Stone Cold

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My eyes follow my feet as they slide across the stone flooring listening to the sound of the ocean smash against the rocky coast, my hands slide against the side of the window sill looking down at the ground that I jumped to three days ago. I close my eyes smelling the salty breeze that pulls at my hair. I feel at peace for just a moment. Not looking over my shoulder or being tense waiting for the attack to happen. My hands run across my neck feeling the tattered skin making my body shake in discomfort. My once smooth skin is now destroyed for probably for the rest of my life if I even make it through the rest of the week. It is so hot and cold with Nick, its fucking painful all the time. I feel like I am walking on egg shells and if I break them it’s instantly death.

“Are you thinking of jumping again? Because I swear to God if you do I am not jumping after you.”

“I just felt God cringe from you using his name.” I turn to look at Liam who stands there awkwardly his hands in his pockets and his eyes looking anywhere but at me. We are supposed to be friends, really weird friends but at least friends. He acts like he can even stand next to me anymore. Not after that night when Nick threw him out of the window. Which might I say looked painful. I just imagine the glass stabbing into his skin. That must have hurt. But at the same time this guy is a corpse so he wouldn’t feel much pain would he?

“Why did you jump?”

“I wanted to die. To escape. To be with my father. I don’t know I think I just wanted to feel alive.” I don’t regret jumping, I really don’t. I wouldn’t do it again anytime soon but I don’t regret it. I feel like I needed that. To wake up. To face life head on and to feel something other than sadness.

I feel his hand on my shoulder rubbing his thumb against my bare shoulder and I flinch from the contact. I shiver a little feeling tears cloud my eyes. You never know how much your body craves human touch till it is taken away from you. All you want is to feel the warmth from another person, to know that there is someone with you. I turn to face him feeling his hand leave me instantly causing me to grab his hand placing it back on my shoulder.

“I miss the feeling of human contact. The warmth, the way the fingertips graze against your skin. I miss it.” His eyes widen slightly his grip tightening on my shoulder pulling me forwards. I feel the wind against my skin then the warmth of the skin against mine. His arms wrap tightly around me holding me in a tight embrace. I run my hands across his back to hook around his neck feeling my face rest on his left peck allowing the warmth to take over my entire body.

“Liam!” I hear the booming voice from across the hallway instantly letting go of Liam backing up looking over at Nick who has anger covering his entire face. I roll my eyes seeing Liam back up fear covering his face.

“What am I not allowed to hug my friends?” I see Nick’s eyes flicker from green to red causing my breath to quicken and I move backwards. I don’t know much about vampires other than my extensive knowledge on the twilight but I do know that whenever his eyes turn red I should run for it.

“She is not our friend! She is my prisoner and you are not allowed to even talk to her. Or did the last time when I threw out the window slip from your mind? Don’t touch her. Don’t talk to her. She is not your friend and she never will be. Now Adele come here before I make you.” I sigh softly crossing my arms moving over towards him feeling Liam reach out and grab my hand but I don’t even look at him. I just pull away allowing my hand to hit my side continuing towards Nick. His hands reach out for me grabbing my shoulder pulling me up against him. I feel his finger brush across the scarred skin making me squeeze my eyes shut and my breath stop dead in its tracks. I want to pull away but I just stay stone cold. Not moving. Not showing him that I want to run and hide.

“If she’s actually a prisoner why haven’t you put her in the dungeon. Put her with the rest of our prisoners. Not keep her up here like a guest.” My eyes widen and I shake my head at Liam. You don’t want to give him any ideas idiot. He’ll lock me in the dungeon and I will die in there. I know I will. I don’t want to die alone and afraid. Not like my father. I don’t want that for me.

“Good idea Liam. I’ll put her with Gwen, she’s good company. Adele will get along with her. Both have Werewolf blood in them. They’ll get along until the full moon comes along.” I squeeze my eyes shut swearing under my breath as I feel Nick’s grip become tighter and a rush of wind hits my face. I’m scared to open my eyes, I don’t want to know what is in front of me. It smells like blood and death in here. I hear someone get up from next to me and the sound of chains against stone. “Open your eyes Adele. I want you to see your new home.” He let’s go of me and all I want to do is reach out and grab him. I slowly open my eyes seeing darkness, only the faint amount of light shines through the barred window. I look around me horror in my eyes as I see the line of cells. I look back at Nick pleading with my eyes only to see a smirk on his face as he holds a cell open for me metal shackles wrapped around his arm. I take a step towards him looking into the cell seeing a girl not much older than me sitting in the cell her head hung low. I gulp looking over at Nick who just shows me a toothy grin.

“Please Nick.” I feel his hands on my ankle putting the shackle around it then advancing into the cell. He chains the other side to the wall pulling on it to make sure it doesn’t break off. I look up with him with pleading eyes as he grabs my shoulders to move me out-of-the-way. I follow him slowly watching him as he shuts the cell door in my face. I gasp grabbing onto the cell bars bringing my face up to them.

“I gave you rules Adele. You keep defying me, you jumped from the window. You tried to run away. You keep talking to Liam even after I told him and you what would happen if you continued. You don’t listen Adele and this is why I am locking you up.” My eyes widen as he turns on his heals leaving me alone with this random girl. I sigh turning around looking down at the girl, her eyes are on me and a smile on her face. I back up a little looking down at her.

“You look younger than I last saw you A. Its been a hundred years, did you finally submit to him?Let him turn you? It’s kind of funny you once stood here swearing at him telling me you’d never love him.” I raise my eyes in confusion looking down at her, a hundred years? What is she talking about? I cock my head to the side looking at her in confusion. “Can you not remember me A? Has it been really that long that you don’t remember your own best friend?”

“I think you have me confused with someone else. I’m seventeen, and I have never seen you before. And there is no way in hell I will ever love Nick.” Her eyes widen and she stands up meeting my height. I gulp looking over at her as she takes a step towards me her head tilting in confusion.

“You’re human? I’m so sorry you look like someone I once knew.” She takes a step back looking down at her hands as she slumps down against the wall. I can see the sadness on her face and I feel a pang in my heart. “Nick talked to you like he once did with Adeline. Is she up there? Is that why you are here? I thought she would come for me one day. She promised. She said she would kill Nick and we would run.” I gasp looking at this girl. She knew Adeline. She could tell me more about her. I take a step towards her. She has been waiting for her friend for a hundred years. She needs to know that her friend isn’t coming for her or that she betrayed her.

“Adeline died a long time ago. Liam killed her when she tried to kill Nick. He wont tell me anything about her. He threatened to kill me if I said her name again.” I hear the girl gasp and my eyes meet hers to see tears falling down her face.

“So she did go down fighting. I prayed for that to be the truth. She stayed human to the very end, she promised me she would never submit to him. Liam loved her, she was Nick’s but Liam loved her. Liam is my mate. That’s why I have been locked up here for the past three hundred years. Because a mate destroys a vampire. Makes them feel weak and they hate that.” I lower to her level looking into her golden eyes. She isn’t human, she must be a vampire. I don’t think that werewolves can live forever. I’ve seen them age. But what was she talking about. Mates? She is Liam’s.

“What is a mate?” She smiles closing her eyes sighing softly.

“Vampires and Werewolves have them, they are another person who completes them. Their other half. With Vampire it is different from with Werewolves. The person has to be eighteen. A Vampire will usually have human mates where Werewolves rarely have human mates. Werewolves usually find their mates around sixteen or seventeen. Mates are dangerous. You will be attracted to them even when you hate them. You will choose them over your own well-being. You will protect them above anyone else.” I gasp sitting down in front of her. She is Liam’s mate but then why is she locked up here. If what she is saying true then Liam would never let her waste away down here. He’s a loving person, he would never hurt her.

“Then why are you down here?”

“He doesn’t know we are mates. he never figured it out the attraction to me and he distracted himself with his chase of Adeline. I was locked down here when I tried to kill Nick when Adeline couldn’t. Liam turned against me and his anger overpowered the mate bond. I have been locked in here ever since.” I feel my throat close up as I look at her tears, I never thought a Vampire could cry. I didn’t think they had any emotions. I thought they were just corpses. Not capable of human emotion. But she is crying, I can feel her pain through me. It makes me want to cry along with her.

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