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Chapter 11


I was sweating as I barely saved my neck from getting sliced. The sharp tip of that silver sword had me on ages for the last eternity. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating but it was true.

After we had agreed to go on the second round, Silver had gone somewhere and brought two swords for us. Ever since then, I was trying to survive the sparring contest.

If I thought Silver was excellent in fistfighting, now she was completely ruthless. She rarely missed a chance to bruise my skin.

Now, how could I tell her, I wasn’t a man with swords. I was a freaking wrestler. Sparring was not my kind of stuff. But, who would listen to me?

By now, I started to attack. I didn’t know why but she smiled the entire time as she kept moving away from my near-perfect strikes.

At one point, somehow I managed to hit one of her hands and made her sword fly in the air. I was quick to catch that sword before she got it.

I smirked as now I had two swords. Her eyes widened at the sudden turn of event. But, remembered my lesson from earlier and didn’t give her any chance to attack.

I swished one of my swords in her direction. She was fast enough to miss the attack. I smirked as she glared at me. Oh, I was having so much fun!

We went on from here for a few more minutes until I managed to scratch the side of her ar. I heard her hiss before quickly turning around, hiding the injured elbow from me. I frowned at her behavior. Why would she need to hide her harmed hand from me?

I saw her place one hand over the place where I was sure the blood was oozing out. I wanted to see the damage but held myself back. This was still an audition and she was still my judge. I needed to keep my distance.

I was dwelling with myself when I sensed her move. She launched herself forward with her fists clenched. Her eyes looked ready to murder.

I closed my eyes and crossed both my sword before running them through the length of her body. It was an act purely out of my instinct. I was defending myself, damn it!

I heard the sound of the dress getting torn. I also heard her faint gasp. All the movements were stopped. I waited with batted breath for something to happen. I didn't want to open my eyes, fearing the extent of the damage I'd see. I knew I sounded like a petty woman but this was a matter of life and death now. If I opened my eyes, I'd surely face her wrath and then she'd report to the queen.

Forget winning, I'd straight to be disqualified in a blink of an eye. And, what would happen to my family? The queen would never spare them.

"What the heck did you do!" Her voice tore through the silence of the night, even surpassing the roar of ocean waves.

I sent a silent prayer to the superior strength and slowly opened my eyes. My eyes widened as the scene unfolded before me.

There stood Silver with fisted hands and clenched jaw. There was a scrap on her right sleeve. I was glad to see there was no injury on that arm. But, that wasn't the worst part. It was the midsection of her gown.

It was torn into a wide split from her upper mid till the very end of the fabric. The flimsy skirt was dancing in the air around her flat toned stomach. The belt of her white pant was hung tightly on the lower hip. It was not a good sight for a man with moral virtues, not at all. And, wait, what was that? A small oval-shaped deep blue stone was sitting proudly on her navel. She even had a navel piercing!

"Shit!" I whispered.


Her voice made me snap my eyes back to her. I saw her smirk.

"You are in deep, deep shit, Nathaniel Valendard."

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