Stone Cold

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“I’m hungry.” I hear my stomach growl seeing Gwen roll her eyes as I complain for the third time in the last ten minutes. It’s been over twenty-four hours since I ate anything. I feel like my stomach is ripping in half and my throat is being ripped apart. My voice is weak, I feel weak. I slowly stand up looking over at Gwen who throws a rock at the wall picking up another continuing her entertainment for the next ten minutes. I walk up to the metal bars placing my hands on them looking across the hallway my eyes meeting a young boys. Instantly my eyes widen seeing him smile softly at me. He locked a kid up here? What kind of monster is he?

“Hi.” I hear the thick British accent and instantly I am in love with the kid. He tosses something across the hallway and it lands directly in front of me. My eyes widen when I see the slice of bread in front of me. Instantly I grab it stuffing the contents into my mouth smiling as I feel my stomach welcome the warm feeling. I smile softly at the boy.

“Thank you so much.” He smiles back nodding as he takes a bite of his own food, Gwen moves closer to me watching the boy with an intense glare. It looks like she would rather kill him than hear him talk anymore.

“Nicholas only comes down here every three days to feed us human. As we are the only ones who require food and water every three days. The werewolves can live for weeks without food but most don’t last that long. They rip themselves apart when the full moon comes by. The vampires are the unlucky ones. They don’t get fed for over a year. Don’t worry your little friend over there was just fed. She won’t kill you yet. But just wait a couple of weeks Nick will be cleaning up your blood off the walls when she rips you to shreds.” I see the evil smile on his face as he takes another bite of his food looking over at me. I feel myself back up a little looking at the crazed boy in front of me.

“Don’t listen to him Adele. He’s in here for a reason. The boy is a witch, he could kill you in a snap of a finger. He can’t hurt us from here. His powers can’t reach us in here. Our cell is laced with gold. Witches are powerless against them. Nick couldn’t kill him because he has a immortality spell on him so he locked him up.” I nod looking over at Gwen whose eyes are sunken a-little and her face looks paler. Makes me wonder if some of what he said was correct. That in a couple of weeks Gwen will kill me. I know that vampires need blood to survive so it makes sense. If it is true Gwen was right, Nick did send me down here to die.

I hear footsteps coming our way and instantly I back away from the bars hearing Gwen dash to the other side of the cell farthest away from the bars her head lowering to the ground. My eyes widen as I see a beautiful woman stop in front of our cell a smirk on her face.

“Gwen it’s nice to see you again after all these years. I see my brothers have given you a little pet, a Wolf and not even a full one. They hoping you suck her dry?” I don’t meet her gaze just following Gwen’s lead. So this is Liam and Nick’s sister. She screams evil witch and powerful. I feel myself almost being crushed by just her presence. I don’t want to meet the rest of the family. “She is more human wolf isn’t she? She must taste delicious. Have you tasted her yet? Or are you sticking to your normal cold stuff?” My body goes stiff when she talks about drinking my blood, all I can remember is the helplessness I felt when they attacked me. I couldn’t protect myself, I couldn’t do anything. I don’t want to feel that again.

“Alice, talking with my prisoners? I told you not to come back down here.” I see Nick step out of the shadows my eyes instantly landing on him. He shakes his head slowly and I instantly look down at the ground feeling my body tense up.

“I love seeing your little pets. Why do you have a mostly human in your cell though? You could just kill her, she’s weak.” I see Nick tense with her words and I can see a smile form on her face as she looks at me. Instantly I lower my head hiding myself from her. I can see that she got the reaction out of him that she wanted.

“She’s my prisoner Alice. I have my reasons. Now can you return upstairs with the rest of the family.” She groans turning on her heals walking away from the direction she came from. I sigh looking up at Nick who runs his hands through his hair looking at me. I see his eyes quickly scan my body.

“If you told me your family was going to be here maybe I would have been a little more accepting of you locking me up. I mean like you are a vampire, your family are vampires. They would probably kill me if they just saw me roaming the hallways.” Nick sighs lowering himself to my level looking deep into my eyes. I can’t find any emotion in them, they’re just empty.

“Adele that’s not the reason why I locked you up. If my family killed you it would be a lot less stress on me. I wouldn’t have to kill you in the long run. The reason why I locked you up is because you don’t listen Adele Charolett. You defy me and you get punished.” I back up a little my eyes wide and horror on my face. I always subconsciously knew he would kill me but I didn’t want to accept it. I wanted to live. I run my hands through my hair watching as he stands up throwing me a bottle of water and I loaf of bread. Instantly my eyes widen and I reach for the food feeling his hand wrap around my wrist twisting it as he pulls me to stand. I hear a growl from behind us and Gwen step closer to us only to have Nick’s eyes turn red and she backs off whimpering softly. I wince in pain as he twists it farther his eyes locking with mine. He lowers his lips to my wrist tracing his sharp canines across them, I whimper trying to pull away only to see his grip tighten and his predatory gaze meets my fearful one.

“Please don’t Nick.” He smiles softly biting into my wrist. I cry out feeling tears flood my eyes and I try to pull away only to feel his grip tighten as he takes more blood from my body. I cry feeling my body weaken and my knees buckle from under me feeling his hand grab me from outside the cell pulling me against it keeping me up. “Nick, please. Why are you doing this?” He sighs against my wrist detaching himself from me allowing my body to slump to the ground. I gasp out looking at my bloodied wrist covering the wound with my hand keeping pressure on them. I swear under my breath looking over at Nick who smirks wiping the blood from his lips looking satisfied.

“I almost forgot what your blood tasted like. It was so sweet, so addicting. I want more.” I gaps backing up seeing him laugh turning around looking over at the young British boy, the young boy smirks waving up at him. I hear Nick grunt looking over at me then turning around going back the way he once came from. Instantly Gwen is by my side covering my wound with her hand as the other rips a piece of fabric from her dress tightly wrapping it around my wrist. I cry out in pain feeling tears fall down my cheeks.

“Fucking asshole!” Her voice is loud to my ears and I close my eyes wincing in pain. I watch her grab the loaf of bread and water placing it in front of me. Her eyes widen when she sees my blood on her hands. Instantly I see her gulp looking from me to my wrist then the blood on her hand. I see her eyes flicker from golden to yellow and she lets a small growl out before turning away from me returning to her corner. I let a small sob out as I take the water bottle twisting the cap hearing the seal break. Instantly my chapped lips hit the bottles edge pouring the cold water down my throat. It feels so nice. I finish the bottle quickly only wishing for more. I hear Gwen groan and my eyes instantly meet hers to see her running her free hand through her hair as she looks at her hand covered in fresh blood.

“You can have it if you want. I know you want it.” Her eyes meet mine then the blood on her hands, her hands are shaking and I know she is holding herself back with the smallest string. A string that is straining and about to snap.

“What if I can’t control myself? I don’t want to kill you Adele.” I smile shaking my head looking into her worried eyes.

“I believe in you Gwen. You wont hurt me.” I flash her a large smile seeing her eyes soften and her body relax. She sighs looking down at her hand hesitantly raising it to her lips. The instant the blood hits her lips I see her eyes change color and she sucks up the pooling blood in her hand. I hear her gasp softly as she collapses against the wall looking over at me. Her face seems full of more color, not as pale as it was before. She looks at me sighing softly. I was right, she wasn’t going to hurt me. “Told you.” She laughs before coughing a little as she groans placing her head against the wall.

“I think I may be dying Grace.” My eyes widen and I stand up walking over to her, she looks like she is in physical pain. I hold her hands in mine looking into her eyes, I thought vampires can’t die. That they are immortal. That they can live forever. What does she mean that she is dying? That should be impossible. “Grace you need to get away from me. He’s controlling me. I don’t know how long I can hold back. He wants me to kill you.” Her voice is so low as she meets eyes with the little boy from the other cell. I see an evil smirk on his face and my eyes widen. He’s controlling her? Why and how could he do that?


“Your blood Grace. The food he gave you must have been charmed. I think it will kill both of us.” My eyes widen and I fall backwards pushing my body away from hers. I hear her growl as she shakes her head left over blood falling from her mouth. Suddenly I feel myself cough bringing my hand to my mouth pulling it away to see dark red covering my fingers. I look up at her wide-eyed and that’s exactly when I feel a sharp pain my stomach and a scream leaves my lips as my head hits the ground. I curl up feeling like something sharp is being dragged across my collar-bone. I cry out as I feel the ripping of skin and my eyes lock with the boys to see him laughing a bit as he clenching his fist a bit sending my body through another wave of pain. I scream out tears brimming my eyes as I hold the blood into my neck.

“Gwen!” My eyes are getting heavy and instantly when she looks over at me and sees the blood she screams standing up running to the cell bars. I hear her screaming before I pass out from blood loss. I see her worried face as she looks back at me before returning to screaming for someone. I can’t feel anything though and that’s why I know I am going to die.

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