lips. My hands shake as I pull the covers around me burying my face into the pillow to muffle the cries. I can’t leave. I’m a prisoner here.

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