Stone Cold

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My eyes trail around the hallway as I lean against the window, the slight breeze pulls at my hair as I look down at the rocky cliff below me. My legs swing around the edge of the window sill so they dangle over the edge. I look down at my broken and bruised feet sighing. Everything hurts, my muscles ache. My bones snap with every movement. My feet are covered in wounds. My body aches for sunlight and food. Some water would be nice. I don’t remember the last time I ate or drank anything. I don’t even know how long I’ve been here. It’s been days, I haven’t seen Liam or Nick since that night. My feet are starting to heal and it’s easier to walk without the constant pain. I am a prisoner here, I am starved and broken. I have been left alone and forgotten. I am left here to waste away and die.

“Are you going to jump?” I jump when I feel his breath against my ear and instantly his hands grab my hips keeping me from falling. I look back to look at him too see his head resting on my shoulder looking at the ocean ahead of us. I don’t say anything just looking down at the rocky cliff below me. It would be so easy to jump to push me off the side of the windowsill and fall to my death. And then it will end, everything. Then I would be free, free of this world full of monsters and death. Just free. I would be with my father. See his face. Hear his laugh. Look into his eyes. “Even if you did Adele you would never hit the ground. I would catch you. A thousand times over. You are mine now Adele. You live in my house, you wear clothing I gave you. You belong to me Adele Charolett.” I flinch feeling tears cloud my vision and a sob getting stuck in my throat. I feel his lips brush my ear making me shiver my grip on the sill tightening.

“If I jump you would catch me then why would I jump? I belong to no one Nick. I am no one’s and I will never belong to someone. I am not a slave just a prisoner. There is a difference between the two. One still has some freedom, one does not. As long as I still breathe the air in this world I will be free and you will never take that away from me.” I feel his grip tighten on me and I feel his teeth drag against my neck making me shiver. I want to push him off watch him fall to the ground then lay broken till he wakes up again and returns to his dark castle.

“You are something girl, but the reality is the minute I tasted your blood you became mine.”

“And the second you gave her your blood Nicholas you became hers.” My head snaps to meet Liam who slides out of the shadow’s his arms crossed over his chest. Nick let’s go of me stepping away from me before glaring at Liam. What did he mean by he is now mine? He doesn’t listen to me, he threatens me. He sucks my blood. I have no control over him and it seems like he has no control over me. I smile softly looking at Liam who gives me a small smile back before meeting Nick’s gaze.

“What does that mean?” I see Nick’s eyes snap to me giving me a threatening glare before he turns back to Liam shaking his head. Liam just sighs shaking his head before returning to the shadows he once hid in. I sigh swinging my legs over the window sill so I am facing him my back facing the outside world. “I will never be free from you as long as I am still living.” His eyes meet mine widening as I push myself backwards feeling the wind fight against me for a moment then I am free-falling. I hope he doesn’t catch me. I hope he isn’t fast enough. I hope I hit the ground and the instant I do I die.

The wind tugs at my hair and I feel my eyes watering. I look up to see the castle becoming farther and farther away then my eyes look down at the rocky beach to see it coming closer and closer. My death is staring me right in the eyes and all I can think of is he is to slow. He will not catch me. I am free. I will be more free than I have been in years. I feel tears fall down my cheeks and a laugh leave my lips. I am only seventeen. I could have had an entire life ahead of me. I could have gotten married, had children, grown old and died next to my husband.

I feel my body hit something hard and I gasp in pain my eyes opening as I meet angry green ones. I smile weakly pulling myself from his grip my feet landing on the sandy ground. My feet are wobbly and I feel a little light headed. I hear him behind me following me as I walk down the beach. My feet sting as the salt water enters the cuts but I push it away.

“What the hell were you thinking Adele?” I roll my eyes as I hear him walk behind me. I close my eyes feeling the wind pull at my hair and I smell the salt water. I don’t know where I am going. I don’t know where I am. I just hope if I keep walking I will stumble upon a town or maybe make my way back to my mother and her werewolf husband. But maybe my mother is a werewolf too maybe I have werewolf blood in me. Maybe I am no different from the monsters that I fear.

“You said you would catch me. I didn’t think you were going to back out of that statement. I just wanted to take a walk on the beach Nicholas. Is that too much to ask?”

“You could have asked me to go take a walk! I would have let you. You fucking jumped from the castle. Are you insane?” I smile softly laughing a little as I continue to walk down the beach I look back at him once to see worry on his face. Our eyes lock and I smile softly.

“Maybe. I don’t know I’ve never met an insane person before can’t be the one to decide if I am insane or not. But now it is not the time to ask about my sanity. I have questions to ask and you will answer them or I will continue walking till the ends of the earth and I don’t know if you have that patience or want to spend that time. I am already a dead girl walking I do not care for time. I have all the time in the world your majesty.” I stop turning to face him seeing him step back shocked his eyes watching me as I look into them. I turn back around continuing to walk down the sandy beach. “My mother, my younger brother are they both werewolves?” They must be, it must be the reason she left my father.


“Does this mean I am a werewolf too? I have her blood in me. As much as I hate it her blood in me it does course through my veins. Does that make me more like her than I thought?” I wait for his answer as I continue down the beach the water hitting my ankles then the edge of my dress.

“No. I would know if you were a werewolf. I would smell it on you. You do have werewolf blood in your veins I could taste it but you will never be a werewolf. Not a full one. You will have some similarities. You are stronger and faster than normal humans but you still bleed and injure like humans. You do not have a wolf nor will you ever. You are not a werewolf you just have their blood in you”I nod looking down, I am happy that I am the thing I hated the most. That I’m not the monster I feared. That I am not as similar to my mother than I once believed.

“Who was Adeline?” I stop looking out at the ocean, the waves hit my legs soaking my dress. I feel him behind me watching me, stalking me. I close my eyes feeling the cold breeze hits my face causing me to shiver.

“She was a girl from a long time ago. A girl from another lifetime. A girl I blindly fell in love with and a girl who broke my heart. A girl who my brother killed. A girl who tried to kill me and my brother killed her and I hate him for it.” I feel his hands turn me around glaring me in the eyes. “And you will never ask me about her again or I will drink you dry.” I close my eyes nodding before I turn back towards the ocean sighing. I have more questions about Adeline like how still today she means so much to him even when it was years ago that she died. He said it has been a lifetime. How old does that make him? How many years have he seen? How many wars? How many deaths? How many sicknesses?

“How old are you.”

“I was only twenty-three when I was turned into a vampire but that was thousands of years ago. I lost count of the years around five hundred years. After that everything started to mesh into one, the years, the faces, the hours, the minutes. Hundreds of years passed by me in like a blink of an eye.” I nod slowly feeling my stomach growl and dehydration clouding the rest of my thoughts, I run my hand across my stomach hearing it continue to growl.

“I want to go back to the castle now.” I turn to look at him seeing him nod slowly taking a step towards me instantly causing me to take a step backwards deeper into the ocean. He watches me taking another step towards me and this time I don’t move away I allow him to step into the water facing me.

“Get on my back. It will be quicker if I run.” I nod slowly seeing him turn around bending down in front of me. I bunch up the ends of my dress along my thighs climbing onto his back. I feel his cold hands grab onto my thighs pulling me against him. I wrap my arms around his shoulders holding myself close to him. With an instant we are on the beach and not even seconds later we are running up the side of the mountain. Everything blurs into one around me, I grip onto him tighter frightened of what would happen to me if I let go. How fast are we going? How fast can we go.

We come to a sudden halt my body still moving with the speed slamming into him knocking the air from my lungs. I gasp for air feeling Nick’s grip loosen on me and I cough falling from his grip clutching my chest gasping for air. He looks at me with what it seems worry which only disappears and his stone cold gaze returns. I look around the room seeing a place I haven’t yet seen. The downstairs of the castle, the entrance, the high walls and large stained glass windows. It’s beautiful and rustic. It looks old, older than anything I’ve ever seen. But it looks in good shape. I would think by now it would be crumbling in the ocean, like everything does over time.

“How long have you lived here? How is it still standing?”

“Follow me to the kitchen you must be starving.” I roll my eyes but follow him from the entrance and down the hall which I am hoping is the kitchen. I am absolutely starving. It feels like it has been weeks like I have eaten. We turn down the hallway Nick opening a door for me allowing me to enter first. My eyes widen as they land on a fridge. My feet instantly move over to it my hands landing on the cold surface. My eyes land on Nick who sits down at the counter watching me. I pull open the fridge gasping when I see blood bags littering the fridge. I look back at Nick to see him smirking at my disgust. I pick up a blood bag gripping it tightly in my fist. I feel anger rise up in me and I close my eyes before chucking the blood bag at him, he catches it quickly biting into it. I groan in disgust slamming the fridge closed glaring at him.

“You think you’re funny don’t you?” He smirks taking another sip of the blood bag before pointing to the door next to the fridge. I look over at the door sighing. I’ll probably open this door and a wild bear will be on the other side ready to maul me.

“The human food is in there. You’ll only find blood anywhere else, we don’t eat anything other than that.” I sigh swinging open the door my eyes landing on cans of soup and chips. I instantly feel my mouth water and my feet move closer to food. I grab a bag of chips returning to the kitchen to see Nick throwing away his blood bag before looking over at me smiling softly. I collapse in the chair opening the bag of chips instantly grabbing a handful. Instantly when the food touches my taste buds I sigh feeling a warmth enter my stomach after so many days.

“What makes you so different from humans other than the fact you drink other people’s blood? And you’re immortal” He looks over at me returning back to his seat smiling softly at me. I think he finds my curiosity amusing. Every question I’ve asked I’ve seen his curiosity in me become stronger.

“That and the fact that I am dead.”



“So all those rumors and stories are true. So my extensive knowledge of the Cullen family gives me everything I need to know about vampires.” I see Nick’s eyes widen in confusion and I smile realizing that he doesn’t know about twilight.

“You know another family of vampires? Why were you so shocked when you first saw me? When I told you what I was a vampire? Are you working for this family?” My eyes widen in horror as his eyes change from green to red and his shoulders kickback giving me a predatory glare. I drop my bag of chips slowly backing up so the counter separates us. I chuckle nervously running my hands through my hair.

“You’ve lived for thousands of years but you don’t have time to watch the best vampire movies in the world. Very ignorant of a man who claims to know all. The Cullen are a vampire family in a movie.” I hold my hands up surrender seeing his eyes change back to green and he groans running his hands through his hair.

“You are not funny Adele. I was about to kill you.” I sigh returning to my seat digging back into the bag of chips. I am walking on glass right now, I shouldn’t be overstepping. Making jokes, being cocky. It’s going to get me killed. I act like Nick is my friend not my captor. I don’t like him, I don’t appreciate his presence. I just somehow deal with him. I am terrified of him but I am able to sit next to him and talk to him.

“If you wanted to kill me I would be dead.”

“There is still time and I have all the time in the world.” The way he gives me a bright toothy smile and that you could hear the pure evil laced on his lips makes my body shiver. I subconsciously knew he wanted to kill me. That he was going to, but now that he is saying it aloud it makes me want to run and hide. I overstep all the time and it will get me killed.

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