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Chapter 10


I’ve been pacing back and forth for the last two hours. The sun went down the horizon long, long ago and now the moon was gracing the sky. The stars were trying to outshine the blissful brightness of moon but failed. So, they settled on decorating the sky with their glitters. Both the moon and stars befriended with each other and now, they were happy in each others company.

The night reminded me of darkness and a certain dark angel. I let out a sigh as her sparkling sapphires haunted my mind all day long. The memory of her smooth, lustrous voice had turned me on for more than once and I had yet to find the logic of this sudden attraction toward her. I was hopeless.

I had entertained the thought of her being my mate. But, then I had to chuckle thinking I was a human male and her... Well, I didn’t even know what she was. But, she couldn’t be like me. No way! She was too good to be a simple human.

Then, who was she? What was her kind? As far as I knew, our kingdom only sheltered werewolves, some said dragons as well but I had never seen a dragon in my life so, yeah, I’d settled with wolves only. But, then, why the queen would grant a she-wolf in her palace. What was she even doing in that forbidden room playing violin? What if Queen would have caught her and punished her? She was way too daring for my liking.

Wait! Why did I care? I just met her yesterday, damn it!

I felt like ripping my head. She was messing with my head and she wasn’t even there with me. Suddenly, the smell of rose filled the air. It surprisingly blended well with the salty smell of the sea.

Yep, I was at the beach of Aswalan Sea. The guards had sent me here in the late afternoon. When I asked why; they told me for my audition. What kind of audition is held in a damn beach without any proper arrangement or preparation? The queen was really weird!

I felt the smell grow as I turned around to find a woman walking toward me from the far side of the beach. She was walking by the shore. Her hair was tied in a tight ponytail as those dark curls struggled to be free from the hold in the wild sea air.

Her off-white gown was flowing in the air. The deep v neck was just low enough to show a modest amount of cleavage as the glitters shined around her top. Her flimsy long skirt flared down from her hip. and flowed down till her ankle. Her long slender legs were covered in white skin-tight pants. Her hands were covered in long chiffon sleeves were swinging side to side as she kept walking in that tight white boots. She was as beautiful as I remembered her, as divine as an angel.

A smile appeared on my lips without my knowledge.

“Ah, so it’s you again?”

She stopped for a moment, looking at me like I said something strange. For a moment, I thought myself if the greeting words were appropriate. But then she smiled and walked closer to me.

“How are you liking the palace?”

Her question threw me off-guard but I managed not to show my emotions on the face. I kept smiling.

“It’s a nice place but nothing I didn’t expect from the royal resident of our Queen. I was occupied with the thought of my audition for the most of the day though.” I turned to the calm ocean.

I heard her hum. “So, are you ready for the audition, Mister Valendard?”

I looked at her with a raised brows. “And, who will be taking my audition, Miss...”

She smirked. “Silver.” I quirked my brows. “My name. And, I would be the one to test your strength.”

So, her name is Silver. It suited her very well. And, wait, did she really said what she said?

She sounded quite confident. I couldn’t help but give her a once over. I didn’t think this lady with such a slender and delicate body who doesn’t even reach my shoulders would be able to test my strength. Maybe, I would have another partner to fight with and she’d be the judge here. But then, where was the other male there?

“It would be indeed me, Mister Valendard.”

My eyes snapped back to her. She was smirking. No way! She couldn’t be serious. How could I fight a woman and even one like her? Maybe she was truly a she-wolf and that’s why the queen sent her to fight me. If that was the case, then I should not underestimate her strength. Yes! Never underestimate your opponent; that was the very first rule of every competition.

I squared my shoulders and sent her a tight-lipped smile.

“Then, it would be my honor, Lady Silver. But may I ask where is your weapon or would you like to have a fistfight?”

She quirked her brows. “You really don’t know, do you?” I furrowed my brows.

What I don’t know?

But, before I could speak she cleared her throat. “I would like to see your physical strength first. So, fist fighting is first.”

I nodded my head. “As you say, Lady Silver. Shall we?”

“Sure.” She smiled as she blinked.

We both stepped back from each other and I bowed her. I noticed how she only slightly nodded her head. Was she already thinking higher of herself or was she assuming I would lose this audition?

Her behavior made me all the more determined to win this audition tonight. So, I straightened my posture and started to circle her. She did the same, her eyes all on me and mine on her.

By the look of her body language, she seemed to want me to attack her first. But, I wasn’t going to give her that. The first attacker becomes the first loser and no way in hell I was giving her the chance. So, I tried to give her a false impression.

I launched myself at her with my head lower and hands fisted. She thought I was going to punch her so she prepared her fist for attack and came forward to counter-attack me. I ducked my head just in time and managed to swiftly slipped aside from her fast-forwarding punch.

Our real fighting started. I somehow went behind her back and tried to grab her elbow but she sensed my move fast and back punched my chest before delivering a roundhouse kick and man, that was brutal!

Before I knew my face turned backward and stumbled my footing. However, I managed not to fall and quickly turned back to the fight. I had to answer some of her attacks.

We fought for, I didn’t know, about half an hour perhaps. In that time, she managed to bruise my chest, the side of my cool, handsome face, my stomach and my knee. I was glad she left my manhood alone. Women were brutal when it came to that part of a man according to my experience.

No, I wasn’t one of those perverts who got kneed because they misbehaved with women. I had a couple of female opponents inside the ring and sometimes they liked to deliver bittersweet blows down there.

By now, I knew Silver excelled in her fist-fighting skill. Her moves were fast and precise and she aimed straight knowing where she wanted to hit her opponent. I tried my best as well and hoped I was up to her standard. This audition was very demanding.

After I delivered one last punch in her gut, Silver stumbled back. Her one hand was clutching her stomach as she bent down. She closed her eyes and her face contorted as tried to catch her breath.

For some reason, I felt my gut twisted seeing her in such a state. I stepped forward to see if she was okay and before I knew, I was the one stumbled back and toppled over.

By the time I realized what I had done, Silver was sitting on the top of me and punched my face.

“Never give your enemy a chance to attack you, not even when he’s in pain. This weakness can cost you your life. He may be bluffing for all you know.”

It was nothing I knew but still I deserved it. I should have never gone to help her. This was a freaking audition! I knew she was testing me, damn it!

"Yes, Lady Silver."

Her eyes assessed me for a moment. I didn't know what she saw but for a second, I had seen them brighten up before they dimmed down to cold stare.

She got off my body and stood up. I helped myself and stood in front of her.

"Now, for the second round."

My brows rose upwards. "Second round?"

She smirked. "Thought you would get away with just fistfighting! A warrior has to excel in every physical and mental skill. I thought you knew that."

I remembered she told me fistfighting would be my first test. Okay!

"What else would you like me to perform?"

She smiled a sweet smile and asked in her smooth cold voice. "How about sparring?"

I was screwed and for good! Rhymed, eh?

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