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Chapter 1


Sometimes only dreaming and chasing after it is not enough, Reality will always be there to drag you down to this cruel earth. Duties and responsibilities will tie you with an invisible rope. It will suffocate you till you can’t breathe. But you don’t have a choice, no say in this. Just play the part with grace and you will be given something close to freedom.

And, that was royalty to me.

It had always been that way. When I had been a little princess, when I had been a demanding royal adolescent, even now, when I was a...

“Your Majesty, Lord Galvin summoned your presence.”

I looked back to see a servant girl. Her head was bowed down, waiting for my response.

But I didn’t give her any, instead started to walk away from the exotic view of my balcony. The morning sun was shining with all the glory as birds and pegasuses flying in the sky side by side. The whole Ravendale was ready for me to view, including the Aswalan Sea and the beach. I would have enjoyed the serenity for a few more moments had not my grandfather called for me.

Crossing my extravagant bedroom, I entered the lavish halls. After walking half of the palace, I reached my grandfather’s wing. Servants and guards bowed deep on the way as I walked the way. I paid them no attention. There was no need anyway.

I knocked on the grand door, hearing a frail voice permitting me to enter. The guards opened the door and I walked into the bedroom. His room was quite simple for a royal. His walls were a rich shade of beige with a white marble floor. A lavish white canopy bed made of mahogany woods. The fireplace was adjacent to the bed. Two wide windows on each side of the bed. Two three-seater was placed parallel to the windows and a wooden desk in the middle of those comfortable sofas. That was all.

On the bed, there rested a wrinkled old man with a paper-white hair. He looked so fragile, so worn out, who would say once he had been the most feared king in the whole realm. Whenever I looked at the old man, the stories of the brave ruler flashed before my eyes. Time really did wonder to people.

“Greetings, grandfather,” I smiled as I took a seat on the bed.

He looked at me with warmth in his old blue eyes as I took his hands.

“Aravena, my dearest, how are you on this fine morning?” His voice trembled as he spoke.

“Isn’t this my question to ask, grandfather?”

He only smiled.

“You look pale. Have you taken the morning herbs?” I asked as I felt his warm forehead.

“Oh, those bothering medicines! My tongue is becoming sour.”

I chuckled, “But you have to, grandfather. You can’t do anything.”

His eyes twinkled.

“Can I not?” The sly hint in his voice perked my interest.

“What’s going on your devious mind, Lord Galvin?” I crossed my arms.

His trembling voice spoke with authority, “Well, my dearest Aravena, I was just thinking if you could prepare meals for me today. You see, these food are so bland. I don't know what those so-called best chefs do in the kitchen. So, I'd like for you to do me this favor. Queen or not.”

And, he knew how much I hated cooking.

The grand white door was thrown open with a loud thud. Everybody bowed down in an instance as I strode forward with loud steps in my white heels. The whole room was silent, making the clicks of my heels echo in the whole room. My long white gown almost flying the air as my long, dark curls furiously waved in the air. But my face was void of any emotion. I made sure my aura was strong enough to send them the message: You wouldn’t want to mess with me today.

I climbed up the stairs. Reaching the top, I turn around with a whisk and sat down on the plush, majestic throne. My chin was held high, legs were crossed and arms rested on both sides of the armrest. With one wave of my finger, everyone raised their heads. A noble came close to the stairs and bowed before me.

“My Queen, the list of recruitment candidates you requested has just arrived. I would like to seek for your permission to proceed.”

I nodded and heard him clear his throat.

“Your Majesty, as you are aware that the recruitment ceremony will take place in the next five days. The list of candidates for the nobles, the lords and the warriors are here in my hand. The candidates each fulfills the necessary physical and mental requirements. However, there is an issue with one candidate who applied for the warrior selection. He seems to be having an extreme nervous condition. I am afraid we have to replace him, your Highness-”

“Then do it, Nordan.”

He bowed again, not wanting to meet my eyes.

“My apologies, your Majesty, but he has the potential to be the best of the warriors. No other candidates could compete him in the audition ceremony.”

I quirked my brows, “Really? If he’s so qualified then he shouldn’t be nervous about the recruitment. If he can’t show confidence in a mere competition, how would he fight in the battlefield?”

“Pardon my interruption, your Majesty. But he is the best we have-”

“Get rid of him and search for more candidates.”

The door burst open and scream filled the air.

“Let me go! Please, have mercy!”

Two guards dragged a bowled belly across the floor. His shrill girly voice irritated my ears. I couldn’t keep my stoic face anymore. I had to scowl. Two guards bowed.

“Your Majesty, this scum was insulting the royal family in the middle of the street.”

“This maggot mocked the legend of blue blood with his friends.”

“Lies! Lies! I didn’t mock you, your Majesty. I couldn’t dare defy the royal. These two are lying... Ow.” He clutched his stomach as one of the guards kicked him.

“Shut up, you-”

“Silence!” I raised my voice.

The bowl belly moaned in pain while the whole room was dead quiet.

“What is your name?” I asked, masking my emotions again.

“G-Gunderson, your Majesty.”

I leaned back in my throne, resting my head on the back of my hand.

“Guards, prepare for Gunderson’s execution,” I said smoothly.

“No! No, your Majesty. Have mercy.”

I sigh out my boredom. The guards kept dragging the fat ball across the floor.

“Your Majesty, my merciful Queen, please forgive me. I was wrong. I made a grave mistake. Please, leave me. Let me go! I would do anything you want. Please, your Highness, please!”

I quirked my brows as a thought crossed my mind. I raised my hands and they stopped on their way. The chest of the bowl belly was heaving, his struggle for breathing was clear.

“Why should I?”

And, his rant started.

“I am ready to do anything, my Queen. I would bring you the best jewelry you desire, your majesty. Just demand and I would do my best to fulfill your requirements, your Majesty. Please, just spare my life, your highness.” He cried his eyes out.

His head resting on the floor as his body shook. Loud sobs kept irritating my earbuds.


His head snapped up with red eyes.

“I will let the guards let you go now. If... you bring me the best warrior in the whole Ravendale.”

He showed me his shit eating grin. “As you-”

“In just one day,” I smirked.

His smile dropped before you could blink.

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