Stone Cold

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I groan lifting my tired and broken body from the ground trying to sit up looking over at Gwen who is screaming at the top of her lungs. I groan her voice sounding ten times louder feeling pain shoot through my body causing a scream to leave my lips. I feel the blood trickle from my neck from the wound that was inflicted on me and I writhe on the ground tears streaming down my face. I claw at my arms feeling like a fire is underneath the skin. I am dying and my body is trying to keep on fighting even if it only for a moment.

I hit my head off the ground repeatedly just hoping that it will kill me. I can’t live with this pain, just the pain is enough to kill me. I look up at Gwen who is screaming tears flowing down her face. I’ve never seen her like this. So vulnerable, so scared. I want to comfort her but I don’t think I could stand if I wanted to, my body feels like it is breaking down from the inside out.

“What the hell happened to her?” I hear his voice and instantly my eyes are looking at him a cry leaving my mouth. His eyes lock with mine and all I see is worry in them. He sees the blood trickling down my neck and I feel a rush of air as he’s suddenly next to me holding my blood into my neck. He tries to pull me into his arms but the boy has other plans. I feel a sharper pain in my body. Something that it feels like it’s ripped my in half. I scream my eyes locking with the boys only seeing a smile.

“Get her away from him. He’s going to kill her.” I see Nicks eyes lock with the young boy seeing the smile on his face anger spreading through his own. His grip on me tightens as he lifts me into his arms holding my against his. My body feels so weak and I know I’m loosing too much blood by the puddle of blood I was just laying in.

I feel cold air against my face and my eyes can barely register as the room I was just in no longer exists and becomes just a blur of colors till my eyes land on the familiar tall stone ceilings. I cry out in pain seeing his eyes snap down to me as he lowers both of us to the floor. My eyes travel around the room to see four shocked strangers and a very worried Liam. He rushes over to us kneeling by my side. Looking into my scared eyes.

“I think I’m going to die.” His eyes widen and he shakes his head. Nick swears under his breath as he looks at my wounds. Seeing the deep gash on my neck. It didn’t take much to bleed me out. Nick just drank my blood then what that boy did to me. My body feels numb. I can no longer feel my feet or lower half. My eyes scan the room again seeing the four strangers step closer intrigued by what is happening. I now notice that one of them is Alice, Liam and Nicks younger sister. That must mean this is the rest of them family. My eyes scan the tall beautiful older woman instantly seeing that she’s their mother. The man next to her must be their father. I look over at the other to see a man not to younger than Nick glaring at me. He has no emotion in him.

“What happened to her?” Nicks face is covered in anger as Liam wipes the blood from my neck only to have the blood continue to pour from my wound.

“Your fucking prisoner almost killed her Liam. I want him dead and Gwen to be found and locked back up. She’s in the castle. Find her. Now!” Liam quickly stands up running away in a blink and my eyes go back to Nick who is rolling up his sleeves. I feel tears fall down my face as I know these are my final breaths.

" I’m scared Nick. I don’t want to die. I know you are probably overjoyed right now. You won’t have to do the dirty work. Wasn’t that what you wanted.” I cough closing my eyes not feeling any pain anymore. I feel absolutely nothing. I just know I am dying. I can feel it. I’m terrified. I don’t want to die. I know I said I did but now it is happening and I can’t stop it.

“Fuck it.” My eyes widen when I see him bite into his wrist blood pouring out of it. I know what he wants. And I know I have to do it. My shaky hands grab onto his wrist looking at the blood that drips from it. My eyes meet Alice’s to see shock on them. He presses his wrist against my lips and instantly the metallic taste hits my tongue and I feel like I am going to throw up. Almost instantly after this feeling I feel something else. The blood I am drinking becomes addictive and I’m gripping tightly onto Nick with my hands as I hear him groan his hand pulling at the roots of my hair. I ignore the pain and continue to drink up the blood feeling my body heal and life come back into it. As I start slowing down I feel Nicks grip on my hair loosen and he starts to run his hands through my hair chucking softly.

“Fuck Adele. Drink me dry why don’t you?“′ He pulls his wrist away rubbing the area. I see blood drip from it and instantly I want more. It made me feel so powerful. Almost like I could take on the world.

“I’m sorry.” My eye lids are heavy and I just want sleep. I don’t want to fight with him. I don’t want to be angry at him. He just saved my life. I was dying and he saved me. He smiles down at me pulling me tighter against him sighing.

“Nicholas what the hell did you just do? And who is this girl and why are you letting her drink your blood.” My body shakes in fear when I hear Nicks father powerful voice. Nick notices this and instantly tries to comfort me running his hands through my hair. I don’t meet any of the gazes of the rest of his family. I just keep my eyes at him my body to weak to move or so anything else.

“Don’t question my decisions in life father. She is my prisoner and I choose to save her. You have no right to question anything I do. This is my home. You are a guest here.” I see shock on everyone’s face as Nick talks back to him. Nick grips me harder holding me as he shakes in anger.

“I am going to accept that you have lost a lot of blood and that is the reason you are talking to me like that. Because you know that if you ever speak to me again in that tone I will kill your little slut of a prisoner you seem to care about so much.” Nicks eyes flash from green to red as his father speaks. He grips me harder standing up to meet his fathers height as he holds me against him.

Nick huffs in annoyance before turning around and walking the opposite way carrying me with him. My pain seems to numbed when Nick held me even before he fed me the blood, it was like the instant he came within contact of me the pain numbed. I felt like I could be able to actually survive for a moment until the reality hit that I was loosing way too much blood and that I was dying.

“I don’t want to die Nick. I want to live.” I sob into his shirt as I feel him stiffen a little continuing to walk towards the room I have been staying. He sighs pushing open the door placing me on the bed. Instantly I groan the broken skin on my neck twisting slightly. Nick moves over to the medical box grabbing some band aids returning to my side. “Why did you save me?” He sighs wiping the blood from my collar-bone exposing the deep gash. I sit up straight looking at him as he cleans the wound grabbing a large band-aid placing it over the wound. I gasp when I feel his cold fingers against my skin flinching back. He’s so cold. Like impossibly cold.

“Because Adele as much as I hate you and want you dead, I can’t let you die.” My eyes widen watching him as he cleans up the rest of the blood that still lingers on my chest and my neck. He sighs grabbing the left over medical supplies in his fist throwing them in the small garbage can in the corner of my room. He looks over at me running his hands through his hair.

“Why do you hate humans so much?” He sighs sitting down next to me on the bed closing his eyes rubbing his temples softly. I sit up a little pulling my knees to my chest meeting his eyes waiting for his answer.

“Because they are weak, they spend so much time asking themselves what others will think of them than loving themselves. You shouldn’t care. Everyone is different and there is always going to be someone who they look at and wish they looked like them. You are all judgmental hypocrites.” I laugh closing my eyes groaning in pain as I lower my body to the bed feeling the soft covers under my sore body.

“That’s funny because it’s true.” I keep my eyes closed feeling exhaustion take over my body, I feel the bed lift up as he stands up wrapping a blanket around me sighing softly. I yawn as I stretch a little pulling the blanket farther up so it covers my mouth. I open my eyes slowly to look at Nick who has his hand on the door handle. “Hey Nick?” He turns around his eyebrow raised in question. “I know you hate Gwen and you have a reason to but remember there is always three sides to a story. Yours, her’s, and somewhere in the middle is the truth. Give her a chance to speak, to tell her story. It’s fine if you hate her for the rest of your life and you may have a reason to but everyone deserves a second chance. I think she can surprise you.” His eyes widen as my voice fades and I close my eyes feeling exhaustion take over me. I just want to sleep for the next seven hundred years. I never want to wake up. I hear the door shut closed and I am left a lone in this empty room. I feel cold even with the blankets around me. I feel lonely even though I know if I yelled Nick would be back in my room in an instant. I also feel unsafe, like I can’t sleep or I don’t want to. I am in a house of vampires. I only know two of them, I know one is my friend and the other is my kidnapper who just saved my life.

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